Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Poisonous, War-Mongering Gnome, Zelensky, Joins Adolph Hitler As a Time Magazine Man-of-the-Year


It’s Time to Speak the Truth About Ukraine

Sanctions are destroying the US economy, a proxy war is leading the United States to the brink of nuclear annihilation, and America is financing a Nazi regime.

Joe Biden, the military-industrial-congressional complex, State Department neocons, the War Party comprised of all Democrats and many corporate Republicans, and Western globalist elites have the United States and NATO in a Ukrainian proxy war against Russia. The warmongers are obsessed with destroying Russia. To achieve it, they are determined to fight to the last Ukrainian.

In eight months, Congress has wasted $69 billion of American taxpayer money to fund their proxy war. That’s about $8 billion more than Russia’s entire annual military budget. And to the delight of the American arms industry, there is no end in sight. Biden is soon expected to request another $50 billion.   

Meanwhile, Biden and Congress have betrayed the American people—doing next to nothing to solve the crises of inflation, self-inflicted shortages of fuel and food, an invasion of five-and-a-half million illegal aliens, out-of-control violent crime, and a fentanyl epidemic imported from China and Mexico that is killing 100,000 Americans every year.  

In May, 11 Republican senators and 57 GOP members of the House had the courage to support the interests of Americans and vote against continuing to fund the Ukrainian boondoggle. They were vilified by the warmongers as being “soft on Putin.” Since then, the entire Democratic Party, including its so-called leftist progressives and corporate Republicans, have only reaffirmed their subservience to the permanent war agenda.

The Ukraine war goals of the U.S. military-industrial-congressional complex and the Western globalist elites do absolutely nothing to serve the interests of the American people. But so far, pro-war propaganda has brainwashed a large segment of the American people into supporting the warmongers. But the truth is slowly coming out. Fake news lies perpetuating this disaster are being debunked by American patriots, including Tucker Carlson, retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, and former United Nations weapon inspector and U.S. Marine Scott Ritter.

Separating Facts from Propaganda

Ukraine is the most corrupt nation in Europe. Senate warmongers in May were quick to shoot down Senator Rand Paul’s proposed amendment to include an Inspector General to establish minimal accountability for the delivery of $40 billion in aid. They should have listened to Rand Paul. A now-censored CBS report revealed that, due to theft and corruption, only 30 percent of American equipment ever reaches the Ukrainian frontlines. Criminal gangs across Europe are already trafficking the arms on the black market.  

Contrary to Western media disinformation, Ukraine has already lost the war. The fact is that from the start of the conflict, Russia has been fighting at a one-to-three manpower disadvantage. Despite the handicap, Russia has been inflicting a minimum of 600 to 1,500 casualties a day on the Ukrainian army, taken 20 percent of the country, and is dismantling its power grid. Ukraine has lost 100,000 soldiers so far

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