Friday, December 10, 2021

Why the Trudeau Liberals and the O'Toole Tories Are Doomed

 Two weeks ago, news came out that a new covid variant originating in South Africa, Omicron, was spreading around the world.

So far, there is no indication it causes more severe disease, the opposite seems to be the case.

Establishment politicians and the media nonetheless jumped on this story to once again fearmonger and extend authoritarian covid measures.

I’m not worried about this new variant!

I’m a lot more concerned about other diseases like cancer or mental issues.

I’m more concerned about vaccine passport and the loss of our freedoms.

I’m more concerned about censorship and the lack of rational scientific debates in our society.

I’m more concerned that the mainstream media have become the propaganda arm of the government.

I’m more concerned about the acceptance of discrimination and segregation in our society.

I’m more concerned that the government of New Brunswick is allowing grocery stores to ban the unvaccinated.

I’m more concerned that people are losing their jobs because of their personal medical choice.

I’m more concerned about governments deficits and inflation.

The LibConNDP coalition unanimously supports covid tyranny.

Nobody else in Ottawa is raising these concerning issues.

Max Bernier
People's Party of Canada


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