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Prime Minister True Dope

How Canada Could Avoid Trudeau's Ongoing Program of National Suicide

Canada has a below replacement and fast decling fertility rate of 1.1 children for each woman (The replacement rate is 2.1). 

The policy of the Canadian Government under Justin Trudeau is to replace Canada's declining population by importing people from elsewhere. 

Those people from elsewhere are for the most part, no doubt, good people. But are Canadians really happy to know that they will largely be replaced in succeeding generations not by their own posterity but by the the children of the half million or so immigrants now entering the country each year. That's an immigration rate that exceeds the number of Canadian live births. 

To be explicit, Canada under Trudeau's Liberal Government has a policy of slow motion national self-genocide. To reverse this policy requires a change in incentives and opportunities relating to family formation. In particular, motherhood needs to be better rewarded. 

Hungary's tax incentive (see below) is one way to go. But there are many other things that could be done. For example, women could, and in my view definitely should, be entitled to a life-long share of the income of the father of their child. 

Viktor Orban of Hungary just announced that every woman who has 4 kids will have no income tax for life. More new benefits as well. Hungary is incentivizing their own citizens to grow their population. We’re incentivizing millions of illegal migrants to come from other nations.


Canada offers government-funded euthanasia for those injured by injections -- Or the shot didn't kill ya, we have another method.

Google's Gemini AI Is a Psychopathic Idiot

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Putin's Bullshit Ukraine History

In conversation with Tucker Carlson, Vladimir Putin gave a long spiel about the history of Ukraine, beginning by reference to its Ninth Century Russian rulers. The implication was that the Ukraine and the Ukrainians have been Russian for more than a thousand years and that Ukraine is thus, morally at least, Russian territory. But that is bunk.

Russians in Ninth Century Ukraine were Viking warriors from Sweden, that is to say blood-thirsty, marauding gangsters intent on rape and pillage. They travelled South from the Baltic Sea mainly by water, portaging their boats to either the Dneiper or the Dneister River. The Dneiper took them to Kiev and the Black Sea coast. Among these Viking adventurers was Ruric, who in the mid-Ninth Century became the first so-called Russian to rule Ukraine. Thus, contrary to the intention of Putin's story, the people of Ninth Century Ukraine were not Russians. They were the same people who'd lived in Ukraine for thousands of years, which is to say they were Ukrainians.

Later, descendants of the Viking rulers of Ukraine relocated to what is now Northwest Russia, establishing themselves in Moscow and elsewhere as masters of the native inhabitants. In subsequent centuries, the Ukraine was dominated by many groups. It was not until the 17th Century that Russia incorporated Eastern Ukraine through success in war with Poland. Subsequently, Western Ukraine was acquired through a deal with the ruling Cossack Hetmanate.  Then, in 1789, by war with Turkey, Russia extended the border of Western Ukraine to include Odessa.

But whatever claim Russia had over Ukraine ended with the break-up of the Soviet Union at which time the Ukraine, and every other self-governing Soviet republic, became an independent state. The actual and valid justification that Putin could and should have made for his invasion of Ukraine is Zelensky's Nazi-backed war against Ukraine's self-governing ethnic Russian population of Donbas. Had Putin stood aside and allowed Ukraine to commit genocide against the majority Russian population of the Donbas region of Ukraine he would by now have been long ousted from power. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has nothing to do with supposed ancient Russian claims to Ukrainian territory. It is, and can only be justified as, a war to defend ethnic Russians against a US/NATO inspired war of genocide.

Genocide, however, is merely the trigger, not the objective of US/NATO policy. The Ukraine war is a proxy war of aggression by the NATO states against Russia with the aim of breaking up the Russian Federation, pillaging Russia's vast storehouse of natural resources, and moving NATO forces Eastward, far East, to the Usuri River, Russia's border with China. 

But that looks like a really dumb hope by the fat woman at the State Department, the CIA guy with the big face, and the faceless people running America's brain-dead Presidency. 

Friday, February 16, 2024

The Optimum Quantity of People

Ted Turner, billionaire founder of CNN, has stated that the target for world population should be five hundred million, or three percent of the current number. But to achieve that it would be necessary to enforce a one child policy for multiple generations. Ted Turner has five acknowledged children and thirteen grandchildren. It would seem, therefore, that the only decent thing for Ted Turner to do is to off himself without further delay. 

Elon Musk, who has ten acknowledged children, advocates for a huge increase in human population, and sees no consequent problem of overcrowding because folks can migrate to Mars -- after you Elon.

Mars is a Hell of a place, literally. Among the problems for any human resident there is a very thin atmosphere, with an atmospheric pressure only 2% of that on Earth. And what little air there is, is unbreathable, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide. 

The thinness of the Martian atmosphere is due to the planet's lack of a magnetosphere to deflect the solar wind, a stream of charged electrons and protons emitted by the Sun that continually strip away the Martian atmosphere. Because of the ionizing properties of the solar wind, humans resident on Mars would need to live in caves, which is probably the best place anyhow since it's darned cold there, with an mean surface temperature  around 50 Celsius below zero. 

Central Park, Manhattan Island, New York

In fact, there's no imminent need to remove people from the face of the Earth despite the growing population. With today's World population of eight billion, there is around 1.4 hectares of habitable land per person, so even on a trillion-person world, there'd still be 110 square meters of habitable land per person, which is twice the area per person in present-day Hong Kong, and more than three times the area per person in the New York suburb of Manhattan -- and that's including Central Park. 

Compared with today's world, those densities seem high, but with a population accomodated in high-rise buildings, there would still be plently of unbuilt space. For example, the entire current population of Manhattan could be accomodated in just 444 buildings 40 meters square at the base and 100 stories tall. That would leave 95% of the land area as open space, for farms and parks. Another option would be to accomodate the entire population of Manhattan in one 16-mile-high buildings, as envisaged by Frank Lloyd Wright.

As to why we'd want so many people, it's been argued that with more brains we have more brilliant ideas leading, presumably, to a greater GDP, and thus perhaps to even more people. Some people, I suppose, like to live in a humming, buzzing, super busy place. My own preference would be a return to the world in the year of my birth when global population was barely two billion, or one quarter of the present crowd. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

When AI Gets To Work, What Will People Do?

Today, most work involves shuffling paper, moving pixels on a computer screen, or talking  with clients or colleagues. In the near future, most of that work can, and surely will, be handled by Chat GPT or more nearly omniscient AI systems to emerge. 

For example, you have a high fever and are coming out in spots. You call the doctor's office. Having identified yourself, you will be answered in your preferred language and even your preferred dialect and accent. You explain the reason for your call. The AI receptionist will ask for some particulars concerning your condition, then give you the best relevant advice, e.g., take an aspirin, keep well hydrated and stay warm etc. So AI will eliminate not only the doctor's receptionist but, except for special purposes such as setting a broken bone, the doctor himself.

The same kind of elimination of work will occur throughout the economy. Need a bank teller? No need, just speak to the microphone at the counter and state the service required. Cash will be dispensed via a slot at the front of the counter. 

The only jobs that will be secure are those that involve wealding a spanner, driving a lawn mower, or some other task that has not yet been automated. But AI will vastly accelerate the process of automation. Bus drivers, truck drivers, farm tractor drivers, backhoe operators, nuclear power plant operators, professors and prime ministers? All better replaced by AI.

So what, then, will people do? Simple. They will just do more of what they have enormous amounts of time to do now. One hundred and fifty years ago, men in England worked an average of about 60 hours a week. Since then the average working week in England has decreased around 40%, while real wages have risen about seven-fold. A similar reduction in working hours is likely in the age of AI, but occuring not over 150 years but in perhaps only ten or fifteen years. Whether incomes will increase in the same seven-fold ratio as seen in England over the last 150 years seems less likely, if only because the world economy appears already to be pushing environmental limits to sustainability. Pretty certainly, however, in ways that are environmentally benign, the standard of living worldwide will massively increase. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Yes. Trump Did Win in '20

 Heartland Institute:


Measuring the Effect of Mail-in Ballot Fraud in the Trump-Biden Race for the White House

As anyone with half a brain who watched the 2020 US Presidential election results come in knows, the vote was rigged to accomplish a fraudulent brain-dead Biden Presidency, during which unknown persons have ushered in an era of war, wokery and witlessness.

Monday, February 5, 2024

Tucker Carlson on Justin Trudeau's Genocidal Program That's Already Killed 50,000 People, Including Kids

Canada Halts Extermination Program for the Mentally-ill Until After the Election 

The Resistible Rise of The New Normal Reich

 By C.J. Hopkins

So, the German authorities have filed an appeal to overturn my acquittal in criminal court last week. Apparently, their plan is to keep putting me on trial until they get a judge who is willing to convict me of something, or to bankrupt me with legal costs. Silly me, for a moment there, I was actually starting to believe this was over.

Let me quickly review how I got here for anyone just tuning in.

I am an author and a political satirist and commentator. In August 2022, I posted two Tweets criticizing mask mandates and making fun of Karl Lauterbach, Germany’s Minister of Health. Both Tweets included an image from the cover artwork of my latest book, The Rise of The New Normal Reich: Consent Factory Essays, Vol. III (2020-2021).

The German authorities did not appreciate those Tweets, so they (1) had them censored by Twitter, (2) had Amazon ban my book in Germany, and (3) dragged me into criminal court and prosecuted me on trumped-up “hate crime” charges.

Last week, a judge acquitted me of those charges, after which she launched into a tirade in which she insulted me at some length, and then strapped on a “Covid mask” and stalked out of the courtroom. During her diatribe, she made a big show of proclaiming that, by acquitting me of the fabricated hate-crime charges, she was proving that “Germany is not a totalitarian state” … you know, the kind of totalitarian state where books are banned, political speech is censored, and dissident authors are harassed by the police and subjected to ridiculous show trials.

The judge didn’t have much choice but to acquit me, because the relevant German law is clear, as my attorney had reminded her in his pretrial pleading, and because my case had received some international press. Also, the public gallery was packed, and there was a fair amount of independent media in the courtroom. Unlike the German mainstream media, which have been churning out government propaganda like the proverbial Goebbelsian keyboard instrument for years, and which were too busy covering the totally-organic government-sponsored mass demonstrations against the government’s only political opposition to devote any attention to my political prosecution, the banning of my book, government censorship, and so on, some of the alternative German media are still interested in actual journalism.

The prosecutor, who appeared to be drunk or on some kind of high-grade sedatives, was very clearly unhappy to be there performing in front of a sold-out house. He spent the proceedings hidden behind one of those Plexiglass “anti-Covid” panels that cashiers still have to sit behind in grocery stores and other retail establishments, so I couldn’t make out every word he slurred. The gist of his argument was, although I didn’t intend to “disseminate pro-Nazi propaganda,” I nonetheless “disseminated pro-Nazi propaganda,” by comparing New Normal Germany to Nazi Germany, and “unnecessarily using a swastika in an artwork.”

Read more


COVID-19 masks provided NO PROTECTION during “pandemic,” British government now admits

Texas AG: Pfizer lied about efficacy of COVID vaccine, which is less than 10%

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Elites Hating Whitey

 Senior BBC Employee Branded White People A "Parasitical Deviant Breed"

A senior BBC employee is reported to have described white people as a:
“barbaric bloodthirsty rapacious murderous genocidal thieving parasitical deviant breed,” while also rather redundantly calling the UK a “bigoted” and "genocidal" country.

Some of that may be true, but to judge by the tone of the lady's remarks, her characterization of the British could be applicable to her too.


Germany's President Compares Alternativ  fuer Deutschland Supporters To "Rat-catchers"

we defend this Germany, and we will not allow this country to be ruined by extremist rat-catchers.

LOL. If those white people you hate are rat-catchers, what does that make you?