Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ukraine: Catapulting the Propaganda, the National Putz and Stephen Harper, the Mighty Mouse of the North

Is this the most pathetic editorial cartoon ever, or what? I mean, a cartoon's supposed to be witty isn't it? Well not at the Putz, apparently.  Their cartoon simply catapults the propaganda in the crudest form.

In that respect, the Post cartoon is remarkably similar to the most recent statement on Ukraine from Stephen Harper, a man too autistic to engage in diplomacy, but unhesitating in reiterating Washington's unsubstantiated allegations of Russian intervention in Ukraine. The US, of course, in Harper's one-dimensional mind, is entirely free to interfere in Ukrainian affairs (to the tune of $5 billion invested in a violent Nazi-backed coup in Kyiv, as boasted of by US Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland).

Perhaps Harper's irresponsible remarks were scripted by Washington and uttered on command, as on at least one previous occasion. But Canadians would do well to seek a more independent foreign policy since, should push ever come to shove, it will then become evident that Canada has virtually zero push to oppose to Russia's shove. With fewer soldiers than Toronto has police, we'd do better to keep a low profile and avoid alienating a potentially valuable trade partner for no good moral or political end.

For example, Canada has Bombardier, the world's only manufacture of both trains and planes. Russia has a lot of ground to cover. A good match, one might think. Then there's oil, gas, pipelines and timber, major features of both the Canadian and Russian economies. Are there no opportunities for collaboration in those areas too?

There is a reason, of course, that NaPo and Stephen Harper and other NeoCon liars and killers in suits are screaming about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. It is to distract attention from four significant facts:
 First, for nearly all of the last 250 years, most Ukrainians or their ancestors were Russians.

Second, for most Ukrainians Russian is their first language.

Third, the Western Ukraine nationalists include raving Russophobic maniacs such as Presidential candidate Julia Tymoshenko who wants to nuke or machine gun every Russian.

Fourth, wages in Ukraine average $300 per month, wages in Russia average $800 per month.
The last point alone, is enough to ensure that given any democratic freedom, much of Ukraine would almost certainly opt for union with Russian.

So lies about Russia are about all that the democratic United States of Aggression and its puppets and mouth-pieces can offer to bring the people of the globalist empire to the bidding of the leadership.

The Toronto Star offers the fantastic theory that in his remarks about the situation in Ukraine Stephen Harper is attacking Putin to burnish his legacy.

The thing is, to burnish a legacy, you need a legacy to start with, something that Harper seems to be entirely without in the foreign policy field.

More likely Harper's just burnishing his chances for some comfy corporate directorships following his defeat at the next election. The Carlyle Group will perhaps oblige as they have for other political deadwood such as John Major, who cashed out handsomely after being booted from office, notwithstanding that he was better fitted for the family business of making garden gnomes than running a major corporation, let alone a country. Then there's USAID, a slush fund for "aiding" cooperative politicians.

But a real puzzle remains. Who reads the National Post? I mean, who pays two bucks every day for a dose of the crudest and most uninteresting propaganda?

But then there's the same question about the New York Times (Carlos Slim, Prop.) or WaPo (Jeff Bezos, Prop.) or the London Timesey (Poop Murdoch, Prop.). Amazing: folks pay extremely rich people and mega corporations real money to have their immortal soul stuffed with lies, gossip, pornography, and total, absolute and utter rubbish. And you can get all of that free on the Internets!

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