Sunday, September 11, 2022

From CanSpeccy, Good-bye

 Not much point in a blog with no one to read it. Until the day before yesterday, stats provided by Google's blogger indicated we have, in recent days, had a few hundred people visititng most days, with a peak of 2209 on the 6th of August this year, and a total of more than a million over the life of the blog. 

However, the day before yesterday, Google took CanSpeccy offline, allegedly because we had engaged in hate speach. However, no example of such speach was offered. We, therefore, appealed the decision and CanSpeccy was apparently made available again, at least to us, with again, no explanation offered. 

Now, however, virtually no one is visiting the Canspeccy blog. So obviously no point in posting any more. Furthermore, as I am now embarked on my eightieth year, it is perhaps as well to turn my mind to more serious matters than the idiotic comments of Justin Trudeau, or the more absurd contentions of university professors. So those who've visited from time to time in the past, all the best and thank you for stopping by.


The Kafka-esque Idiocy of Google's Brain-Dead Censorship


  1. Thanks for the blog.

    I haven't commented here in awhile, and rarely comment elsewhere.

    But I'm not sure if there is really much to say at this point. The West entered a very dark period a couple of years ago, and it will get darker, at least for awhile. I think we will start seeing a lot of blogs go dark.

    You are three decades older than me. I hope we both are able to see this period in history come to an end.

    1. That was "Ed". Its been awhile since I posted an forgot Google comments defaulted to anonymous.

    2. Ed, thank you for your comment. It is certainly a discouraging time for those who value freedom. However, there remain many who do value freedom, as Canada's truckers' convoy demonstrated.

      It is evident, however, from the Trudeau Government's brutal reaction to the Convoy -- Forcing Go-Fund-Me to return money donated in support of the convoy, blocking personal bank accounts, implementing the Emmergencies Act (formerly the War Measures Act) in response, and the harassment and prosecution of the Convoy organizers -- how truly our elites, including the owners and operators of many great corporations fear, hate and despise the common people. All of which means that pushing back on this globalist plutocratic elite will be some tough job. Tougher by far than forcing King John to sign Magna Carta: Instead it means putting a crimp on the entire Money power. How to do that, I don't know, although i suspect that the only hope is making the case that turning the human population into something like an ant colony where all but a handful -- eventually, perhaps, only one -- are slaves does not offer an attractive future for the descendants of today's elites.

    3. You'll be missed.

      People all over are reaching Frustration Overload. My little town, full of unemployment, got a bus full of "refugees" and it's driving us mad. They do what they want because they know we can't stop them.

      I do wish I knew when they won, but enough of that. Enjoy yourself, there are simpler pleasures anyway. We look forward to winter and the return of our squirrels, the ones we foolishly started feeding nuts to many years ago. With Biden in office the nuts might have to be used as fuel.

    4. Hey Franz, do you have fox squirrels? I could imagine feeding those in winter. But here we have Eastern Greys that behave like "refugees" who do as they like because we know they cannot stop them. The take bites out of the fruit on our plum and apple trees and drive away the native red squirrel, a shy and altogether more appealing creature.

    5. YES!

      Part of the reason the wife and I started was the oddest thing: My mother, gone 10 years now, was a Squirrel Whisperer.

      I took a picture of her at her bidding in 1957, while she let one of them take a walnut out of her hand. She talked to them in her "special garden" and they got friendly with her, it just evolved that they got closer till one day she grabbed her nut box and fed one of them. They took nuts out of her hand for some years before we moved.

      I didn't know it was unusual till years later, a rancher showing his missing fingers from a run-in with prairie dogs, about the same size as the squirrels in this case. I did not keep that picture. Damn.

      Mom left us at 94 and she was quite open about having outgrown THIS world. Every family has its oddities.

  2. You do have a very dedicated readership, CS. That's worth something.

    When I saw your blog had been removed, the shock was it happened without warning. It was abrupt.

    That's a sign of the contempt we are shown by our RULERS. If they weren't our RULERS, they would give warnings. They would state specifically what was wrong, and give time for correction or comment. There would be "due process". There would be courtesy and all due respect.

    We're all in favor of private enterprise, but facets of "private ownership" of public venues antithetical to exercise of free speech are popping up more and more frequently. We'd need functioning political institutions drawing on popular input, and genuine expertise from many sources, to preserve what we value in private ownership and enterprise without destroying the very notion and existence of public life. We're not going to have this any time soon.

    I'm happy, if you have decided to leave, you took this opportunity to say good bye. It means a lot.

    You will be missed and your work has been appreciated. Thank you again.

    You're also inspiring.

    If you are turning eighty, that means I may have another sixteen years of firing full throttle.

    1. I have enjoyed our conversation, your comments being more sober and sensible than my own. I have mixed feelings about quitting this blog. On the one hand, I have found it useful as a means to clarify my own thoughts: Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am," whereas I would say "I write, therefore I know what I think."
      On the other hand, I have no illusions as to the significance of what I've said here. Still, I did provoke Google's censorship. That's not nothing. The question is why? Calling Trudeau an "idiot" is surely not hate speech, but an accurate description of a national leader who proclaims climate policy a basis for defense against Russian invasion. But I will leave it to others, should they care to consider the matter, what it is that Google, an organization said to employ many former CIA staff, found cause for offense.

    2. "I have mixed feelings about quitting this blog."

      Maybe you can be talked out of it, then. How about a good long vacation from it? Recharge your batteries and perhaps resume later with a fresh perspective.

      People too focused on what's happening find themselves in a very dark place, emotionally. That's not good.

      Besides, you're right: your powers are wasted commenting on such as Justin Trudeau. Please take a time out and come back to fight the good fight again later.

    3. A vacation sounds good. Writing a blog post is really no big deal, but not even thinking of writing one provides a sense of relief, a feeling almost like a second retirement. Thus today, I am lolling back in my old office chair -- manufactured in Berlin, Ontario (before World War One, when Berlin, On, became Kitchener, On) -- enjoying a hazy view of the Olympic Mountains across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and watching the construction cranes and concrete pump trucks raising apartment buildings that will block my view of the mountains.

      But if you send me a note, sometime, at, I will be able to let you know should I stumble on the meaning of life.

  3. Trying this again as Ed.

    In March through May of 2020 it was very hard to find blogs and discussion forums that weren't promoting the narrative that this was a plague and we had to shut everything down and curb civil liberties. I wound up going to a lot of deep CT sites, UFO/ flat Earth type places, which were probably mostly controlled oppo, just to get hard information. Many sites that I thought were dissident sites also promoted the narratives. This was one of the few good ones.

    However, now I am seeing the decent internet sites just being shut down directly instead of comped. Jim Stone also noted this (the url is, its worth looking at as long as his site is still up, and he has fought off attempts to take it down before; check out Anonymous Conservative for the even harder stuff). So I am doing a lot of looking again at history, science, getting interested in games, non-controversial stuff and will be rebuilding my hardcover book library. I am surprised the internet hasn't been taken down completely, but it may be too necessary for commerce and bureaucracy for the time being.

    Anonymous Conservative has argued that the web traffic stats are fake, and the situation with Elon Musk seems to support that theory.

    Again, this blog has very literate and perceptive, and helped at least some of us.

    1. Again thanks.

      My own skepticismm about Covid arose naturally from the fact that everyone in our household had what seemed most likely to have been Covid very early in 2020, and we all survived.

      It was a flu-like disease wwith a fever, headache, cough, and several weeks of snot and phlegm, followed by six months of noticeable weakness. This in the year that, according to the Government of Canada there was no flu in Canada, so what else could it have been but Covid?

      In fact, for some months afterwards I did experience both physical and mental after effects, but they wore off. Meantime, the US Center for Disease Control reported that Covid mortality was little if any worse than that from flu except, perhaps, among those with certain predisposing conditions, including advanced age, obesity, etc. And even among those of us of relatively advanced age, mortality was not that high, maybe 20%, which would have been mainly among the overweight and unfit.

      All of which naturally led to the conclusion that Covid was being exploited, if it had not been deliberately created, to rationalize introduction of digital passes, etc. to achieve a Chinese-style social credit system. In Canada, at least, the attempt to do just that, seems yet to abandoned, as I am still unfree to travel without a Covid vax certificate.

  4. Speaking of blogger Web Stats, one should, it seems, not take then seriously. Not only have today's numbers jumped in the last hour or two from single digits to more than a hundred, but yesterday's rather modest total of, I think it was 22, has now be revised upwards, reaching thriple digits, albeit only just.

  5. Hope you go the vacation route.

    Over the years you've linked to stuff I would have missed otherwise. As I age I value thought-food more and junk food less. I had a terrible hot dog habit.

    There's a rough season coming all over the world, it seems. As much as I look forward to winter, this one comes with doses of fuel dread, food dread, and a lot of hungry migrant dread. May all the rumors be false...

    1. Yes, providing links is one of the most useful functions of the blogger.

      Here are a couple I thought interesting:

      1. Concering the corruption of the university;

      2. About Klaus Schwab who, it turns out, is just another old Nazi, formerly head of a company that used forced labour during WW2, and which worked on both Hitler's nuclear weapons program and, later, South Africa's.

      But if I get the urge to make links on a regular basis, I'll do it elsewhere. Maybe, on WordPress, although they probably exercise censorship pretty much the same way as Google.

      But right now, an endless vacation has much appeal.

  6. Thanks for your efforts at illuminating what's going on in the world at large and sharing your thoughts. I have visited every few days for quite a while now and I appreciate your work. It's important! Wishing you all the best. - A