Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Global Warming? Athens, February 2021

This picture tells you nothing about climate change, but suggests that February is a good time for sight-seeing in Greece: no unbearable heat, no crowds, and low-season hotel rates -- and next week it will be sunny with temperatures near 20 C


  1. That's why they changed the term to climate change,CS.

    I think they fooled around with "global weirding" for a time, but it didn't have the scientistic ring of scientific authority about it, so had to be given up.

    You're behind the times, man.

    1. "Weirding" is definitely the wrong term. The weather has always been prone to weirdness: climate is subject to chaotic processes, extremes of weather occur anywhere, anytime: always have and always will. That is why climate change is almost impossible to prove.