Friday, July 8, 2022

The Georgia Guide Stones, Covid-19, and Original Antigenic Sin

I enter the above heading in the contest for the world's most obscure blog post title, a title that I will now attempt to explain. 

The Georgia Guide Stones, as any conspiracy theorist knows, were 19-foot-tall slabs of granite erected in a farm field in the US State of Georgia, inscribed with globalist directives including the injunction to eliminate nine tenths of the world's population, while selectively breeding the posterity of the remainder. These stones have now been taken down, the first with an explosive laid by an unknown hand, the rest with a backhoe presumably on orders from Georgia State authorities. 

In what way could Covid be related to the Georgia Guide Stones? Simply on the presumption that the virus is the intended mechanism for global depopulation. 

But how can that be, since the Covid mortality rate is so low? The answer could be what is known in the technical literature as original antigenic sin (OAS).

Original antigenic sin is the whimsical name for a particular feature of the action of the human immune system. What is it? The answer is fairly straight forward, but, as set forth below, the explanation has a number moving parts. 

On first infection by a pathogenic organism, the immune system develops proteins, known as antibodies, that bind to one or more constituents of the alien organism thereby inactivating it. The constituents of the pathogen in response to which antibodies are formed are known as antigens. Thus, for example, infection by the SARSCoV-2 virus, aka Covid-19, elicits the production of antibodies to various protein constituents of that particular virus. Best known among Covid-19 antigens is the infamous spike protein, which enables the virus to enter human cells, while damaging the affected tissues in the process. 

The antibodies that the immune system evolves in response to the presence of an antigen, bind to the antigen, thereby preventing it from serving its function, whether that be, in the case of a viral antigen, the invasion of the cells of the host organism or in the replication of the virus once cell entry has been achieved. 

Having created an antibody, a process that may take several weeks during which viral infection can proceed, the immune system retains cells, known as memory B-cells, that are capable of producing the same antibody on short notice in the event of a future infection. That is the essence of disease immunity, and is the phenomenon upon which the effectiveness of vaccination against infection depends. In vaccination, a pathogen-derived antigen, or a non-infectious form of the pathogenic organism, is injected to induce the production of pathogen-specific antibodies resulting in long-lived disease immunity. 

Original antigenic sin results when infection by a particular pathogen is succeeded by infection by a evolved version of the same pathogen in which the antibody-inducing antigen, for example the spike protein in the case of Covid-19, differs due to mutation from the immunity inducing antigen of the earlier infection or vaccination. What happens then is that the mutated antigen evokes rapid production of antibodies effective against the original antigen. This reaction is a sin if the mutation in the antigen of the newly infecting pathogen prevents effective binding by the antibodies to the original antigen, which are what the host organism is producing. In that case, the immune system kicks into high gear producing antibodies that don't work.

Here then is how OAS could be exploited to cut a huge swathe through the human population. 

First, let loose a virus such as Covid-19 that is both highly infectious and sufficiently scary to compel universal vaccination. 

Next, release a novel strain of the virus with mutations that massively increase virulence while modifying the antigen against which the vaccine-induced antibodies are effective (the spike protein in the case of Covid-19 mRNA vaccines) in such a way that it resists binding by the vaccine induced antibodies. 

The result? The immune system goes into overdrive producing ineffective antibodies, and people die by the billion. 

The above conspiracy theory is just that, a theory, without any supporting evidence that I am aware of. But it does demonstrate that we live in interesting, and dangerous, times. 


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  1. “Are you tired of COVID?
    I fucking am.
    But as a longtime science writer and the author of two books on pandemics, I have to report what you probably don’t want to hear. We have entered the grimmest phase of this pandemic.
    And contrary to what our politicians say, there is only one way to deal with a rapidly mutating virus that demonstrates the real power of exponential growth: Go hard. Act early. And go to zero.

    Last January, one strain of this novel virus began its assured global conquest, and since then our leaders have hardly learned a goddamn thing.
    So yes, I am angry, and I will not disguise my frustration with comfortable or polite language.”
    --Andrew Nikiforuk, of The Tyee, previously linked.

    I can't believe this was published. I could imagine a reporter writing "fuck" and "goddamn" in the draft submitted to an editor, but I can't imagine an editor signing off on it. Emotion has destroyed objectivity, credibility, and any pretense of professionalism.
    We can be emotional in our private lives-- I hope we are-- but in our professional lives, we must be adult.

    Nikiforuk thinks we should "go to zero". What does “go to zero” include?

    “Or they can choose to go to zero over the next four to six weeks. Going to zero is shorthand for a range of approaches that include sharper restrictions on travel, imposing strict lockdowns, marking green zones rendered free of the virus and protecting them, relentlessly testing and tracing — and in the process systematically driving transmission to zero.” --A.N., also from January 2021

    I just checked:

    Ro Wuhan: 2.79
    Ro delta variant: 5.08
    Ro Omicron variant: 7.0. (I have seen 12 quoted.)

    One person infected with omicron transmits the virus to seven others. This is virtually uncontainable.

    Was the delta variant containable, even if its Ro was "only" 5.08? In other words, even if Canada had, as Nikiforuk passionately advocated, "gone to zero" would it have worked?

    Nikiforuk believes the outcomes of countries who went for "zero" proves the effectiveness of strict lockdowns and so forth. I don't believe him,though.

    1. Sorry to have inflicted that aweful Tyee article on you. the author, Nikiforuk, was one reason I stopped reading Canada's "newspaper of record", the Globe and Mail. My distaste for the author accounts for the fact that I never read more than a couple of paragraphs. From your synopsis, it seems he wants the Chinese response to Covid in Canada. But could that even work? I see just one airline, China Airlines, has half a dozen flights from Los Angeles to China. Altogether, therefore, there must be many thousands of people every day flying to China from other countries. Yet they keep the number of Omicron cases down to single or double digits a day? Hard to believe.

  2. You know, for the first time I am truly frightened. Something really terrible is shaping up, and it is going to be impossible to control or avert.

    I don't know what the Chinese are getting out of this, but it's going to backfire on them, too.

    1. At least Boris Johnson -- surely a deep state plant and US puppet, has gone, which may embolden the EU states, which are suffering from their own stupid economic sanctions on Russia, to urge Ukraine to negotiate.

      Zelensky, of course, cannot rid Ukraine of the Nazis. If he tried the Nazis would rid Ukraine of Zelensky. However, Zelensky can hand over to the military, or more likely be relieved of his job by the military, who could deliver on a commitment to deNazify, which is a Russian condition for ending the war.

      So the likelihood of WW3 now seems to have been slightly reduced.