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The Sandy Hook Nuns had a purple getaway van

( Don Emmert, Getty Images / December 14, 2012 )
Two unidentified nuns leave the scene of the aftermath at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including 18 children, were killed. Source: The Chicago Tribune.

Military issue?
The photo and photo caption above appeared in the Chicago Tribune on the day of the Sandy Hook shootings. Shepard Ambellas, writing on January 9th for the Intelhub comments that:
the nuns look very official. In fact they ... even have identification badges. The nuns also appear to be wearing police or military issue 511 Tactical Shoes in a non-suede finish. We have also had a local reader ... saying that no nuns [in the Sandy Hook area] wear this type [of] garb, ... these nuns are not indigenous to the area.
And according to this police/fire department radio log, there were reports of suspects of whom "One may be wearing a nun outfit, headed toward Danbury and Stoney Hill, purple van" (just after 1:35).

Maybe this is all fake. "The camera," so the late, great journalist Malcolm Muggeridge maintained, "always lies" and the bit about the suspect "in a nun outfit" could easily have been dubbed into the police audiotape. But then, why? To give a bum steer to those trying to find out what actually happened? That would certainly be a good way to discredit those unsatisfied with the CNN version of events.

Referring to the photo above, Harold Calahan, over at James Tracy's blog comments:
 I knew our Nuns were pretty scary but ...
Three separate pictures have the tall nun with her right hand apparently holding down something, So it looks like a 6 ft 2 inch 70 year old pregnant Nun is holding her stomach – with her size 14 shoes on ...
Note: In my view there is no reason to assume that the nuns pictured above are other than ordinary, if non-indigenous, non-pregnant nuns, of ordinary height, going about the ordinary business of nuns, whatever that may be, and wearing sensible shoes that look to me very much like the ordinary shoes worn now-a-days by nearly everyone, notwithstanding that they may also resemble "military issue" 511 Tactical Shoes.

If, as the Newtown Police are said to have reported," there were multiple suspects in "possible nun outfits ... fleeing the scene in a purple van wearing ski masks," so be it. They must have been a different bunch of nuns to those shown above who are clearly without masks.

But how do we know that the nuns shown above were even at Sandy Hook on the day of the Shooting? We know the police reported someone in a nun outfit taking off in a purple van. So perhaps the photograph of these very ordinary looking  nuns was introduced into the narrative to suggest that any nuns witnessed at the scene of the shooting were, in fact, just ordinary nuns. The idea is outlined in greater detail and in relation to the discarded black clothing seen at the school, in the following video (beginning at 2:30).

Oops! Ssorry about that, but the vid. has been flushed down the U-Tube Memory Hole. It was quite brillian how George Orwell anticipated U-Tube in his novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four.

But hey look:

Blow up the image and, what's that bulge?

A nun with a gun? Image source

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  1. Spooky nuns!

    - Aangirfan

  2. It's Nun of your business who they are :D

  3. There is a video clip out there of katie couric interviewing some parents.. the mother says she got to the school and saw "black sweatshirts" on the ground by the car and thought "you dont normally see that". sorry i dont have the link but please check the video! i had no idea there were pictures..where did the pic come from?? could those be nun outfits on the ground or in fact sweat shirts? who picked them up?? i believe she said all 4 car doors were open too but they are closed in the pic...

    1. The black "sweatshirts", nun outfits, or whatever beside the black honda are seen in the video above "My musings about mystery objects."

    2. I agree, I've seen it, I had over 500 video's saved, almost all of mine have been taken down, they didn't even search the car until dark.

    3. There's a video of these nuns walking by the fire house actually holding hands. I came this site because I typed in "nuns holding hands at Sandy Hook".