Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Trump Terrorizes the Cucks Promoting Mass Muslim and Hispanic Immigration

Rolling Stone magazine (Prop. Bill Gates) finds terrifying a new poll from North Carolina that "underscores the popular appeal of Trump's anti-Islamic bigotry among rank-and-file Republican voters."

In particular, what the cucks at Rolling Stone find alarming is the widespread public support for the perpetuation of the United States as a democratic sovereign nation state with effective borders and enforced immigration laws. That's what Rolling Stone calls "bigotry."

By smearing the majority of Trump supporters, and probably most Americans, as bigots, racists and Islamophobes, Rolling Stone aims to serve the interests of the billionaire media owners who for some reason wish to swamp the West with a seething mass of settler immigrants from Africa and the Middle-East intent not on assimilation to Western values, but on imposing an Islamic tyranny.

And more of the same anti-American rhetoric from Fox News (Poop Murdoch, Prop.): Trump ‘Representing the Worst, Darkest Part of All That Is America’

In what is surely an unintentionally revealing article in Britain's wishy-washy, Lib-Left, tiny-circulation newspaper, the Independent, a headline asserts: "The rise of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen shows Ukip has failed in Britain." What they actually mean is: Thank God Britain's only party apparently opposed  to the racial and cultural genocide of the Brits by mass immigration has failed. 

And we say, "apparently opposed" because there seems good reason to believe that, in this year's national election, UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, threw his supporters under the bus, just as did Nick Griffin of the now moribund British National Party during the 2011 national election. Perhaps that will prove to be Trump's role too, although it remains to be seen. 

Meantime, over at Time magazine (the CIA house organ), Angela Merkel has been declared a saint for cucking the Germans with over a million mostly strong, young, Islamic, male draft dodgers with a high propensity to rape, raise the flag of ISIS and demand a European caliphate.

And Now for Some Music: The Trump Campaign Theme Song?


Ilana Mercer: No Wonder the Pols Think Businessman Trump’s Crazy; He Understands Scarcity

Daily Mail: France's Jewish leaders call for a 'civic uprising' against French people who vote against Muslim invasion and subjugation

Meantime in America:

Zero hedge: Mark Zuckerberg welcomes Muslims to America

Breitbart:Poll: 65 Percent Of GOP Likely Primary Voters Support Trump’s Plan To Block Islam

Daily Mail: London police confirm Trump's claim: "we are at war" (with Islam)"

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Breitbart: Why Trump’s Winning: 9 Facts About Islam The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know

YouGov: Almost one third of Americans could support military coup against the Peace Prize Winner

David Swanson: Trump Didn't Vote to Kill 1 Million Muslims in Iraq, Hillary Did


  1. There seems little doubt to me that Trump is in the same mould as Griffin and Farage. It's how the game works and sadly all too well.

    1. You may be right, but I'm forever a naive optimist. And remember, unlike Griffin and Farage, Trump's funding his own campaign — he says!

      More seriously, could Trump not represent a regime-change operation originating in the deep state? I mean, how well has the NeoCon campaign for global empire gone? Most Americans poorer today than a generation ago and generally pissed off with tens of millions of 20 and 30 something "kids" still at home without a proper job; American manufacturing mostly gone off-shore; the F35 a trillion dollar boondoggle that hardly flies; American universities turned Commie PC brainwashing academies. So could not some of the smarter guys in the intelligence services and military be thinking it's time for a different approach?

  2. I can't see it myself I'm afraid. Trump looks like text book controlled opposition to me. The NeoCon agenda in America is just part of the wider 'New World Order' (for want of a better term). If was never a solely NeoCon campaign for global empire. The empire itself requires the destruction of America as we know it. From my perspective all appears to be going to plan.

    Trump is a blind alley for all those who are aware that something's badly wrong. At least in terms of immigration which is just one of the ways America and the west in general, are being slowly destroyed.

    1. You could be right.

      When I think of Trump saving us from the NWO, I think of him standing near ground zero on 9/11 being interviewed by a German TV reporter and giving what turned out to be the official story on the fall of the towers: "...the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building, and sixteen hundred degrees temperature, I guess that's more than anything could take." Wow, he even knew the exact temperature of the fires.

      Then there's the Paris attacks last month and the San Bernadino, CA mass shooting the other day that feed so well into the Trump campaign. Both have been called false flag attacks. Here's Rush Limbaugh on San Bernadino, and the astute James Corbett on Paris.

      Then there's that Hitler salute while addressing Jewish campaign donors of all people. Weird.

  3. Thing is though, Trump's attacks on political correctness have so damaged this instrument of liberal-left control that it will never be the same again. Moreover, Trump's campaign has demonstrated very clearly that his views on border control are not those of some tiny clu-clux, far-right wing, extremist group but the view of most ordinary Americans, Democrat as well as Republican. Thus it is difficult to write Trump off as some kind of controlled opposition or as a stalking horse for Hillary (JEB's conspiracy theory). So whoever Trump is for, it is pretty certainly not the existing establishment, left or right. More likely, it seems, Trump is simply for Trump, and he really does intend to be President of these United States.

    1. Surely the way Trump expresses himself serves only to provide ammunition for the 'left'. He polarises and divides and allows the likes of Clinton to posture with righteous indignation.

      Controlled opposition always says and does much that is right and true but often in an unsympathetic way. The character themselves is also unattractive and unappealing to many. Trump certainly fits the bill.

      He or she will likely self implode at the optimum time. Or fail to deliver. America is in big trouble if its great hope is Trump.

    2. That's the JEB Bush conspiracy theory!, which certainly has plausibility.

  4. But it is a mistake to view the reaction to Trump's demand for an end to Muslim entry to the US in the light of the seemingly insane reaction in Britain.

    Britain has, proportionately, five times America's Muslim population and that population is well entrenched in the power structure. Moreover, although Trump has made an issue of political correctness in America, the Brits have been subjected to far heavier PC brainwashing than Americans, who can still say pretty much what they like whatever the Hell anyone else thinks, which is not true of people in Europe, where free speech on many matters is actually outlawed.

    One should also not judge Trump's likability by British or European standards. He speaks how most ordinary Americans speak. At least, that's how he speaks when he's speaking to ordinary Americans, something no other contender for the Presidency can do, and it makes him very popular with many ordinary folk, especially when he promises to reverse the offshoring of jobs and stem the tide of illegal immigrants who work in the black economy at below minimum wage and without paying taxes, thereby stealing jobs from American citizens.

    Here's a comment by Colin Liddell on the Genuinely wide support for Trump in America:

    "Think about it: 130 soft targets butchered in France, 14 equally soft targets slaughtered in California, on-going threats and attacks almost everywhere – all by people identifying as Muslim jihadists – and ISIS clogging up the internet with their snuff videos, and someone says, "Hey, maybe we should clamp down on things a bit till, y'know, we know what’s going on, like..." In its essence this sounds rather mild and twee. The proof that it is, is that even Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from coming to America during the Hostage Crisis.

    This shows that Trump has skillfully triggered his enemies to attack him on strong ground, and the more they attack him there, the more they fail, and the more they fail, the more they burnish his legend and shine a light on the Trump supremacy."

    1. Thanks for the Colin Liddell link, most interesting.

      My only (very modest) disagreement your comments about ordinary Americans probably stems from me being an old fogey who went round this block supporting Ross Perot near a quarter-century ago.

      A few of the similarities make me suspicious (OK, geezers are prone to crabbiness). Both self-funded, found the "outsider" niche that American voters have often been suckers for, and the immigration and the globalizing issues, smaller then bust still lethal, were the same.

      What's not the same is more Americans are now marginal themselves. The law says they can pretty much speek their minds, but homeless people, retired civil engineers with pension issues, and so on, just won't be listened to. Or cannot afford to lose what little they might have left. People do not realize how offshoring plastered the little cohesive communities of only a generation ago.

      Do I suspect Trump a plant now, or Perot then? Not at all. But there is no free media in the US, anymore than the rest of the Euro-derived world. The waters must be tested somehow. Fifty years ago unions, most large churches and so on had their own newspapers and issues had to be discussed slowly, because they were being digested slowly by many little platoons of real people.

      Not so now, for multiple reasons. Using Trump to see how much government and PC freaks are hated, how far they can use any blunder he makes to discredit his issues, that's where it seems to be headed.

      I can almost see 2016 already, that's what's bugging the Old Ross club. Under pressure he fumbled, and they've got nearly eleven months to get Donald to do the same.

    2. yeah, I remember Perot too. As I recall, he said he quit because they threatened to kill his daughter. and Trump is surely vulnerable to such pressure, beside the other factors you mention.

      It seems possible, though, that Trump is better connected than was Perot with sections of the military, the intelligence agencies, the Mafia — the deep state, in other words.

      What's more, the Republican establishment may be more open to the idea of a Trump presidency than many assume.

      History may be about to repeat, but times are very different now from 1992. Then the US was the undisputed pre-eminent, and indeed only, great power. The way forward was clear, the Project for the New American Century, forshadowed by George H.W.'s New World Order speech.

      But now things are not so clear. Russia has updated her nukes, her air force and ground forces. She remains fully capable of reducing the US to radioactive ash and of defeating a NATO assault. Meantime, America's trillion-dollar F35 hardly flies; the navy's fleet of aircraft carriers could go to the bottom in a day in the event of WWIII; hardly anyone believes the American media talking heads and editorial writers anymore; the Internet continually exposes Western elites as liars, psychopaths and incompetents.

      Some of the establishment must surely, then, be thinking of turning back, and preserving the US as a rich, more or less culturally united, powerfully defended, sovereign state, rather than the destroyer of nations, itself a chaotic extension of the Third World.

    3. You nailed it here:

      "Some of the establishment must surely, then..."

      Right. Some of the "security agencies" have taken a hard look at what they've been "protecting" and they're beginning to see how inept and dishonest the Economic Damage Reports have been for years. In lots of old industrial communities, the cops are the only people taking home old-time middle class wages. The industries went to China and Mexico.

      If any of them are staring into the abyss and realizine who comes next, Trump may help push them in the right direction. Deep or shallow, the state needs a real country, after all.