Tuesday, May 3, 2022

The Incurable Foolishness of Justin Trudeau and the Existential Threat He Poses for Canada

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has provoked outrage by asserting that Adolf Hitler had “Jewish origins.” The statement was made in an interview on Italian television when Lavrov was asked how  Ukraine could have a pro-Nazi government when the Ukrainian President, Zelensky, is a Jew.

Lavrov's statement prompted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to denounce the Russian Foreign Minister’s comments. They are, he told reporters during a media availability in Windsor, Ontario “ridiculous and unacceptable.”

In fact, Lavrov acknowledged that concerning his claim about Hitler's ancestry, "I may be wrong." 

But his point remains: Being a Jew is no bar to being a Nazi. There were thousands of Nazi Jews in Hitler's Germany. Furthermore, there were thousands of German Jews who served in Hitler's armed forces

But the most obvious validation of Lavrov's point, namely that being a Jew is no bar to being a Nazi, is the Jewish state of Israel. Israel proclaims itself to be "The Jewish State." It is an avowedly racist state which has consistently treated the non-Jewish indigenous inhabitants of Palestine brutally. 

As Moshe Dayan, head of the Israeli Defense Forces stated in 1970:
"We have no solution… You [Palestinians] shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wishes may leave, and we will see where this process leads."

Israelis are the ultimate Nazi's, although they differ from Hitler's Nazis in being, thus far, rather more successful in occupying the land of others and adopting a policy of ethnic cleansing.  

So, no Justin, you are a simple-minded twit. There's no conflict between Judaism and Nazism. They are essentially the same thing, although different groups may pursue the policy of national supremacism with greater or lesser success. 

In fact, until the Western nations adopted fools and traitors to lead them, all were nationalist and proud of it. And indeed any other policy constitutes a policy of national suicide. 

The process of state imposed national suicide is evident in the transformation of Britain under the traitor Edward Health and every one of his successors, from the homeland of the British People to a nation where the capital city,  London, and other great urban centers have majority ethnic populations. 

The same process of national suicide is the Trudeau family policy. 

Pierre Trudeau effectively legalized abortion while facilitating divorce, causing by the end of his reign, the national fertility rate to fall below the replacement rate for the first time in Canada's more than 400-year history. Under Justin Trudeau the decline in Canada's fertility continues to fall and stands now at barely two-thirds of the replacement rate.

File:Canada's fertility rate from 1929 to 2019.png

But not to worry. Justin Trudeau is aiming for 450,000 immigrants this year, almost 100,000 more than the number of live births.

True, that means Canada is destroying its own posterity, but who cares? 

Yeah, Long Live Canada. The Replacement Nation, that is, not your old stock, white, racist, misogynistic, Trucker-Loving Europeans. 

But Canadians old-stock or new, should watch out for payback for Justin Trudeau's contemptuous treatment of Russia. The Russians, it seems, don't like countries that help Ukrainians kill Russians. 

True, we've only supplied some old field guns, dating from World War 1 perhaps and presumably deemed surplus to requirement. Still, to the Russians it's an ugly gesture. And the Russians are especially touchy right now. 

Just this week Russia threatened to annihilate the British Isles with a robot sub armed with a nuke warhead capable of generating a 500-foot tsunami somewhere inside British territorial waters:

So should Canada care about possible Russian push back?

Why not? Russia, after all, is Canada's nearest neighbor after the United States, and we have 162,000 km of undefended Arctic coastline confronting Russia's highly militarized Arctic Coast of similar extent.

So might Russia not make a lighting incursion into the Canadian North, perhaps to let off some giant firecracker to elicit greater respect from the fount of  imbecility in Ottawa, or even, perhaps, to declare the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Greater Inuvik a Russian protectorate.  

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  1. "If that is the case, the question is what kind of home should be provided for the mentally ill."

    There's an interesting chronology between housing the mentally ill in asylums and where the mentally ill are housed now.... Many are living on the streets, homeless.

    What happened involves the changed use of pharmaceuticals in psychiatry, from auxiliary to central and maybe the only form of treatment. This seems relevant to our discussion of mandated vaccination. (It may even have some relevance to this post, e.g., "True, that means Canada is destroying its own posterity, but who cares?" -- "The National Health Service has also reported a dramatic increase in the number of long-term users. The OECD found that nine per cent of Canadians take antidepressants. That puts Canada on a par with Denmark and Sweden, and somewhat below the 11% consumption rate in the U.S." https://www.cbc.ca/radio/whitecoat/blog/when-it-comes-to-antidepressants-getting-to-zero-proves-difficult-1.4621190)

    We generally don't house them -- we drug them up, give them a pat on the back and say, "Good luck with that." Even Alaska has a tremendously large population of homeless, mentally ill people.

    11% on anti-depressants in the USA. That's a sizeable enough percentage of the population to constitute a swing vote on many issues.

    1. I think the agenda is pretty clear. The view is that the mentally ill are useless eaters, so let them kill themselves with illicit drugs, by jumping off bridges or by sleeping on cold nights under a bridge in a cardboard box, as we pretend to care for them with drugs.

      In fact, I would bet that mental asylums with well-motivated people caring for the inmates were intended for the deranged members of better class families whereas the mass of the mentally ill got little if any real publicly funded care. So all that's really changed is that the well-to-do have to find private accommodation for their mentally ill relatives.

      And here in Canada, Trudeau's Fascist, so-called Liberal, Government is following the lead of Nazi Germany by making way for the euthanasia of the mentally ill. They call it "Dying With Dignity"

    2. Thanks for informing me of MAID. I had no idea. Politically, Canada is one surprise after another. My idea of Canada as a place "where it all works out well in the end" is taking a beating.

  2. I see you've tagged this post with "declining fertility". Here is another relevance to psycho-pharmaceuticals:

    "Depression and antidepressant medications can cause symptoms such as low libido, vaginal dryness, and erectile dysfunction. 1 People may also find it more difficult to have an orgasm, or may not have orgasms at all. Research indicates these sexual side effects are quite common."


    The point I'm trying to get across is that, as we've seen with Covid19, science and medicine, and a hidden political agenda, we've previously and concurrently seen with mental illness, science and medicine, and a hidden political agenda. (In my opinion.)

    1. Britain used to have a Monster Raving Loonie Party. They should bring it back with a commitment to the defense of the mentally ill.