Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How the people of Ukraine deal with a criminal and incompetent leadership

According to RT, dozens of Ukrainian troops sent by the Kyiv Neo-Nazi junta to "destroy" the "terrorists" in Eastern Ukraine have surrendered their armoured vehicles and withdraw from Slavyansk.
Reports from Slavyansk say that the army troops sent to the eastern Ukrainian city for an “anti-terrorist operation” are leaving en masse. Some troops are openly voicing support for the eastern Ukrainians, while others are speaking out against a war.

According to Interfax, citing local self-defense activists, some 300 Ukrainian troops agreed to lay down their weapons and “go home” following negotiations in Slavyansk.
The common people of Ukraine thus demonstrate their superiority in intelligence and morality to that of both their US-backed Nazi leaders and the the leadership of the rest of Europe, which has failed to make the slightest constructive contribution to a solution to the Ukraine crisis created by criminal US interference in the internal affairs of the sovereign independent state of Ukraine.

RT: EU spy chief rules out Russian military presence in Ukraine
FT via Mike Shedlock: Ukraine Rebel PM, Arseney Yatsenyuk, Reports Move to Grant Greater Regional Autonomy, as Ukraine Army Units Defect to Separatists
Better hurry Arse, or the separatists will have achieved independence without aid of Kyiv's Neo-Nazties
RIA Novosti: Sanctions on Russia Would Devastate Businesses – French-Russian Commerce Group
That's what's cool about sanctions. It hits both Russia and the EU, while leaving the United States of Aggression untouched and free to gloat.
RIA Novosti: US, EU Irresponsible Policies May Unleash Civil War in Ukraine — Professor Salim Lamrani
May unleash civil war. So what? We just wanna smash those Commie Russian bastards and if we have to kill every Ukrainium first, so what? SpokesPerson for the President of the Unhinged Sociopaths of America
RIA Novosti: Ukrainian Official Claims Armored Vehicle Desertions Were Guerrilla Tactic
StrataRisks: NATO Bolsters Defenses With Air, Sea Patrols on Russia’s borders
Reuters: Pro-Russia separatists take armor, humiliating Ukraine forces
The way Reuters spins this, the Ukrainian forces were gutless wimps and the separatists humiliated them. In fact, the incident demonstrates the triumph of humanity over the murderous intentions of a sociopathic American Empire intent on seizing control of a sovereign state by means of a violent Nazi-backed coup.

Clearly the bastards in Kyiv banging on about destroying autonomy seeking Russians and Russian-speakers do not represent the will of the Ukrainian people: Vivre L'Ukraine. Out with the Nazi usurpers.
The Gurudian: Ukraine crisis: Nato to bolster forces in eastern Europe United Sociopaths of America endorses civil war in Ukraine
Global Research: US-Backed Crackdown Threatens Civil War in Ukraine
Global Research: Ukraine: Lies and Realities – “We Can See the Wide Net of US Agents Operating in Many Key Organizations”
Jim Dean: Does the CIA plan a Syrian style terror war in Ukraine?
Zero Hedge: Tanks Flying Russian Flag Enter East Ukraine City
RT: 'US miscalculated will of Ukrainian people'
VOR: Villagers stop armored column of Ukrainian troops near Lugansk
Mike Whitney: Is Putin Being Lured Into a Trap?
RT: Anti-govt protesters seize Ukrainian APCs, army units 'switch sides' (VIDEO)
RT: Kiev military op in eastern Ukraine LIVE UPDATES

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