Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tram Rant Lady a Problem for Britain's Globalist Elite Intent on Genocide of the English Working Class

Emma West (Source: This is Croydon)
Emma West was due to face Croydon Crown Court on Wednesday, 5 September, charged with two racially aggravated public order offenses after a video was posted last year on YouTube in which she complained out loud that everyone on the tram in which she was traveling was "not English." However the case has been adjourned yet again following a request by the Crown Prosecution Service for further reports to be compiled. A new date for the trial has still to be set.

The case was previously adjourned in June and in July, in both cases the reason given being the need, by prosecutors, for further psychiatric reports.

Although, as the Digital Journal states "her views were not expressed in the most ladylike manner," 94% of the UK population agree with her, saying that Britain is "full up" and mass immigration should end now.

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  1. I wondered if you were aware of another recent incident of 'tram rage'? I actually have a great deal of sympathy for the person in the video but it's interesting to see how differently the two cases have been handled. No remanding in custody and children taken into care and no charges. So far.

    1. I guess You-Tube brings some reality to the notion that Britain is a democratic country: it makes it possible for the voice of ordinary people to be heard.

      This particular person seems a bit muddled about the origin of black people in Britain, saying, according to the Daily Mail transcript:

      'The only reason I was born in this country is because you f****** people brought my people here.'

      But I think she got a couple of things right"

      'I don’t care what none of you lot got to say because at the end of the day if you lot would have had a choice you will f****** go with your people and I’ll go with mine.'

      A sentiment expressed in almost exactly the same words over a hundred years ago by the Nobel Prize winner and poet of empire, Rudyard Kipling:

      "A MAN should, whatever happens, keep to his own caste, race, and breed. Let the White go to the White and the Black to the Black. Then, whatever trouble falls is in the ordinary course of things—neither sudden, alien, nor unexpected."

      Then she said:

      'The whole lot of you are programmed, f****** puppets. Not this one, I’m black and proud.'

      which seems about right, otherwise there'd have been a revolution by now in Britain and France and the Netherlands, etc. and the likes of Tony Blair and David Cameron and Nick Clogg, Nicolas Sarkozy would be in the Tower of London, the Bastille or some other secure establishment, held on a charge of Treason.

  2. They wouldn't be being held on a charge of treason if I had my way CS, the bastards would have been hanged. Why should we after all, give board and lodging to traitors?

    1. I'd assumed that the penalty for treason was hanging, but apparently the Blair government was sufficiently aware of the risk it ran in abolishing the English people that it first abolished the death penalty for treason. But a referendum would surely restore it.

  3. I think we should all write letters in support of Emma Wests comments to the CPS and asking since when has telling the truth been a criminal offence in England. Or does shouting the truth in public make it untrue and a criminal offence.

    We the people who are indiginous to these Islands believe she was correct in all she said, and if Emma West was given a jury trial by her peers i.e. white Anglo Saxon or Celt she would be aquitted.I am going to write why not join me.Albert Burgess

    1. She might not be acquitted of the offense with which she was charged, but as I have argued below, the law is an ass intended to deny the English the right to protest their own genocide.

  4. As a white British person, I would like to say that Emma West does not speak for me.

    I think her comments (and appalling language whilst saying them btw) are a disgrace and an embarrassment.


    Ps. I think that 94% figure needs some serious scrutiny because none of my (largely white British) friends agree with her either.

    PPS. For the record, I dont want to see her in prison, because as that bloody foreigner Voltaire said. "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" (however disgusting and bigotted it is)

    1. No one can reasonably deny that the language of Emma West's recorded comments was coarse or that he remarks were offensive to those she addressed who, if they were all "not English" as she alleged must, nevertheless, be assumed to be in England in conformity with British law and therefore entitled the same respect as anyone else.

      But that is not the point. No one has denied that she acted in a way that might have caused a breach of the peace, although that is unlikely since she was seated with a child on her lap throughout the incident, whereas some of those she addressed were standing, so her remarks can hardly have been seen as seriously threatening.

      When you say that Emma West does not speak for you, it would be good to know exactly what she said that you disagree with. Mainly, she seemed to be saying that all other passengers on her tram were "not English". No one has shown this claim to be false.

      She also said "My England is fuck all now," a rather general statement, but in the context, the meaning was pretty clear: in many working class areas of England, the English are a minority in their own homes, forced to live among people with a radically different culture to that of the English. That is to say that the English are victims of genocide, which is quite simply the destruction of a nation, its identity and culture, a process only rarely necessitating the use of bullets and gas chambers.

      In other words, the genocide of the English has already occurred in many parts of England including my father's home town.

    2. Re: the 94%, your friends are not representative according to numerous opinion surveys.

    3. I wonder how many of those 94% support a football team and want to see their team bring in high quality foreign playes.

      I wonder how many of those 94% cheered Mo Farah (a Somali immigrant who is proud to call himself British) home.

      Does immigration policy need reform? Absolutely!
      Is Britain full? Absolutely not!


    4. @Jason, "Is Britain full? Absolutely not! "

      In the first nine months of 2011, Britain was reported to have received 550,000 immigrants, which is more than the population of Liverpool, England's third largest city.

      The City of Leicester, England's eighth largest city is already majority ethnic, as are many London boroughs.

      In Birmingham's primary schools, English children are not even the largest minority.

      So tell us Jason: how many more people from elsewhere do you think Britain needs? To put things in perspective, the population density of England is about one person per 45 yards square. At what point would you say space becomes a limitation? One person per 10 yards square, per one yard square, or what?

    5. brampton , ontario , canada . completely overrun by immigrants from asia and west indies . these cultures have been used to destroy a lifestyle of comfort . our enemy is not them though . its the ones who stamped their visas . the white man is on the hit list . what dark force is behind this .
      its apparently obvious that the time to unite is not upon us , but eventually we are going to have to segregate ourselves and form our own communities and governments to survive . it is all but over for euro heritage if we dont resort to this , no matter how insane a proposal that is .

    6. Re: Brampton, one of my father's uncles became mayor of Brampton in the early 1900s. He had ten sons. Since then, the Canadian birthrate has fallen sharply. It was 1.67 children per woman in 2009 versus the replacement rate of 2.1. (Only Nunavut substantially beat the negative trend with a fertility rate of 3.24 -- well done Nunavut!)

      The decline in fertility is a natural consequence of anti-natalist policies promoted by liberals of all parties, particularly the promotion of birth control techniques, the promotion of of non-reproductive sex of all kinds as part of state dictated school curriculum and, above all, state-funded abortion (64,641 in 2010), the latter thanks very largely to Dr. Henry Morgenthaler, awarded the Order of Canada under the supposedly conservative administration of Stephen Harper.

      Given the short-fall in births, the state has an easy excuse for promoting large scale immigration. We need the people to keep the system going and to fill the wide open spaces. The result is that Canadians are a people without much prospect of posterity or continuity in culture and religious faith.

      Rather it is a system that treats people as disposable. This is efficient. Better to bring in bright energetic young adults, so the government presumably thinks, than go to the expense of raising your own people who may be of rather average or even below average energy and ability.

      The only problem with this is that the people were never consulted -- except in Quebec where they seemingly wish to preserve the French nation in North America. But to succeed, they need to up their birthrate to at least match the replacement rate.

  5. This is the acceptable face of institutional racism. Anti-white racism.
    We really do need to get the current crap out of office and out of our lives.
    Oh! and most of this Sh-t is white.

    1. Acceptable, until it become unacceptable. The prosecutors in the case of Emma West seem unable to decide whether it is any longer acceptable, hence the repeated delays.

      There is no question that Emma West spoke in a way that was insulting to her fellow tram passengers. Under the law, her speech thus constituted "racially aggravated harassment." But the law is not only an ass, it is an instrument for the tyrannical suppression of free speech.

      There is no justification for laws that prohibit the expression of the truth, and what Emma West said was true. The only reasonable basis that existed for charging Emma West was for conduct liable to cause a breach of the peace -- a charge upon which it would have been difficult if not impossible to obtain a conviction.

      By charging West with racially aggravated harassment, the prosecutors have provided grounds for the belief that Emma West's broadcast comments were racist. As a result she has been repeatedly described as a racist, e.g., on You-Tube. Yet there was nothing racist about her remarks, which simply lament the displacement of the English where she lives by foreigners of all races. To call this racism is to call holocaust denial anti-racism.

      One hopes that Emma West has very bright and ambitious lawyers. She has been widely described as a racist in the media, including You-Tube, owned by the very wealthy Google, Inc. Emma West surely has good grounds for suing a bunch of people for libel. You-Tube, alone, must be good for a billion at least.

    2. Poor Emma, I feel deeply sorry for her, what is wrong with our country if we cant speak our minds. We love our country & resent foreighners coming in, get everything going, when our poor people who's ancestors died for us only, not the rest of the world. Emma must be freed, let her go home to her family, Afterall, she only spoke up as to how she feels. I agreed with Emma, Great Britain is our country, & a majority of people feel the same way as emma spoke out on behalf of us true Brits.

    3. Actually, Anon, Emma West was held only for three of four days, supposedly for her own protection. She is now at home awaiting trial -- if the prosecution ever get their act together.

      What is curious is why none of those who threatened to kill Emma West, the people who provided the ostensible reason for placing her in protective custody, have never been charged with issuing threats.

      Well not curious really, but proof if any were needed that the law serves political ends not justice.

    4. despite the blowback . we have to unite . going about it as a group and not individuals . emma west , spoke for alot of us .

    5. "emma west , spoke for alot of us"

      Yes, supposedly, 11 million people have viewed the Emma West video. How many agree with her is unknown, but it would be reasonable to assume that the number who share in her lament for ordinary English people whose communities have been overrun by immigrants runs into the millions. Maybe more than ten million. Which is why I think the Emma West case is truly a problem for the state.

      On the one hand, to drop the case would be giving up. It would mark the beginning of the end of the tyrannical control by the machinery of political correctness. But on the other hand, to slam Emma West in gaol -- again -- could provide the spark that sets of a conflagration.

      And I mean a conflagration not led and controlled by those scoundrel BNP and EDL bastards who serve the state by directing anger about immigration at immigrants (people simply doing the best for themselves like the rest of us) rather than at the scoundrels in government who opened the floodgates to all and sundry.

  6. We need patriots to run our country NOT the life forms we have guilty of high treason,they say we live in a democracy,with free speech what a load of are being taught to keep your mouth shut or hung out to dry.This is part of the subversion of us all,message to common purpose, and the new world order,go to hell divide and rule will soon fall flat on its face, the people are waking up as to your tactics, people ask yourself who needs who?can we not run our farms and businesses without them, don't let them control your mind.To them you are farm stock.

    1. It's a race between, on the one hand, a rising tide of public outrage as people increasingly understand the extent to which they are lied to, exploited and bullied by the elite and, on the other hand, the building out of the panopticonic, police state that the globalist liberal elite is constructing to keep the lid on.

  7. You may be interested in this new website where you can amongst other interesting subjects read letters fom the Treason group etc including the latest on Emma West by Albert Burgess

    1. A rather miscellaneous collection of items. Anti-gravity devices, Julian Assange, Judy Woods and the crazed Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones. I think folks should view what they find at with a degree of skepticism.

  8. I do not think it is ever ok to abuse people in a foul manner based on their race or where they were born.

    I'm ashamed to be the same nationality as Emma West.

    I am proud, however, that the UK is a multi-cultural country that welcomes those from areas of the world that are not as free as ours.

    I do not think that Britain is 'full-up', I do not think that 'mass' immigration should stop. 94%? Did you know that 73% of statistics are made up?


    1. "I do not think it is ever ok to abuse people in a foul manner based on their race or where they were born"

      Relax. No one said it was.

    2. Not full up? England is the most densely populated country in Europe. I suppose we could always build more high rise flats and just think of all those green fields we could build on. Proud of state enforced multiculturalism that will see the indigenous native British minorities in most of their major cities in a generation or two? I'm aware we've been under a sustained psychological attack (perception management/brainwashing) but it still staggers me that some can be so blind as to what's really going on.

    3. The underlying issue is whether we really love diversity or not. For those of us who do, multiculturalism is a tragedy since it eliminates the segregation of the various branches of the human family, which is essential to their continued existence.

      Mass migration means miscegenation and mongrelization of diverse peoples. The net result is not continued diversity by a new race with a highly heterogeneous gene pool and with a culture that is an inch deep and a mile wide.

      As an experiment, it is worth a try, perhaps, and the Americans, Canadians and Australians are certainly giving it a try. But to destroy the original peoples in a generation or two without thinking what the Hell you are doing is criminal imbecility.

      In any case, in the formerly white British colonies, the British and other Europeans are not the indigenous people, so in those countries the issue, so far as the indigenous peoples are concerned, is not whether European and other settlers create a bastardized race, but whether they, the indigenous peoples, are allowed to retain their racial and cultural identities.

      In Canada, the colonial policy toward the indigenous peoples was originally a combination of eradication and cultural genocide. Happily, that policy appears to have ended. Six hundred Amerindian nations are negotiating terms of land settlements and are in receipt of substantial government funding to maintain their languages and traditional way of life. Moreover, they have the highest birth rate of any Canadian ethnicity and are thus in no danger of extinction.

      But for the English, there's no hope of existing on some kind of reserve of native bantustan. Britain is far to small for that. The continuation of current policies represent a deliberate and relentless policy of genocide: the result of a pathetic and contemptible subservience to and emulation of their American imperial masters.