Wednesday, November 30, 2022

‘Negative Efficacy’ Should Have Stopped COVID Vaccine Recommendations in Their Tracks

Epoch Times, November 28, 2022:  Recently, various health agencies around the world have approved and are actively pushing for another COVID booster shot, meant to enhance the vaccine efficacy against a COVD-19 infection.

However, many studies have found that the boosters do not make a significant  difference in protection, especially in terms of protection against reinfection. In fact, the latest data shows vaccine efficacy against the coronavirus tends to even drop into the negatives after just a few months.

What Does Negative Efficacy Mean?

It is a well known fact that COVID vaccine effectiveness wanes quickly as time goes on; this is confirmed by countless studies.

Although the official narrative for COVID-19 vaccines nowadays only emphasizes its efficacy on protection against ICU admission and death rates, it actually implies the indisputable fact that vaccines don’t protect, contrary to their design, against infection or even symptomatic infection, especially after the emergence of various Omicron variants.

Even the protection two shots offers against hospitalization drops to about 40 percent after less than a year. It’s actually looking worse for protection against severe symptoms, as efficacy rates seem to drop into the negatives about five months into full vaccination.

When a vaccine’s efficacy drops into the negatives, it means that vaccination actually elevates the risks of hospitalization and severe diseases rather than reducing the risks. In simple terms, it does more harm than good when the efficacy is negative.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Super Dumb Authoritarian Aussie Government Now Compelled to Refund Outrageous Fines for Violation of Preposterous Covid Rules

The Gateway Pundit, November 29, 2022: Australia is famous for its totalitarian COVID restrictions and vaccine mandates. The Deputy Premier of NSW boldly declared that even businesses that accept unvaccinated people would be subject to exceptionally heavy fines back in 2021.

Australia’s Northern Territory imposed an authoritarian lockdown on citizens who have not been ‘fully vaccinated’ against Covid-19 as officials scrambled to deal with the highly-mild Omicron variant back in January.

Any individual 16 or older and who was not fully vaccinated will not be able to leave their homes, even if it’s to go to work or to get exercise outdoors.

According to the state’s Chief Health Officer, trivial necessities like making a living or breathing fresh air are no longer “essential” because the restriction of people’s free movement is “critical.”

Monday, November 28, 2022

Can That Be True? Australia Sees 63% Drop in Births After Introduction of COVID “Vaccines”

 From Global Research: New data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) shows that ever since Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” were launched, the birth rate Down Under has plunged by an astounding 63 percent.

From October to November in 2021, there was a 21 percent decrease in births compared to the average over a 10-year period. From November to December 2021, just one month later, there was a 63 percent decrease in births.

“December was about nine months after the roll-out of the COVID vaccines,” notes LifeSiteNews‘ David James about the rough time period from conception to birth. (Related: Taiwan saw a similar 23 percent plunge in births following the launch of Operation Warp Speed.)

“It is possible that some of these numbers will be revised, but should the trend continue Australia will finish up with empty maternity wards. Even the propagandists running government media departments, and the so-called journalists mimicking everything they say, will have trouble hiding that problem.”

Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia’s FDA) committed mass murder against citizens

There is a really good chance that nobody in Australian politics, save for perhaps a few “fringe” individuals, says a thing about this damning data. That is because it exposes Fauci Flu shots as a depopulation tool.

If anything does get said, it will likely be spun using the common trope that “correlation does not equal causation,” meaning nobody knows for sure if the shots are responsible. But what else could it be?

The only thing that changed at the start of 2021 was that Donald Trump fully launched Operation Warp Speed, unleashing billions of mystery chemical injections on the world. And about nine months later, birth rates all around the world plunged.

There has been at least one person formerly in power, former federal senator George Christensen, who questioned: “Is the jab to blame?” He even wrote an article about it that will almost certainly put him in the crosshairs for vilification and character assassination.

Naomi Wolf and a team of investigators have identified a lengthy list of negative outcomes associated with the jabs that extend far beyond just failure to reproduce. They include:

  • Male fertility issues affecting semen, prostate function, and thus fertility (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was notified about this on April 1, 2021, which resulted in absolutely nothing happening)
  • Female fertility issues, which were also ignored by federal regulators
  • Sonograms showing abnormal inflammation and calcification in fetuses roughly eight weeks after injection
  • Penile injuries that Pfizer’s own internal documents admit are occurring
  • Miscarriages at a rate of 87.5 percent

Did the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Australian version of the FDA, bother to look at any of this when it authorized, approved, and later mandated Fauci Flu shots on its citizens? If it did, how did the TGA come to the conclusion that the jabs are safe for anyone, let alone for pregnant women?

Fertility specialist Dr. Luke McLindon says he observed a massive jump in miscarriages among his own patients after the jabs were unleashed. Pre-Operation Warp Speed, the miscarriage rate among McLindon’s patients was 12-15 percent. Today, among his “vaccinated” patients, it has reached 74 percent.

“What is needed at this point is not complete answers, but the right questions,” James says. “Questions that the media has disgracefully failed to ask and then, even more disgracefully, attacked others for asking.”

“The first queries will take time to answer, but they must be posed: ‘Why is the drop in the fertility rate happening? Why has the death rate in Australia jumped? Why is the average age of death from Covid identical to life expectancy in Australia?’”

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Documentation of the Claim that the US Government Funded the Creation of Covid

The US government funded Peter Daszak’s ECO Health Alliance to the tune of $61,491,183 to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

It also directly or indirectly funds the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the tune of $7.4 million dollars to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

Meanwhile, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded Ralph Baric to the tune of $46,958,414 to make new coronaviruses that are infectious to humans.

This totals more than $114 million in the period from 2000 to 2020 to make new coronaviruses which are infectious to humans.

There is no question that SARS-CoV 2 (causing Covid-19) is man-made. Here’s the evidence…

Merkel spills the beans

By Ghost of Mozgovoy

via Moon of Alabama:

the Minsk agreements were willingly and negligently destroyed, on the verge of [Angela Merkel's] retirement there was none in the Council of Europe who had the balls to take the lead in continuing presssing for negotiations with the Russians, confirming the general impression that European bureaucrats and government officials are the mediocrity and nulity we all suspect they are and are there only for the privileges their positions grant them, but they are not going to sweat or spend nights awaken in the least to achieve neither peace nor security, less progress in Europe,

Angela Merkel destroys the narrative of "an unprovoked and unjustified attack by Russia on Ukraine" and reveals the atmosphere that characterizes one of the EU's top institutions made up of European leaders.

The former Federal Chancellor of Germany said in a recent interview with the German outlet Der Spiegel, that the special military operation that began on February 24 did not take her by surprise since the Minsk Agreements were destroyed and no one at the European Council wanted to support his initiative to start new negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

💬 "It wasn't a surprise. The Minsk agreements were destroyed. In the summer of 2021, after the meeting of presidents Biden and Putin, she wanted to re-establish an independent European format for discussion with Putin together with Emmanuel Macron at the European Council. Some opposed it and I no longer had the strength to impose myself, since everyone knew that in the autumn I would leave. I asked other Council members: “Why don't you volunteer? Say something". One said: "It's too much for me". Another just shrugged: "It's something the greats should do".

🔺Thus, the resistance to talk about some and the inability to assume responsibilities for others determined the fate of millions of people and an entire continent...

All in all, Merkel could have taken great efforts to reach an agreement with Russia, which then she failed to keep alive, but, by promoting Von der Leyen, first to Minister of Defense, where the latter could demonstrate to the "Collective West" her wide capacity for corruption, it was Merkel who sealed the destiny of Europe, since that was the step Von der Leyen and her obvious sponsors at the other side of the Atlantic, needed to have her promoted to the head of the Comission, from where she is firmly determined to destroy Europe on behalf of US corporations, where her own husband seats at boards...

We are here not only because of the mediocrity and nulity of many, but also because of the lack of vision and negligence in depurating corrupt officials by some others...even by "the greats"....

Greatness, I fear, is today conceeded with the same slightness as adjetives like "democratic" and
the title of "New Moses", recently granted to that psyco parasit, Zelensky...I Moses could rsie his head....

Posted by: Ghost of Mozgovoy | Nov 27 2022 14:06 utc | 10


Paul Craig Roberts: It Seems Russia Won’t Require a Winter Offensive to Win the War

Thursday, November 24, 2022

JFK Assassination: 59 years of lies still haven’t buried the TRUTH

By Kit Knightly, November 22, 2022: 

President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was not assassinated with three shots from the book depository fired by Lee Harvey Oswald. And almost all of us know it.

In opinion polls going back to November 29th 1963, just a week after the shooting, at least a sixty-percent majority has rejected the official line every single time.

In short, regarding JFK, the “crazy conspiracy theorists” make up two-thirds of the population, and always have done.

This is a good thing. A victory for truth in the face of stark odds, overcoming fifty-nine years of propaganda.

It doesn’t matter what you think of JFK the man – whether you believe he was trying to change things, or hail from the Chomsky school of “he was just like Obama” – the simple facts reflect he was killed by state agencies of his own government.

It was a coup.

We don’t need to go into the details, it has been endlessly written about, on this site and a million others.

Suffice it to say, nothing about the “official story” has ever made sense. You have to leave rationality behind to believe it.

Much like mask-usage and the “safe and effective” vaccines during the “pandemic”, embracing the mainstream story of the “lone gunman” and his “magic bullet” has passed beyond the realm of thoughts and opinions and become a tenet of a modern-day religion.

Blaming Lee Harvey Oswald is now an oath of fealty, a show of faith. A sign you are one of the initiated – the first and most debased commandment in the book of State Orthodoxy.

In the context of the above article, our own reflections on the Kennedy assassination may be found worth a read, an assumption supported by the fact that Google cannot find that particular blog post even if you give them the entire title, and notwithstanding that the post appears on Google's very own blogger.


Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Convoy lawyer accuses crisis communications firm of being behind Nazi flag in convoy

'Have you identified the individual, the one who was all over the news, the gentleman that was carrying the Nazi flag? Have you identified him yet?' lawyer for Convoy Corp Brendan Miller prodded the director of CSIS David Vigneault on Monday at the Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) in Ottawa.


Monday, November 21, 2022

Elon Musk: No Champion of Free Speach

Before buying it, Elon Musk said he would make Twitter a free speach platform where anything that it is legally permissible to say can be said. However, he did not automatically re-instate the account of Donald Trump. Instead he asked Twitter users to decide whether Trump's freedom to speak on Twitter should be restored, thus revealing the inability to distinguish between free speach and mob rule. 

Now Musk has confirmed his contempt for free speach by quoting scripture as justification for maintaining a ban on Alex Jones. I personally find Alex Jones a loud-mouthed blatherskite whose public statements interest me not at all. But clearly Musk's public statements about making Twitter a free-speach platform where any legally permissible speach will be allowed were lies. In fact, Twitter is simply Musk's instrument to regulate a swath of public speach, as he, or is it the deep state, sees fit. 

American Tax Dollars At Work


Friends of FTX: 

Take That, Macron


Sunday, November 20, 2022

America's March to National Suicide

By Conrad Black

The Epoch Times, November 14, 2022: 

 The Nov. 8 midterm elections were a watershed in modern American history. The implications of choosing a president whom the public strongly disapproves of and is generally a failure, over a controversial but undoubtedly capable and successful ex-president, are very serious.

That the Democrats and their lock-step allies in the national media succeeded in putting across the colossal smear that former President Donald Trump is a supporter of violence and a threat to the constitutional system could be interpreted as a long step toward the national suicide that Abraham Lincoln foresaw is the only way in which the American project could perish.

Former CIA Director John Brennan called Trump a traitor; former National Intelligence Director James Clapper declared as a matter of settled fact that Trump was a Russian intelligence asset. The corruption of the FBI and the intelligence agencies in the dissemination of the infamous Steele dossier funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign as authentic intelligence revealing Trump as completely unsuited to public office and the profound dishonesty of former FBI Director James Comey in white-washing Clinton’s alleged destruction of subpoenaed evidence and his recourse to surveillance granted in response to false affidavits while attempting to destroy the Trump presidency have escaped legal retribution by the somnambulant Durham investigation, and there will be no retribution for any of it.

Yet, Trump is the tainted protagonist. The Russian collusion hoax was the most monstrous defamation ever inflicted on a U.S. president. The spurious impeachment of him, for an innocuous telephone call to the president of Ukraine about the commercial activities of the Biden family in his country—now notorious but probably a matter of political suppression of the normal working of American justice—was in the same category of misuse of the political system for the lowest and most destructive partisan ends.

It’s obvious that the potentially millions of harvested ballots that couldn’t be verified in the 2020 presidential election could easily have provided the 50,000 vote switchover needed in Pennsylvania and two other states to flip that election to Trump in the Electoral College. The dishonesty of the universal media stone wall that 2020 was a pristine presidential election is compounded by the judiciary’s abdication of its coequal role in government and reassertion of its refusal to consider overturning the apparent presidential election result.

Read more

Watch: FBI Director, DHS Secretary Grilled On Tech Censorship Collusion, Targeting Everyday Americans As Terrorists

Elon Musk's Fraudulent Free Speach Platform

 First Musk said he would make Twitter a free speach platform. 

Then he held a vote to determine whether President Trump would be allowed to speak on Twitter. 

Musk cannot distinguish betwee free speach and mob rule. 



Europe warns Musk: Free speach is not allowed in Europe

And two tweets from Trump's restored Twitter account

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Canada's Emerging Medical Tyranny

Ontario Doctors for Drug Imposed Medical Tyranny:
Ontario's doctors are being advised to prescribe psych drugs for those refusing the Covid vax, you know, the vax that doesn't stop the spread, and the psych drugs that can take 25 years off your life. 

Charter not violated in denying Alberta transplant to patient who refused COVID-19 vaccine, court rulesSo in supposedly conservative Alberta there is a medically imposed death sentence for refusing a vaccine that does not stop the spread.

Canadian Doctors Killing Depressed Patients

Will Ukraine Be Forced to Surrender Without a Fight?

Moon of Alabama: Ukraine - Switching Off The Lights

The careful destruction of energy systems in Ukraine continues.

From today's clobber list as provided by the Defense Ministry of Russia:

On 17 November, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a concentrated strike, using high-precision long-range air-, sea- and ground-based weapons, at the facilities of military control, defence industry, as well as related fuel and energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

The goals of the strike have been reached.

All the missiles have accurately stricken the assigned facilities.

I have no idea if the last line is true but it does not matter much.

The targeting of 330 kilovolt transformers in various switching stations has cut some 50% of the distribution capability of Ukraine's electricity network. These transformers weigh up to 200 tons. There are no replacements. You do not buy them at the next corner but will have to order them with years of lead time. As far as I can tell Russia is currently the only producer of transformers of that type.

Isn't it a war crime to destroy the infrastructure that supplies civilians?


Putin's Sledgehammer

Ukraine War Assessment: Colonel Douglas MacGregor November16, 2022:

Amazing World Leaders, No. 2: Is New Zealand Ruled By a Mutant or an Alien?

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Time to Quit?

Those Liberal bastards (at Google) are fucking me again, to borrow the language of the late great Richard Milhouse Nixon. Or so our Blogger usage stats would suggest, with page views crashing from a modest six or eight hundred a day to barely a hundred. This is similar to the collapse in apparent interest that occurred prior to our decision to stop blogging and then, for no particularly good reason, start a sort of news bulletin board instead. 

So what now? 

Well here's something different that may be pretty interesting to that minority of the population who are either themselves afflicted by, or who have friends or relatives suffering from, a serious mental illness. It is an article published several years ago in Psychology Today, entitled:

Chronic Schizophrenia Put Into 

Remission Without Medication

The article draws attention to reports of the complete cure of serious mental illness by the simple expedient of adopting a ketonic diet. Adding credibility to these reports is the fact that schizophrenia is virtually unknown in societies that adhere to a paleo diet. Thus for example, in the South Pacific islands occupied by the United States during World War II, schizophrenia was unknown, but emerged with the adoption of a Westernized diet. Some have attributed this effect to gluten in grain-based foods such as sliced white bread and shredded wheat. But it is more likely that diabetes, induced by the consumption of refined sugar that comes with Hershey bars, donuts, fudge sundaes and Oreo cookies, is the prime factor. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

November 9-14, 2022

Hal Turner: 
American military technology outclassed?

Merchant Machine
Watch China Overtake The US As The World’s Major Trading Partner
Trudeau's Canada Doubles Down On Replacing the Historic Canadian Nation with People from Elsewhere

Matt Taibbi:

Kit Knightly:
The REAL story behind RSV & the so-called “tripledemic”

Andrew Nikiforuk:
What If COVID Reinfections Wear Down Our Immunity?

Nearly three years into the pandemic, it’s clear early expectations about the behaviour of the coronavirus and its toll on our bodies have proven overly optimistic.

Recall those early days when experts broadly assumed that once we’d withstood an infection our immune systems would adjust and fully resist another reinfection.

And then hopes rose that mass vaccination would provide the path out of the pandemic. Although vaccines did reduce deaths and hospitalizations, the effort failed to produce herd immunity.

The Tyee is supported by readers like you Join us and grow independent media in Canada

But researchers saw further promise in what they called hybrid immunity: people who had been infected with COVID and then received mRNA vaccines would, it was assumed, develop a formidable protection through raised levels of antibodies (proteins made by the immune system to battle infection).

However variants emerged, capable of evading those antibodies. Many people who had been vaccinated or already had endured a bout of COVID were experiencing “breakthrough infections.” What could put the brakes on this ever-evolving virus, which can kill, damage organs and linger for months?

The answer from many scientists has been T cells — our bodies’ line of immune defence after antibodies. T cells can spot and attack viruses and even remember previous invaders. As virologist Vincent Racaniello titled one of his articles: “T cells will save us from COVID-19.”

But what if COVID wears down T cells in people who get it, and does so increasingly with each reinfection?

Thomas Hale/Financial Times:

While Western nations have largely abandoned efforts to control Covid, China continues to invest huge resources detecting and preventing spread of what, so far as Western publics are aware, is a virus no more deadly than the flu. 


Are Chinese authorities aware of long-term detrimental effects of Covid that has not been publicly recognized in the West? Or does China see Covid as an opportunity to develop its social control machinery for use as a biowarfare defense system? And if the latter, was Covid developed for this purpose?

The Deep State Is What Disables Democracy

Brandon Campbell:

The Illusion of Democracy in America

2nd Dead Democrat Wins Election by Landslide

Is the only good Democrat a dead Democrat?

America's ‘Ministry of Truth’ hasn't gone away: Official Washington hasn't abandoned its plan to ​​control social networks

Douglas MacGregor: 
Will Biden gamble on a Ukraine Coalition?

Exit Polls: 73% of US Voters Angry About Direction of Country – So They Voted Democrat?

Carlson: ‘Race Hate’ Makes Up Much of MSNBC’s Programming:

Pipelines? Who Needs Pipelines? Russia Delivers Oil to China via the Arctic Silk Road

Conspiracy Theories: A Review 

The Plandemic: Managing Public Perception

Feeling depressed? Might be best not to mention it to your doctor.

James Howard Kunstler: Biden, Defender of Democracy

Victor Davies Hanson: The Pathetic Democratic Pantheon
Or how great empires die: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

What if the president is an organo-servo-robot, a senile puppet, backed up by a vice president specifically chosen for being even more feeble-minded?  ... The Biden presidency no longer looks real; it looks like what it actually is: a hoax. And if [Biden] isn’t real, then who are the cockroaches that have been running amok in the White House these past two years?

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November 8, 2022

Ukraine - U.S. Deceives Allies To Keep Them In Line

Warnings this is about to get much worse, Putin readies for NATO attack (Clayton Morris with Colonel Douglas MacGregor):

US House Judiciary Committee Staff Report: The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, is broken. 
Broken as in totally corrupt.

Daily Caller:
Google's Dirty Tricks Swing Election Results

New law punishes doctors who disagree with official COVID narrative California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a new state law that allows medical boards to punish physicians who give medical advice that counters the "scientific consensus" on COVID-19.

American politicians seem to be more monumentally stupid than even those of Canada and Britain, not to mention those hopeless cases down under. These are dummies who justify their unscientific notions by proclaiming their allegiance to the "scientific consensus", oblivious to the fact that there is not such thing as the "scientific consensus," for if there were such an absurdity, there could be not progress, since every attempt to go beyond existing assumptions would be counter to the "scientific consensus."

Rishi Sunak to turn UK into clean energy superpower as PM rages at Russia gas plot 
LOL. This guy's a genius. The Royal Navy blows up Europe's gas supply line from Russia, a supply line through which Russia was only too willing to ship gas, and this prime ministerial humorist, while shipping weapons to Ukraine to kill Russians, blames Russia for charging what the market will bear for the gas it somehow manages to export despite British sabotage. Meantime, the idiot's own government puts a "windfall profits" tax on British producers of natural gas, while demanding that they deliver more? 

UK leadership seems on an irreversible decline. 

David Camoron, the man who said immigration had to be "gripped" but when elected did nothing of the sort despite polls having shown for decades that the great majority of the British people were opposed to mass immigration. 

Teresa May, who as Home Secretary approved the institution of Sharia courts in Britain (a country it should be remembered with a state Christian church, headed by non other than King Charles III). May is also to be remembered for approving a collosally expensive nuclear power plant just upwind of Bristol and London, financed by the Chinese and built by the French -- if they ever get the job finished. 

Then there was Boris the Clown Prince of British politics, Churchill impersonator, and hypocrite. 

After Boris the choices were limited but the Tories managed to find among their ranks non other than "It's done!" Truss, who had the bright idea of lowering the top tax rate and sticking it to the plebs to make up the difference. 

And now, scouring the bottom of the bucket, its the incredibly rich Sunak who's going to promote clean energy while moaning about Russia, beseiged by NATO, charging NATO nations for its natural gas what the market will bear.

That's easy to explain. The more extreme the warming the models predict, the easier it is for the modelers to get funding for more modeling.

GW Pundit:
After Backlash, University of Chicago Appears to Cancel ‘The Problem of Whiteness’ Class Actually, there is a problem of whiteness in America. It's called left-wing self-hatred in university administration. Time to kick these twisted fools out and return administration of the university to the scholars. And think of the saving in cost: no vice-presidents, no deans, no vice-deans, no million-dollar-a-year football coaches, no multimillion-dollar sports stadia. Just a bunch of departments each comprising from a handful to a couple of dozen academics, easily managing their own affairs.

Yes, there are transdepartmental adminstrative issues to be dealt with -- buildings and grounds, security, financial accounting, etc., but these matters can be handled by an administrator subordinate to a University senate comprised of academic deputies selected by their departments.

A major consequence of such a transformation of the univesity would be a sharp reduction in costs and hence student fees.

Zero Hedge:
Now, at our urging, you've incited Russia to wreck the place, it's time to acknowledge defeat. And be quick about it, the war is a drag on the Democrats' mid-term chances
The Scholz caravan went to Beijing to lay down the preparatory steps for working out a peace deal with Russia, with China as privileged messenger

Daily Mail:
Meaning, sue for peace now, before Russia occupies the entire country
James Rickards: 
Or how to invest for a time of war

South Front:
We all pretend to be fools 
The Serbian President speaking of the leaders of America's European colonies

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

November 6, 2022

Yeah, well forget that (see Scott Ritter: The Bird is in a Cage)

November 4, Scott Ritter / Richard Medhurst: Nordstream Sabotage, Russia/Ukraine:

November 3 -- U.S. soldiers are falling in Ukraine: Colonel Douglas MacGregor:

Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer Inc. Vice President: J'accuse

Capitol Police Investigate Themselves After Losing Security Footage From Pelosi Attack -- Nothing to see here

Moon of Alabama:
Biden Administration Again Plants False Nuclear Scare Stories

Matthias Broeker: 
Eight theses why the unipolar world is coming to an end (via Google Translate)

(1) ... the fortunes of war are now on the side of hyperpersonic weapons: precision missiles which, due to their extreme speed, cannot be intercepted by any air defense system and hit their target from thousands of kilometers away. ...

... the US and NATO are inferior in any direct military encounter. ... Even a massive nuclear "first strike" on Moscow and Saint Petersburg [can't protect] New York or London - mutual destruction is guaranteed. Or ... was guaranteed. Because the superior air defense systems (S-400/S-500) can close the Russian airspace for ballistic missiles and most likely intercept the "first strike". But there is no defense in the West against the Russian counterattack. Therefore, NATO cannot and will not directly intervene militarily in Ukraine.

(2) With the arrival of hypersonic precision weapons on the battlefield - such [as the]  "Kinzhal" missiles used for the first time as part of the Russian "military operation" in Ukraine - the military situation for the US empire changes fundamentally and dramatically. Not only has the doctrine of military "full spectrum dominance" of the globe become unfounded, for the first time in its history the "homeland" of the USA itself is no longer secure.

...That is why Russia, with... weapons that will probably still be invincible for a long time, will continue to enforce its security interests put forward in Washington in December 2021 - Ukraine's military neutrality, withdrawal of NATO medium-range missiles from Eastern Europe - with "military-technical means" until they are watertight and bulletproof contracts exist. 

(3) The geopolitical strategy of the collective West – bringing about regime change in Moscow with the Ukraine conflict and economic sanctions and then tackling the "final enemy," China – is doomed to failure. The sanctions have already proven to be a dangerous boomerang because they hit Europe harder than Russia, which is by no means isolated internationally, but continues to do excellent business with the rest of the world beyond NATOstan.

The foreseeable military defeat in Ukraine marks a decisive geopolitical turning point: the end of a "rules-based international order" dictated by Washington and enforceable by military means. And with it an end to the role of the "petrodollar" as a forced international reserve currency and the US dollar as "cheap money" that could be printed in vast quantities without losing value because the whole world, for its oil and Paying for gas kept dollar demand steady. The last two statesmen who broke the petrodollar monopoly and offered their oil for local currency - Iraq's former President Saddam Hussein and Libya's former head of state Muammar al-Gaddafi - could still be bombed out by NATOstan. This is no longer possible. India, for example, is already paying for its oil in rubles against rupees, and other countries will follow suit. An alternative global monetary and financial system, with an international currency backed by commodities and gold, is emerging that will end the global autocracy of the dollar and Western finance capital.


An EU that strangles itself on orders from the USA and cuts off cheap energy supplies from Russia not only gives up its economic future, but also all sovereignty. As soon as the boomerang effect of the sanctions really hits – Russia has not yet used its “energy weapon” at all and is continuing to supply Germany via the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 1 in accordance with the contract – the large European nations in particular have to ask themselves whether they are accepting a fate really want to surrender as dependent colonies of the US empire. And if so, how they, as rulers, can sell their unemployed, impoverished, freezing citizens such a hopeless future without being shamed out of office. No one will buy from them that "freedom and democracy" will have to be defended in the Donbass instead of the Hindu Kush for the next twenty years. An EU without cheap Russian raw materials is globally uncompetitive and will fall apart. Nations will have to choose: for permanent war as Washington's vassals, aiming at regime change in Moscow and Beijing; or for trade and change with Russia and Eurasia, aiming at a new security and peace treaty in Europe.


Because the Soviet Union's military and economic capabilities were regularly overestimated in the West during the first Cold War, its collapse in 1990/91 came as a complete surprise. For years, Kremlin propaganda had managed to simply keep negative developments under the carpet. (Now in the) new Cold War, the situation has changed fundamentally: Russia is severely underestimated militarily and economically, and the USA has lapsed into a mode of permanently creating "alternative" realities, against which good old Soviet propaganda  pales. "Russiagate," for example, the made-up story from A to Z that Donald Trump was being blackmailed by Putin and that the US elections [was] being manipulated by invisible »Russian hackers«, was presented as reality across all channels for five years, including, by Hillary Clinton, who was able to create the »Putin = Hitler« equation in 2016. Not only were the media involved in the charade [but also] the "lying press," the secret services, the FBI and the US Congress... This fact-free fake news campaign laid the foundation for the anti-Russian narrative, which then went into turbo mode as the Ukraine conflict escalated. In which then the unprecedented sanctions campaign started, based on a misjudgment of Russia's capabilities. ... Completely surprising fhe US think tankers and "experts", it turned out that the Russian economy and the ruble did not "freeze" [despite the theft of Russia's]dollar and euro reserves. And, despite sanctions, Russia earned 50 percent more oil and gas exports in the first five months of 2022 than in the same period last year and will continue to suffer far less from the sanctions than the West, [while] the ruble that Joe Biden wanted to smash into "Rubble" is the strongest currency of 2022.


The fact that NATO has long ceased to be a "defense alliance" and has caused more devastation and catastrophes with aggressive wars than any other military alliance since 1999 is not a Russian conspiracy theory, but historical fact. Like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and, most recently, Afghanistan, posed no threats to the USA or Europe - and yet NATO "defended" there vigorously, as a vassal of the geopolitical interests of the US empire. Allegedly waged to spread “democracy”, “freedom” and “human rights”, these wars have caused nothing but murderous chaos and have led to open slave markets in places like Libya – previously the most prosperous country in Africa. And now in Ukraine battalions of flawless Nazis, trained and upgraded by NATO to spearhead the fight against Russia and against Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass region. Ending these attacks, which have claimed more than 13,000 civilian lives since 2014, is the declared goal of the so-called Russian “military operation”, which will presumably soon be achieved, since the Ukrainian army is currently (mid-June 2022) losing 500 soldiers, dead or wounded, daily. For NATO, which supports this army and the war with every means (except ground troops) and – just expelled from Afghanistan by a barefoot force – feels “united like never before” thanks to the Russian intervention, this would be another, humiliating defeat. Because Russia's security interests are not only in Ukraine, but also in the neighboring countries if necessary "militarily-technically" - and NATO cannot do anything about it - it definitely makes itself superfluous as a "protecting power". At the same time, it paves the way for a new security architecture for Europe and Asia that stretches from Lisbon to Beijing.


It wasn't the "Ostpolitik" of Willy Brandt and Egon Bahr ("Change through rapprochement"), which dull bellicists are currently calling a "historical mistake," but the policy of the USA, its missiles [to be installed in Ukraine at any price.] The historic mistake was not Russia's push for reunification after the Minsk accords, but rather ignoring Russian security concerns and Ukraine's rearmament. And it is not the reliable, cheap supply of Russian oil and gas to Germany that is the "mistake of the century" (Der Spiegel), but the Anglo-American strategy to prevent Eurasia from growing together, especially German-Russian cooperation. This has been achieved twice in the last century, at the cost of two world wars. If Europe does not want to become the battlefield of a third world war, it must no longer allow itself to be harnessed to the cart of this geopolitical strategy. The Russian invasion of Ukraine marks the end of the unipolar world and the three-decade project pursued by America's neoconservatives of having military supremacy in every region of the world, forcing every rising power into submission. This also ends the hegemony of finance capital controlled by Wall Street and the City of London and of global monetary policy. With the gold and commodity-backed accounting unit on a ruble/yuan basis, a highly welcome alternative to debt-based FIAT money is emerging for 85 percent of the world,


"I'm not sure what weapons will be used in World War III, but in World War IV they will fight with sticks and stones," Albert Einstein said. Now that we're fairly certain about the arsenal available, his warning is more urgent than ever. Those who want to end the conflict must not deliver weapons, those who want to end the suffering of the people in Ukraine must negotiate instead of shoot, those who want peace must not follow the plan of the Anglo-American geo-strategists, [which is] to prepare Ukraine for "its Afghanistan" and to embroil it in an endless guerrilla war. And he is certainly not allowed to - especially as a German - to ally himself with flawless Nazis of the Azov regiment. And he should ask what actually speaks against Russia's demand for a militarily neutral Ukraine. Until then, I remain a "Putin understander" and ask all NATO understanders and friends of the wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan to reconsider their position. Peace!

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