Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Flake, Fake, Fantasist or Shill? No. 43: Prof. Michio Kaku

Our glorious future, as a Type 1 civilization. (Image source)
Michio Kaku is the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City College of New York of City University of New York.

He is also an advocate of globalism, which he says, will transform Earth's mishmash of lowly competing civilizations, which he terms collectively a Type Zero civilization, to a Type 1 civilization.

This transition, he tells us, will be a splendid thing, which makes him feel privileged to be alive as it occurs.

But what is this Type 1 civilization to which Kaku looks forward with such delight?

Here's his explanation:
A Type 1 civilization has harnessed its planetary power. They control earthquakes, the weather, volcanoes, they have cities on the ocean. Anything planetary, they control.

A Type 2 civilization is stellar. They've exhausted the power of the planet, and they get their energy directly from their mother star. ... They use the power of the sun to energize their huge machines. Eventually, they exhaust the power of a star, and they go galactic. They harness the power of billions of stars within a galaxy.

Now for example Buck Rogers would correspond to a Type 1 civilization, a planetary civilization. Star Trek and the Federation of Planets that colonize a few star systems, would correspond to a Type 2 [civilization]. And the Empire, of Star Wars, would correspond to a Type 3 civilization.

Now what are we, on this scale? We are Type Zero. We don't rate on this scale. ... But we can calculate when we will attain Type 1 status. In about a hundred years.

So let's get this straight.

Kaku's telling us we're about to mutate from a rubbish world of competing petty and worthless civilizations to the glory of a Type 1 civilization as defined by a classification of civilizations of which there is not a single known example in the entire universe, our own paltry effort here on Earth being off the bottom of the scale.

Ah, but his classificatory scheme is admirably illustrated by examples drawn from the sci-fi fantasy movies. Who will not be satisfied with that?

What's more, Kaku tells us we can calculate almost exactly when we will take the first step up the ladder of heretofore non-existent civilizations.

But can we? Um, well apparently not, for what Kaku offers in verification of his prediction is not calculation but that trusty source of knowledge, the MSM:
Every time I read the newspaper, I see evidence of this historic transition from Type Zero to Type 1.
O.K., so we just need to take a daily newspaper and we'll be clued in on the most important event in the history of mankind. Like:
Netanyahu: Israel 'reserves right' to strike Iran...
REPORT: Israel has already made decision...
HERE WE GO AGAIN: Obama moves to aid Syrian 'rebels'...
Secret Meth Lab Sparked Fatal Fire at Ohio Nursing Home... (Headlines source)
To quote just today's headlines.

But, wait, we're reading the wrong headlines, Kaku tells us:
I read the newspaper and I see evidence of this everywhere. What is the European Union? The European Union has been formed to oppose Nafta, that is the United States, Canada and Mexico. But why? Because we're seeing the beginnings of a Type 1 economy. Huge planetary trading blocks are the beginnings of a Type 1 economy.
Oh, yeah?

Well, O.K., no.

The EU arose out of the 1957 Treaty of Rome, a litle bit ahead of the 1994 Nafta agreement in opposition to which Kaku claims the EU was formed.

And the term "planetary trade block" is self-contradictory. A planetary economy requires global free trade. Trade blocks, are what prevent trade being free and global.

But let's not quibble.

Type 1 Culture. (Image source)
Not only are we to have a Type 1 economy and a Type 1 language, "probably English," we are to have a Type 1 culture.

This Type 1 culture will be characterized, so he says, by the universal recognition of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Madonna (Madonna? or Madonna's crotch, which is surely better known than her face).

Then he says:
Some people don't want it. They fear this transition, because this transition is to a planetary civilization tolerant of many cultures. These are the terrorists.
Wait a minute, didn't he just talk about integration, and the creation of a global culture? So where's the tolerance for many cultures? Those who seek to preserve their national identity, their race, their culture and their religion under the onslaught of globalization are the folk's Kaku calls terrorists.

Murderous intolerance, it seems, the accepted standard of totalitarian empires, is to be the new tolerance. Although some correctly call it genocide

Kaku offers no reason to suppose that global governance will promote the technological advancement of human civilization. History suggests that it was competition among the nation states, first in Western Europe, then globally, that drove the recent acceleration in technological innovation, not imperialism.

Rome sank into decadence and stagnation, as did the Turkish Empire, the Soviet Union and all the other empires that ever were. Only the American empire remains, and that sinking, punch-drunk, into a financial swamp, ever more at risk of a peasant revolt.

So why will a global empire not stagnate too, the people distracted with bread and circuses or food stamps and TV, while the culture degrades to a cult of foot binding, calligraphy and the study of ancient literature, or if America is the inspiration, Madonna's crotch, breast enhancement and Christmas cleansed of the baby Jeusus and beginning in June.

Kaku, who, by implication, labels me a terrorist and thus, presumably, a legitimate target for assassination by drone or other means, talks, so it seems to me, like a mouthpiece for a fascist global empire, a charlatan spouting pseudoscience in the service of totalitarianism: an example of the total corruption of science by politics as occurs under all totalitarianisms.

But how do you rate him: flake, fake, fantasist, charlatan or shill? Comments welcome.


  1. nice one :) the thing kaka also fails to tell us is that we will be type 1 under a ruling elite, or else we're just terrorist, I lost all interest in his physics when he started down this path

  2. It's always interesting to speculate as to whether these promoters of globalism are shills or themselves deceived and blinded by the propaganda they've swallowed. My tendency is to always give the benefit of the doubt but if wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.

    1. It's easy to be "deceived and blinded by the propaganda" when going with the power enhances one's career prospects.

      But anyone, in a democracy, who targets political dissenters as "terrorists," deserves, in my view, absolutely no forbearance.

  3. An H.G.Wells for the 21st century.

  4. I suppose he is saying, "those who are not with us, are against us and as such are Terrorists". Answer get rid of Terrorists, How?
    As the Borg say in StarTrek, "You will be assimulated, resistance is futile."
    But! One mans Terrorist, is another mans Freedom Fighter?
    Who is correct and who makes the rules?
    Is the answer, The meek will inherit the world, but only when the rich and powerful say so?

    1. "I suppose he is saying, "those who are not with us, are against us and as such are Terrorists". Answer get rid of Terrorists, How?"

      A terrorist is, by definition, a threat to the nation and the now approved method of dealing with such a threat is assassination without due process.

      That is why I call Kaku a totalitarian.

      H.G. Wells with whom Anon likens Kaku was an enthusiast for totalitarianism. He much admired Stalin who hosted him on several visits to the Soviet Union.

      As for the meek, I suspect, as you suggest, that the geniuses of the New World Order plan on refuting Jesus' maxim, just as they have overturned his church.

  5. Kaku has links to Edward Teller and Fort Benning.

    At the National Science Fair in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Kaku attracted the attention of physicist Edward Teller, who took Kaku as a protégé.

    'Ed Teller's boys' "were used in grim SABBATEAN SATANIST rituals, not ONLY in the BOHEMIAN GROVE, but also in other Jewish Sabbatean satanist rituals nationwide, as well as in Hollywood."


    1. I don't dismiss everything Aangirfan says, but when he (they?) quote Henry Makow, I become highly skeptical.

      Whether Makow has a political agenda, or serves someone else's agenda or seeks merely to gain hits by being sensationalist, I don't know. But he often asserts absurdities, often citing some book or other a a source.

      That is really useless kind of evidence. Anyone can publish a book saying anything and a glance at the titles at my local bookstore indicates that the more fantastic the story the more likely it is get published.

      So, I'd need something much better than your source, Anon, for accepting that Teller was a Sabbatean child abuser.

  6. A very enjoyable post, CanSpeccy. The classification of civilisations exactly as Kaku described it - I've come across it in old science magazines I've read in the eighties. I guess, but am not sure, it comes from some Soviet guy.

    A better take on civilisations can be read here: http://bit.ly/yjRsan

    >> But how do you rate him: flake, fake, fantasist, charlatan or shill? Comments welcome.

    A gross combination of cleverness and infantilism.

    1. Thanks, Lev.

      And thanks for the link to Carroll Quigley. I just finished reading the complete works last year. But it is worth reconsidering his "Evolution of Civilizations" in the present context.

      Quigley was a very intelligent historical analyst -- and more or less subversive. No wonder his works were suppressed during his lifetime, or that now they are readily available as facsimile editions or ebooks, they are usually dismissed as the work of a conspiracy theorist (e.g., by globalist historian Niall Ferguson).

      Some have even altered the text. Any edition of "Tragedy and Hope" with an Introduction by Michael L. Chadwick is suspect. The Intro. represents Chadwick's own wild conspiracy theory as Quigley's. Even worse, Quigley's text has been changed with clear intent to change the meaning. Presumably Quigley makes some people feel uncomfortable and there are continuing efforts to discredit him.

  7. Kaku actually said "Terra-ist", which as a play on words is explicit, and more terrible, than a simple defamatory label.

    1. That's an ingenious suggestion. But I question it.

      First, on grounds of logic. Before 3.40 in the video linked above, he says:

      "... they are witnessing the birthpangs of a beginning of a new planetary civilization and the terrorists/terra-ists want nothing to do with it."

      But it is the nationalists, i.e., the anti-globalists, who oppose the creation of a planetary civilization.

      But a terra-ist must be an advocate of a planetary civilization (Webster-Dictionary.net defines Terra as: n. 1. The earth; earth), not an opponent of the destruction national identity, with its distinct racial, cultural and religious characteristics.

      Second, I question it on grounds of pronunciation. On first mention (at 3.24 in the above linked video), the word comes out something like "terrists", which is ambiguous. However, on second mention (at 3.35) a middle syllable is distinctly audible and it is a short "o", not a short "a", so the intended word must have been "terrorists."

    2. Your reasoning is good, and I don't suppose Kaku was having a go at gaia worshipers either, although they may become problematic later. I was just thinking along the lines of 'earth-bound', in contrast to the longer term plan (and I would then be happy to put the second pronunciation down to an easy, or even deliberate, mistake).

      Regardless, if this is not deliberate political propaganda then Kaku must have been genetically engineered as the perfect echo chamber for it, or at most be as interesting as such. The double speak on 'tolerant of other cultures' is quite amazing.

    3. "if this is not deliberate political propaganda ..."

      Yes, the mode of delivery imparts a chill, quite apart from the threatening sub-text.

  8. science is intrinsically about facts.
    this man uses opinion and conjecture, which are not facts.
    when i watch a factual documentary and he appears, i turn it off.