Sunday, October 2, 2022

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Escobar: The Whole Chessboard Is About To Be Radically Changed

Scott Ritter on What's Next for the Ukraine Crisis

Ritter anticipates Russian forces advancing to Ukraine's borders with NATO; the total elimination of the government of Ukraine and its adminstrative structures; and the purging of the ideaology of Stepan Bandera, Ukraine's WW2 Nazi leader whose racist ideology inspires Ukraine's genocidal policy toward ethnic Russians and Russian speakers.

With the recently announced mobilization of reserve forces, Russia has, so Ritter believes, adequate military capacity to achieve those objectives. But there can be nothing certain about this. What if NATO decides to grant Ukraine immediate membership? Further, what if  NATO then provides fellow Nato member, Ukraine, with tactical nuclear weapons to defend its territorial integrity? In that case, Ukraine would be in a position to adopt Russia's policy on the first use of nuclear weapons, i.e., in response to the invasion of its sovereign territory. 

Thus, it seems that the logic underlying Ritter's expectation as to how the war will develop is based on the assumption that NATO, aka the United States of Aggression, will not drive Ukraine to escalate the conflict in response to new Russian territorial gains. I see no reason to accept this assumption. Rather it seems likely that the US, realizing that its global hegemony is weakening, will pursue the destruction of Russia by any means, whatever the cost to the people of Ukraine. 

With Russia, defeated and broken up, NATO would then be free to advance its missiles to the borders of China, the country that will surely pose the greatest threat to US global dominance in the coming decades.

Address by the President of the Russian Federation, September 21, 2022

EU Pushes For More Sanctions on Russia Which Will Come Back To Bite It

US Intelligence Places Blame For Dariya Dugina's Assassination On Ukraine

Maine Children's Hospital Offers "Transition" Services To Children As Young As Nine
Did you ever wonder whether doctors aren't mostly psychopaths
The conflict isn’t only about Ukraine. He’s waging a global war on the U.S.-led order

"We Own The Science": UN Official Admits That They Partner With Google To Control Search Results

Musk Makes Peace Proposal: Ukraine, Germany etc. say "fuck off" Nazis always seek to impose their will by violence without regard for justice or reason

Craig Murray: Striding Towards Armageddon – Why Putin’s Annexations Are Wrong
Murray is surely correct in ridiculing the claim that 99% of the population of the annexed provinces voted for union with Russia. But Ukraine threatened severe penalties for those participating in the referenda. Therefore it is possible that of those who did vote, close to 99% were ethnic Russians or Russian speakers who did vote for annexation.

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