Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The Rise of the New Normal Reich

By C. J. Hopkins

The Consent Factory, Inc. I told you this part wasn’t going to be pretty. I didn’t think it would get to the point where the Wall Street Journal would go full Buck Turgidson and call on the United States to “show it can win a nuclear war,” but I wasn’t entirely off the mark either. Back in January (i.e., a million years ago), in The Last Days of the Covidian Cult, I wrote:

” … we are getting dangerously close to the point where GloboCap will need to go full-blown fascist if they want to finish what they started. If that happens, things are going to get very ugly. I know, things are already ugly, but I’m talking a whole different kind of ugly. Think Jonestown, or Hitler’s final days in the bunker, or the last few months of the Manson Family.”

I don’t know about you, but I kind of feel like the threat of global thermonuclear war qualifies as a “different kind of ugly.” And, OK, before you accuse me of exaggerating the danger of the ungodly mess that GloboCap has made in the Ukraine, I’d like to point out that even Thomas Friedman is starting to sound the alarm. Thomas fucking Friedman, folks … a man with no moral conscience whatsoever, who has never met a GloboCap war of aggression that he could not support, and who has justified the gratuitous barbecuing of millions of men, women, and children without so much as a second thought throughout his long and lucrative career as an A-List mouthpiece for the ruling classes. When The Stash gets nervous, I start to get nervous.

Also, there’s the GloboCap Nazi thing. I’m not exactly a hothouse flower, but I have to admit that watching my liberal friends and colleagues go goo-goo for actual swastika-tattooed, Sieg-heiling Nazis has rattled my nerves a little bit. OK … I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to call them “Nazis.” I believe “defenders” is the term du jour. Seriously, here’s an actual screenshot from The Guardian featuring the leader of the neo-Nazi Azov Detachment …

Oh, and meanwhile, as the rough beast slouches toward Bethlehem, and the former fanatical Covidian Cultists turned fanatical Ukrainian Cultists scream for “more weapons” and “more direct engagement,” and revel in their anguish for the wives of neo-Nazis, the official history of the 2020-2021 Covid pandemic is being written and the actual history being memory-holed in real time, right before our eyes.

For example, you might have seen this video of Bill Gates reciting some of the basic facts that we “Science-denying conspiracy theorists” have been censored, deplatformed, demonetized, demonized, and otherwise relentlessly persecuted for reporting for the past two years, as if these facts had just been discovered. In terms of gaslighting, it doesn’t get much better.

And then there’s the massive number of deaths and injuries caused by the totally “safe and effective, non-experimental vaccines,” the extent of which damage is becoming undeniable, but which is nevertheless being adamantly denied, and which will be disappeared from the official history. This is from the Berliner Zeitung …

“The number of serious complications after vaccinations against Sars-CoV-2 is possibly 40 times higher than officially stated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute. This is one of the interim results of a long-term observational study by Berlin Charité. The head of the study, Professor Harald Matthes, [stated]: ‘In light of around half a million cases with serious side effects after Covid vaccinations in Germany, we doctors have to take action.’ Matthes is now calling for contact points for those affected. ‘We have to offer treatment, and discuss this openly at conferences and in public without being considered anti-vaccination,’ Matthes said.”

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  1. There have got to be millions of people out there who understand Bill Gates needs to have his ass kicked.

    Notice he isn't simply walking back some of the earlier B.S. we all saw as B.S. at the time. (As C.J. Hopkins notes.) He is displaying very poor coherence. One thought really doesn't follow from the other.

    The IFR was lower than thought (BS, you *hole), but the problem with the world's response was too much travel with too little testing? Bill is both caught up in his lies AND a very, very mediocre intellect. He's smug, too. He is a spoiled brat who coasted through life on all levels, including in the give and take of intellectual (or whatever kind) discussion.

    You know, if worse comes to worse, there is no punishment commensurate to the crimes of this man. Hitler was a little man, too. He committed suicide in a bunker, and so what? Mussolini was strung up by his thumbs and beaten to death, and so what?

    It is really true Bill Gates thought it was a good idea for everyone in the entire world to do a head stand because he said so.

    1. Bill Gates' punishment for arrogance and presumption is a general recognition of his intellectual insignificance and repellent personality. He is someone who once happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right connections, a modest competence at writing computer code, and a relentless drive to exploit his moment of advantage by creating what is now a now fast disintegrating monopoly over PC software.

    2. He's making a confession of terrible incompetence here. I knew the IFR was low. I knew because I read the basic scientific literature out at the time. There was one article in Science (the AAAS journal) I quoted over and over anywhere I could. The infectivity was high; the IFR was low. There was a certain reasonable fear even with a low IFR but very high numbers of people infected, we were in for a rough time. Okay. But it didn't pencil out the way these morons penciled it out thinking BOTH IFR and infectivity were sky high.

      I was never punished or maligned for saying what I was saying, (as many did-- as C.J. Hopkins was and rightfully points out the significance of Bill saying what he had been punished for) but I was definitely ignored.

      This is a bit off the subject, but it is not hearsay or rumor Melinda Gates divorced Bill due to his associating with Jeffrey Epstein. She is on record about that. It probably isn't just Bill "associating" with Epstein causing Melinda to object. She's probably repulsed by having been the wife of a grade A creep. We're likely not going to know. I wonder how many other than Epstein have had to die to keep all that under wraps.

  2. It is also of great interest how Gates (probably via his father, a high-powered attorney) was able to get the American legal system to rewrite intellectual property law to accommodate and coddle the software industry. (Which wasn't even an industry until Gates made it one-- largely through this legal finagling.) "Software Industry" -- not really. It is almost as if the legal system directly and intentionally coddled Mr. Bill Gates himself, personally. I'm not kidding or exaggerating.

    Bill abused the powers they gave him, and it is also absolutely remarkable he escaped punishment. Companies writing applications had to write them to work with MSDOS. However, the dirt bags at Microsoft wrote into MSDOS hidden code which prevented the competition's application software from functioning as smoothly as Microsoft's. (To put it briefly, Microsoft planted anti-competition viruses into DOS.) When this became known, would have made sense to split Microsoft into two companies-- one for applications and the other for operating systems. Bill already had a fortune of around six billion-- whatever his contribution to society surely that was reward enough...He wouldn't have been, in my opinion, all that hampered by the split, either.

    It is "conspiracy-ish" of me, but something about all the favoritism surrounding Bill seems fishy.

  3. In terms of punishment-- you are much more honorable gentleman than I am. But I ask you to consider this: we're continuing to contemplate vaccinating children and perhaps even infants under the age of five.

    There's hesitation right now within the FDA. If I was in the FDA, I would be hesitating too. It could be a crime against humanity to vaccinate this age group. And it will be perceived as such. It will be punished as such.

    Bill could put a kibosh on it right now, I think. (He really does speak as if he was The General in charge. He probably was.) He could at least advise caution. I believe it is all about the money and control for him, and I would be surprised if he isn't pushing this forward, heedless and irresponsible as it may well turn out to be.