Friday, November 30, 2012

Population: Explosion and Implosion

Trikipedia says the World is overpopulated. They quote Steve Jones, head of the biology department at University College London, as saying, "Humans are 10,000 times more common than we should be".

Let's see, ten billion divided by ten thousand, that's one million. A total world population one quarter that of Elizabethan England. LOL. See what passes for scholarship nowadays -- pure genocidal propaganda.

Actually, nearly everything said about population seems to be propaganda. Yet the real issues are simple enough. Thomas Malthus got it right: population increases until limited by food supply, unless people limit their fertility by indulgence in "vice."

The green revolution vastly increased the World's food supply, hence a doubling in Africa's population in the last 40 years with massive increases elsewhere too.

Meantime, the West embarked on the wholesale indulgence in "vice", thus driving the fertility rate of the European nations well below the replacement rate.

So in fact there are several big stories concerning population. One is the population explosion in Africa and the Islamic World. Another is the collapse in the population of the European peoples (preceded by aging of the population and a collapse in the fertile proportion of the population) and their replacement by immigrants of mainly reproductive age and high fertility.

Most Europeans are too brainwashed to see that their anxiety about the population explosion drives their own extinction, an anxiety deliberately fostered by the political lackeys and dupes of a plutocratic elite that seeks the annihilation of the most powerful nation states through a program of genocide against the indigenous people of those nations.

But the mainstream political parties and the corporate media outlets respond to this analysis with charges of racism, and xenophobia, while state-funded organs of political correctness deploy anti-free speech laws to muzzle critics of genocidal population policies.

None of which alters the fact that the nations of Western Europe are being inundated by people of non-European extraction and of alien culture, who are in many cases possessed of an aggressive settler mentality.

Many London boroughs now have a majority ethnic population, my father's home town, the City of Leicester is majority ethnic, in Birmingham, England's second city, English Children in primary school are not even the largest minority. Overall, 25 percent of births in Britain are to foreign-born mothers, and many more to foreign-born fathers of English mothers and grand-daughters of foreign born fathers or mothers. Thus the English will be an ethnic minority in their own home within a generation.

The idea that there are just too many people on earth is a value judgement not a matter of scientific fact. The carrying capacity of the globe has been estimated at about 1 person to every 27 square meters. My own calculation, based on the solar energy available for crop production and industrial and domestic use, suggests 80 square meters is more reasonable, i.e., a global population of one trillion -- but I'm not advocating it.

So we are nowhere near a physical population limit. But rapid population growth inevitably means a declining quality of life for everyone. Doubling the population every thirty or forty years means doubling the infrastructure every thirty or forty years or experiencing a decline in quality of life. Yet it can take generations to create great institutions. And there's no means to double the number of Yellowstone or Serengeti national parks. Or recover millions of acres of green belt built over to accommodate a population explosion fueled entirely by mass immigration.

And you cannot turn out extra copies of Oxford University or Trinity College Cambridge at will. Nor can you simply enlarge the institutions you've got without changing them and quite likely destroying their effectiveness in the process, as has happened to most Western Universities that, in recent decades, have become giant bureaucracies repugnant to any free-thinking scholar.

The Western World should leave the Third World to care for itself. At present Africans and Muslims vehemently oppose adoption of the Western way of "vice." That is their choice. Let them deal with the consequences. In the meantime, the nations of a dying Christendom should pay head to their tradition, for the wages of sin are death.


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