Saturday, April 20, 2024

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Americans Are Being Forced to Fund the Destruction of Ukraine

 The Gateway Pundit, April 20, 2024: Today in Congress, the most important thing that this body thinks should be done is to send another $61 billion to a war in Ukraine that the American people by 70% do not support. 

Mind you, this comes on the very heels of Monday being April 15th, Tax Day, where every single American had to scrounge up their money and send their dollars in to the IRS, or some of them had to file extensions because they weren’t ready and didn’t have the money to pay their taxes. 

But today this body says the most important thing we can do, no, is not reduce spending. That’s not it. 

Not to do anything to drive down inflation. Oh, no, we can’t do that for the American people.

It’s not to secure our own border that is invaded every single day, every single day by people from over 160 different countries. No, don’t secure the American border. Let everyone in. 

We don’t know who these people are. And yet you have members of this body Talking big and tough about, Oh, we have to defeat Russia.

Oh, we have to protect Ukraine. But yet all of you are unwilling to protect the American citizens that pay your paycheck, pay the light bills in this building, and pay for this entire federal government. For what? For nothing.

Ukraine is not even a member of NATO. 

Ukraine is not a member of NATO. But the most important thing you hear in Washington, DC, is, ‘Oh, we have to send Americans hard-earned tax dollars over to Ukraine and keep the money going to continue to murder Ukrainians, wipe out an entire generation of Ukrainian men so that they are widows, they are fatherless orphans, there are not enough men to work in their industries.’ 

Oh, but you really support Ukraine. Wow, what support is that? 

It’s repulsive. You know, shame on the American government. Shame on the American government. If we support our military, support our military. We should be funded to build up our weapons and ammunition, not to send it over to foreign countries to kill foreign peoples. 

If this body was what it claims to be, every single one of us would be demanding peace in Ukraine between these countries, peace for these people so that no more of them have to die.

But you never hear anybody demanding peace. 

No, no, no, no. Peace is the last thing Washington wants because it doesn’t fit the business model. 

This is a business model that they say continues our economy protects American jobs. 

What a disgusting business model. 

We should have a business model that builds up our American companies and American jobs to serve American interests and our military and our government should care about protecting the national security of the United States of America and the Americans that pay their hard-earned tax dollars to fund all of this. 

America last. America last. That’s all this is. Every single day, America last.

Biden: I Promise, Wherever I Go, Even the Kids Give Me the Finger

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Canada: A Pitiful Helpless Giant

Why is there a housing shortage in Canada?

Two reasons.

One, Justin Trudeau and the braindead lickspittle Liberal caucus* who have invited the Third World to Canada en masse*. 

The other,  our feeble-minded Provincial politicians, particularly in British Columbia and Ontario who, though having, in the name of the Crown, ownership of 90% or more of the land, have failed to provide an abundance of cheap land for new housing.  

What is the solution?

There are two basic options. 

One is to promote further subdivision of existing urban land, an idea that at least in theory, the Government of British Columbia embraces. 

The other is to open up for urban development rural land adjacent to the major population centers. And that does not necesssarily mean urban sprawl. New, high density, centers for development connected to a major urban center by rapid transit would provide new lower cost housing with convenient access to downtown. Victoria, for example, the capital of British Columbia, rather bizarrely located on an offshore island, has three redundant railway rights of way extending from the city center. One running the length of the Saanich peninsula, another extending along the West coast as far as the village of Sooke, the third travelling up-Island, as we Islanders say, all the way to Campbell River. 

So what does the Province do with the wonderful opportunities that exist for Island development. Nothing, nada, nix, which is all one can expect from the dunderheads who we, unaccountably, elect to rule us. 


** In 2024, Canada will target the admission of 485,000 new immigrants. In 2025 and 2026, Canada aims to accept a total of one million new immigrants.

Google AI Helping Israel to Identify Palestinians for Arrest "With Little or No Evidence"

Google’s unofficial motto, “don’t be evil,” was removed from Google documents sometime in late April or early May, 2018. Consistent with the change, a group of Google employees recently claimed that the company is providing Israel with AI-based information “to identify thousands of Palestinians for arrest, imprisonment, and torture with little to no evidence.” This, the group claims, amounts to enabling an Israeli policy of Palestinian genocide.

Further this group of Google employees has stated:
It’s clear that the Israeli military will use any technology available to them for genocidal means." At issue: Google's Project Nimbus -- a $1.2 billion cloud and AI contract with Israel -- and the Israeli Defense Forces' use of Google Photos in Gaza, "which has led to the arrest, imprisonment, and torture of thousands of Palestinians with little to no evidence," the group said. "It’s clear that the Israeli military will use any technology available to them for genocidal means."

Google is enabling and profiting from Israel’s AI-powered genocide through Project Nimbus, their $1B cloud contract with Israel. The Israeli military is also using Google Photos as part of a facial recognition dragnet across Gaza, which has led to the arrest, imprisonment, and torture of thousands of Palestinians with little to no evidence. It’s clear that the Israeli military will use any technology available to them for genocidal means.
Google workers do not want their labor to power Israel’s genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. **That’s why on April 16, Google workers with No Tech For Apartheid are leading a coast-to-coast day of action to demand that Google stop doing business with Israel and providing tech to this genocide.
And Google's response? To fire 28 of the protesting employees.

BRAVO! -- to the fired employees.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

The Unimportance of Justin Trudeau

 Many Canadians find Justin Trudeau not only an annoyance and an embarrassment but see him as a worrying threat to a free society. And it is indeed true that he is foolish, arrogant, of a tyrannical disposition, and in addition, extravagant in the use of government aircraft for family vacations. For those reasons, however, he is not much to be feared, for although Trudeau presumes to govern and aspires to dictate, his influence over the direction of government is, in fact, slight to negligible. 

How can that be? 

Very simply. Government policy is not a matter of Prime Ministerial dictate. Policy is manifest in the form of laws enacted by Parliament. Laws must be drafted, and the drafting must be undertaken with due respect for facts, realistic expectations about the reaction of both members of  Parliament, who must approve the bill, and the public who must abide by it, and practical matters such as cost and feasibility. For Justin Trudeau, this is clearly beyond his mental depth and capacity for intellectual effort, as would be true of almost any Prime Minister. 

How then does government in Canada proceed? In a manner that is probably as close as one can expect to a democratic way. In the first place issues emerge via the news media giving rise to public reaction and debate. The consensus, so far as one is reached, is noted by members of Parliament who must respect the feelings of their constituents in order to keep their seats. As a consequence of gossip, media coverage, opinion surveys, and the need of the governing party to be seem to be doing something useful, agreement will emerge on desirable legislation. Such legislation is then drafted by highly qualified and experienced civil servants with an understanding of the limits of effective government and the necessity of covering every conceivable angle relating to the effectivenes of government legislation. 

Thus is Canada governed. Not according to the dictates of Justin Trudeau, who is merely a figurehead, and a slightly embarrassing one at that, but by qualified experts you've never heard of whose job it is to write the rules that Canadians generally agree are necessary for the sake of peace, order and good government.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Colonel Douglas MacGregor: Ukraine Has Lost the War

Bravo J.K. Rowling

 Daily Mail: JK Rowling's defiant trans tweets are NOT criminal: Police refuse to arrest author amid furious backlash at new SNP 'hate crime' laws - as she says she 'hopes every woman who wants to speak up for importance of biological sex will be reassured'

Friday, March 29, 2024

America's Lying, Shyster Elite

Epoch Times, March 28, 2024: ... In an interview with The Daily Signal podcast host Rob Bluey last week, national pollster Scott Rasmussen described what he called “the most terrifying poll result I’ve ever seen.” A recent Rasmussen poll asked Americans “to suppose there was an election and it was close but your candidate lost. And if their campaign team knew they could win by cheating and not get caught, would you want them to do so?” 
According to Rasmussen, only 7 percent of American voters overall said they’d rather cheat to win. But among the group that he calls “the elite,” that number jumped to 35 percent. Among the “politically obsessed elite” (those who “talk politics daily”), it was a staggering 69 percent!

So who are these “elite”?

Rasmussen explains that they are the top 1 percent of the population. They make more than $150,000 a year. They live in densely populated urban areas. They have not only college but postgraduate degrees. And large numbers of them “went to one of 12 elite schools.”

Read more

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Boeing CEO and Board Chair Step Down Years Too Late

Four years ago, under the heading Boeing's Deadly Penny Pinching Stupidity, we wrote:

... Boeing corporation has only one aeronautical engineer on its board of directors, Dennis Muilenburg, who serves as President, Chairman, and Chief Operating Officer. With the exception of a couple of book-keepers, other board members appears to be of little more than decorative value, vanity board members, including such engineering notables as Caroline Kennedy, daughter of JFK, and just-appointed Nikki Haley, former US Ambassador to the UN. ...

But, as we wrote later the same year:

... apparently Boeing's directors judged that one aeronautical engineer on the Board was one too many, so today they fired Engineer and CEO Muilenburg and announced that they will replace him with David Calhoun, an accountant currently the global head of private equity portfolio operations at Blackstone.

In January, Boeing will appoint Lawrence Kellner, a real estate developer, as Board Chairman.

Boeing Corp, RIP.

Now, after two Boeing aircraft crashes due to poorly written software and one near disaster due to the mid-flight blowout of an improperly installed door panel,  both accountant CEO Calhoun and real-estate developer Board Chairman Kellner are to step down in what has been described as "a broad management shake-up as the 737 Max crisis weighs on aerospace giant."

So will they hire folks with aeronautical engineering expertise to replace them? Just wonderin'.

Monday, March 25, 2024

Canada: A Nation of Lemmings, Rushing to the Cliff Edge

An organization called The World Happiness Report has determined that, overall, Canada is a relatively happy place, ranking No. 15 out of 140 nations. 

How exactly do they know?

Easy. They asked people the "Cantril ladder life-evaluation question." 


Specifically, they asked a representative sample of around 1000 people in each country in each of three years the following question:
"Think of a ladder, with the best possible life for you being a 10 and the worst possible life being a 0. Now rate your own current lives on that 0 to 10 scale." 
On that basis, Canada ranked Nunber 15 out of 140 countries -- not bad  for a cold and mostly uninhabitable land headed by Justin Trudeau. 

Not so good is that, contrary to what one might expect, Canadian youth is a lot less happy that elderly Canadians. 

Based on the "happiness" of those over the age of 60, Canada ranked No. 8 among nations, but among those under 30, Canada's ranking fell 50 spots to No. 58 -- behind not only obviously nice places like Denmark, New Zealand (despite that woman), Switzerland, and war-torn Israel, but even behind such places as Nicaragua, Honduras, Bosnia, and Bulgaria. 

As a member of the "every morning when I wake up I know I'm a winner" class, I say with the authority of experience, that old age is no picnic.

So what, then, ails our Canadian youth? 

Easy to see. 

They are right royally screwed by Canada's criminally incompetant, or merely criminal economic and population policies. 

The results of said mismanagement?

Sky high real estate prices, an interest rate rocketing from 0.25% in 2022 to 4.5% now, and possibly headed higher as the bank of Canada seeks to throttle the Trudeau-massive-debt-based-spending-binge-induced inflation. 

Why do those economic stats matter to Canadians under 30?

Because those under 30's are the folks -- and the're not kids, seeking to form a household and raise a family. And here's how ordure-smeared the prospect is compared with the experience of these youngsters' happy elders. 

Today, the average Canadian home price is around $792,200, while median family income  is under $100,000, so the ratio of house price to young family income must be at least eight to one, and must, in fact, be much higher since incomes mostly rise with age. 

How does that compare with the conditions faced by today's happy oldsters at the time that most of them  bought a home? 

Well I won't lay out a lot of boring stats, but here in Victoria, BC, perhaps the nicest place to live anywhere in Canada, and in the suburb of Oak Bay, undoubtedly the most upscale neighborhood in Victoria, we purchased a modest home on a double-sized lot for $68,000 (lot value around $8,000). That was in 1974 when our joint, not-much-above-average, family income was $40,000: so a house price to family income of just 1.7. Today, 50 years later, that house is valued at just under two million with a ot value of about $1.6 million, or about 200 times what we paid for it. 

Now do you see why old folks are cheerful and the young are, um, well I don't use vulgar language here, but you see what I'm getting at. We bought a house, for what was, by today's standards, even after accounting for inflation, peanuts and for which we paid in cash from the savings from our modest earnings. But when we're dead, that house will likely go for millions to some hyper-mortgaged young couple. 

So, yeah, we oldsters are laughing and you youngsters are either weeping or just mad as Hell. 

Oh, and to toughen the struggle, the Trudeau genius administration has opened the floodgates to immigration, which is to reach a record 484,000 this year, rising to half a million next year. Thats 142,097 more than the number of Canadian births in 2023. And it's an influx of mostly young adults who will compete with Canada's young families not only for homes, but for jobs too. 

No wonder the Canadian fertility rate is in free-fall, reaching 1.1 in 2023, when the mere replacement rate would be 2.1. For most young Canadian adults, no family home means no family. Thus, under the present administration, Canada is a country bent on self-genocide. We are replacing ourselves with people from elsewhere. For the most part good people, no doubt. BUT THEY'RE NOT CANADIANS.

Not Canadians yet, that is. But they soon will be, and not only Canadians but the  majority and ultimately the replacement for the historic Canadian nation. 

Saturday, March 23, 2024

How Western Nations Are Committing Suicide: Part 1, Britain

The Telegraph

Allison Pearson

Anyone who has ridden the rapids of misfortune will attest that loyalty is a marvellous quality in a friend but, as Mark Twain observed, “loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul”. Nor rescued a political party from extinction, we might add.

Despite yesterday’s poll, which put the Conservatives on a parlous 19 per cent and Reform on a fast-closing 15, despite a death-rattle net approval rating of minus 48 (lower than Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn when they resigned), Rishi Sunak survives as Prime Minister. That is largely due to the misplaced loyalty of his colleagues, but also because, as one Tory MP said, the idea of a leadership challenge at this stage is “utterly bonkers”.

It really isn’t, you know. What is bonkers, truly, madly deeply delusional, in fact, is sticking with a course so calamitous, so certain to end in ruin, that it could spell the demise of a political party which celebrates its 190th birthday this year. I am not exaggerating. Cabinet ministers with majorities of 18,000-plus are facing their own Portillo Moment (a metaphor coined after the 1997 general election humiliation of then Cabinet star Michael Portillo.)

Autumn Annihilation? Present polling suggests the losses of the Charge of the Light Brigade – 113 killed, 134 wounded – were a mere scratch compared to what lies in wait electorally for the Conservative parliamentary party.

So, what?, I hear you cry. It’s no more than the b------s deserve. Spitting in the face of their base with 745,000 legal net migration in a single year, outbidding normal families for scarce rental properties to get thousands of asylum seekers out of hotels (and hide them away) so Rishi can claim to have kept his “promise” before the general election. And they seriously think people who voted Tory in 2019 – clue: immigration is our Number 1 concern – are going to make that mistake again?

Normally, I would agree. The sense of betrayal runs very deep, the desire to teach the Tories a lesson they won’t forget is almost overwhelming. A bunch of Lib Dem cuckoos has taken over the nest built from our votes, our efforts. How dare they, those simpering Alicias and Carolines with their “Let them buy heat pumps!” condescension and ridiculous pronouns. So, you may not like it when I say that acting quickly now to install a true Conservative as leader of the Conservatives is well worth the gamble, but please hear me out.

Do we really want 10 years of Labour supercharging Woke in our institutions, brainwashing schoolchildren to despise their country and feel guilty about its remarkable history, abolishing patriotic feeling (Bye bye Rule Britannia at the Proms, so long Union Jack!), banning parents from talking their own children out of mutilating their young bodies, giving comfort to Islamists and far Leftists who wish to destroy our way of life, repatriating Shamima Begum (Sham’s human rights being more important than ours, of course), pursuing a “safe routes”, all-barbarians-welcome immigration policy, expanding the WFH quango class and suffocating the spirit of free enterprise. Purse-lipped cultural revolutionaries making that British pastime “having a laugh” illegal (just you wait). To cap it all, legislating away free speech to the point where even discussing any of the above is a hate crime.

Make no mistake, that is the very real danger if we, as many of the right-minded among us intend to do, either vote Reform UK or refuse to vote at all. Unfairly, Reform will end up with no seats and the Tories could hold so few that it will be the work of more than one term to get back into government. The Conservative Party may deserve that decade in the wilderness, but what about Britain? I am scared, quite frankly, hugely apprehensive. Afraid that our beloved country will be irretrievably lost under a moronocracy led by clod-hopping class warriors like Angela “Tory scum” Rayner.  

A courageous new conservative Conservative leader – a Kemi, Suella, Priti, Robert – committed to leaving the European Convention on Human Rights and taking back immediate control of our borders, who is elected straight after the certain bloodbath of the 2 May local elections, could do much to mitigate that awful fate, I think.

There is a precedent. In May 2019, Theresa May’s government suffered the worst Tory local election performance in 24 years (Sunak is about to seize that grim title). The Conservatives lost over 1,300 seats. Three weeks later, Mrs May announced her resignation. Boris Johnson became party leader on 23 July. Five months later, the new prime minister won an 80-seat majority with 43.6 per cent of the popular vote.

I am not suggesting a victory of that miraculous magnitude can be pulled off now. The rot has gone too deep. Whatever your personal frustrations, Labour does not deserve the landslide it will have pocketed by the end of the year if Conservatives don’t ditch Rishi.

Study the result of every recent by-election, and you detect no great enthusiasm for Sir Drear Starmer. Quite the contrary. Wellingborough saw the Left’s total go up from 13,737 in 2019 to 13,844. A mere 107 votes. It was disillusioned Conservative voters like thee and me who handed Labour the seat on a silver salver. The Tory vote plunged from 32,277 in 2019 to 7,408. With Reform hoovering up 3,919, only 11,327 Right-wing voters bothered to go to the polling station. Where were the missing Conservatives? At home, chucking darts at the Rishi Sunak dartboard.

As long as Sunak remains, wild horses on their bended knees could not persuade those voters to give the Tories another chance. Hang on, Allison, won’t a fourth change of leader in as many years make the Conservatives a national laughing stock?

It sure will. Better to be mocked than deceased, I say. Anyway, people soon move on and I bet they will relish a feisty woman knocking seven bells out of drippy Keir.

Conservatives have a reputation for ruthlessness. I say, let’s play to our strengths! A leadership contest could be swift. No need for a national beauty parade. MPs whittle candidates down to two. Then, party members need to choose between the finalists. With online voting, the whole thing could be over in under a fortnight. By the end of May, the Conservatives will have themselves a brand new leader who is actually prepared to honour their manifesto pledges and Rishi Sunak will have brought forward his private-jet flight to California by six months.

I’ve got a question for all those Conservative MPs still insisting that the hugely unpopular PM will lead them into the general election while denigrating “rebels” who plot to oust him. What good is it being loyal to “petrified opinion”? To whom should you really owe your loyalty? To a member of the billionaire class you know full well will abandon you as soon as he has lost his party hundreds of seats or to the British people who deserve a Right-of-centre leader to stick up for them and fight the Left for the soul of our nation? 

“Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death rode the six hundred.”

The Conservative Party is not obliged to re-enact the pointless slaughter of The Charge of the Light Brigade, which appears to be the current strategy. Try another Tennyson poem, my favourite: “Some work of noble note, may yet be done”.

Pick a Conservative leader who will restore the faith of at least some Conservatives and give them something to hope for. Faced with the alternative, it’s got to be worth a try. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Trudeau's Canada Approaching Melt-Down

 National Post:

Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are

Right from the get-go, the report authors warn that whatever Canada’s current situation, it 'will probably deteriorate further in the next five years'

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Article content

A secret RCMP report is warning the federal government that Canada may descend into civil unrest once citizens realize the hopelessness of their economic situation.

“The coming period of recession will … accelerate the decline in living standards that the younger generations have already witnessed compared to earlier generations,” reads the report, entitled Whole-of-Government Five-Year Trends for Canada.

Article content
Article content

“For example, many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live,” it adds.

The report, labelled secret, is intended as a piece of “special operational information” to be distributed only within the RCMP and among “decision-makers” in the federal government.

A heavily redacted version was made public as a result of an access to information request filed by Matt Malone, an assistant professor of law at British Columbia’s Thompson Rivers University, and an expert in government secrecy.

Describing itself in an introduction as a “scanning exercise,” the report is intended to highlight trends in both Canada and abroad “that could have a significant effect on the Canadian government and the RCMP.”

Right from the get-go, the report authors warn that whatever Canada’s current situation, it “will probably deteriorate further in the next five years.”

In addition to worsening living standards, the RCMP also warns of a future increasingly defined by unpredictable weather and seasonal catastrophes, such as wildfires and flooding. Most notably, report authors warn of Canada facing “increasing pressure to cede Arctic territory.”

Article content
Article content

Another major theme of the report is that Canadians are set to become increasingly disillusioned with their government, which authors mostly chalk up to “misinformation,” “conspiracy theories” and “paranoia.”

“Law enforcement should expect continuing social and political polarization fueled by misinformation campaigns and an increasing mistrust for all democratic institutions,” reads one of the report’s “overarching considerations.”


Uncovered: Macron, Trudeau, Ardern, and Boris Johnson among WEF Self-Hating White Globalist Traitors working in unison to implement The Great Reset!

Friday, March 15, 2024

Emotion Crime

To judge by the actions of the government he leads, Justin Trudeau is now entering the Kim Jong Un phase of megalomania, such that it will surely soon be illegal in Canada to speak of our Supreme Leader except in terms of the highest flattery acknowledging his divinity. In the meantime, driven apparently by a sense of unlimited power and authority, his government is now intent on the criminalization of emotion: specirfically, the emotion of hate. 

As for penalties, we're not talking a slap on the wrist. If this, let us not call it hateful legislation, so, um, insane legislation, the Online Harms Act, or Bill C-63, is enacted, the penalties for the willul promotion of hate will be two to five years imprisonment

So yes, under this legislation Canadians will live in fear. Think carefully before calling for "Death to Hamas," be aware that saying "fuck off" may be an imprisonable offense, and be sure that saying "Fuck Trudeau" surely is an imprisonable offense. And will it be illegal to speak hatefully of rats, rapists, warmongers or thieves? Will it be considered criminally hateful to say that Justin Trudeau is an insane dictator wannabee? A megalomaniac? An idiot?


Johnathan Turley: 
Oh Canada: Parliament Moves To Impose Potential Life Imprisonment For Speech Crimes

Monday, March 11, 2024

When Self-Defense Is Racist Hate Speech

A right-wing British activist (citizen) has just been handed a two-year prison sentence for “intending to stir up racial hatred.”  Source

His offense? Sharing stickers with anti-immigration mottos such as:

 “We will be a minority in our homeland by 2066,” 

Which is probably true if by "we" he means white British people.

“Mass immigration is white genocide. 

Which may be true, depending on the color and quantity of the immigrants.

“Intolerance is a virtue” 

Which depends on what it is of which one is intolerant. But tolerance of those who would destroy one's own nation looks like aiding an abetting in self-genocide. 


“White Lives Matter.”

Which, though subjective, likely seems a legitimate claim to most white people.