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Covid, It's Over: Welcome Back the Common Cold

The symptoms of infection by the latest strain of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus are indistinguishable from those of the common cold: headache, sore throat, and a cough. 

That's why the Omicron strain of Covid-19 is so much more infectious than earlier strains. Those who are infected treat it as they would the common cold: maybe a reason to take a day or two off work or school, but not a reason to remain in isolation for days on end, to see the doctor, or to refrain from shopping, or even attending a party. 

So now, instead of being subject to strict control measures, Covid is out and about like the common cold, infecting millions. In fact, Covid-19 is now just one more common cold virus, along with several others of the corona virus type. And yes, it will go on killing the most vulnerable -- just as does the common cold.

But there are still a few billions in profits to be wrung from the vax, plus countless billions in public funds to be spewed in the name of Covid. So don't expect the government-directed fear campaigns to wind down in a hurry.


Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022: The Longest Truck Convoy Ever at 43 Miles Long

This perfectly demonstrates the uselessness of the MSM. 

The author takes what is a well known and indisputable fact, namely that the vaxxed in most age categories have a much higher Covid infection rate than the unvaxxed, and then mulls around attempting to find some rationalization, however feeble, to justify the lies and bullying that drive the mass vaccination campaign. 

But the reason that it is the vaxxed, not the unvaxxed, who are mainly responsible for spreading Covid is clear. It is that the vaxxed believe what is implied by the vax campaign propaganda, namely, that they are protected from Covid. So naturally they circulate and socialize more freely than the unvaxxed who know that they are at risk of picking up a nasty illness. 

So  it is not the unvaxxed who are chiefly responsible for the spread of Covid, but stupid or dishonest, people like Justin Trudeau and British Columbia's Saint Bonnie, "be kind, be calm, be safe" Henry, who, to push the vaccine, demonize the unvaxxed.

Latest Mortality Figures Suggest That Vaccine Effectiveness Has Been Overestimated

The Left-wing case against vaccine mandates

Triple Vaccinated Trudeau in quarantine… Thus confirming that the vax doesn't prevent infection, that it does not prevent you having the same viral load as an unvaccinated person,  and thus that it does not prevent you from transmitting the virus to others. That's why Trudeau and friends are so determined to severely punish all those dirty-rotten unvaxxed persons who are making it so difficult for the great international pharma corporations to ring the last few billion in profits from the vax. 

Are European Vaccine-caused deaths being attributed to the Unvaccinated? ... in Europe, the status of “vaccinated” first gets assigned 14 days after getting the final jab. Thus any deaths occurring before this ends up being counted as an “unvaccinated death”! So if a patient who got a vaccine dies less than 14 days later, he/she gets counted as an unvaccinated death. This is how vaccine deaths are getting hidden. And there many thousands.

JAMA: The Vax Raises the Incidence of Myocarditis, Especially in Adolescent Males and Young Men Hence the 40% surge in mortality among prime-age Americans. Well done, Justin and the other Vax-everyone-even-babies maniacs

Never before has so much harm been done to so many by so few...

Omicron Is Mild in Children

Even Pfizer Suggests End To Mask, Vaccine Mandates

Yep, They're Still Riding The "Omicron" Wave... It's so much fun screwing the "anti-vaxxers," those stinking truckers, and other plebs. Ain't it so, Justin.

Government of Wales: Yes, We Have No Evidence that Vaccine Passports Work Ditto Justin Trudeau, Saint Bonnie Henry of British Columbia, and all the other jab-the-children, stop-the-spread Covid ignoramuses and megalomaniacs.

UK Deaths Trending 6% Below Average in Mid-January – Covid, It’s Over

Omicron Transmission is Likely Facilitated by The Vaccines, which  increase risk of more pathogenic variants

New Covid variant spreading like wildfire across UK and Scandinavia: BA.2 ‘stealth’ mutation now half of all new coronavirus cases in Denmark and rapidly pushing Omicron aside

Ivermectin Prophylaxis Used for COVID-19: A Citywide, Prospective, Observational Study of 223,128 Subjects ... a total of 159,561 subjects were included in the analysis: 113,845 (71.3%) regular ivermectin users and 45,716 (23.3%) non-users. Of these, 4,311 ivermectin users were infected, among which 4,197 were from the city of ItajaĆ­ (3.7% infection rate), and 3,034 non-users (from ItajaĆ­) were infected (6.6% infection rate), with a 44% reduction in COVID-19 infection rate ... When adjusted for residual variables, reduction in mortality rate was 70% (RR, 0.30; 95% CI, 0.19-0.46; p < 0.0001). There was a 56% reduction in hospitalization rate (44 versus 99 hospitalizations among ivermectin users and non-users, respectively; RR, 0.44; 95% CI, 0.31-0.63; p < 0.0001). After adjustment for residual variables, reduction in hospitalization rate was 67% (RR, 0.33; 95% CI, 023-0.66; p < 0.0001).

Intriguing findings

Interestingly, the group who self-selected to take ivermectin was older and had more comorbidities than the group who opted for no treatment. These results show that prophylactic ivermectin may be a mitigating factor in groups with higher risk of morbidity.
The results show prophylactic ivermectin may be a mitigating factor for high-risk groups.

The belief that preventative and early treatment therapies would cause people to relax their caution of remaining socially distanced, leading to more COVID-19-related infections, is not supported.

New York Times Mentions ‘Original Antigenic Sin.’ Or Why the Vaxxed May Have a Higher Covid Death Rate Than the Unvaxxed

Latest Health Data From Scotland Mirrors the UK – Unvaccinated Have Lower Covid-19 Case, Hospitalization, AND DEATH RATES Than the ‘Fully Vaxxed’

US Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion.

* Why children should never be given the mRNA vaccine

* Astonishing failure of US and Canadian public health authorities to determine population prevalence
   of life-long natural Covid immunity -- possibly as high as 70%.

* Omicron not a derivative of Covid and not neutralized by the vaccine which may increase risk
   of infection

* Forced universal vaccination will drive viral immune escape, which will destroy the
   effectiveness previously acquired immunity

* Oropharyngeal and nasal sprays radically reduce viral load 

We need to talk about vaccine side-effects

British Medical Journal Demands Immediate Release of All COVID-19 Vaccine, Treatment Data

NHS staff join anti-vaxxers on 'freedom' rallies through London, Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester But the vax was supposed to protect the NHS, so how are they to bully folks into getting the jab now?

Unprecedented Low Hospital Demand: NHS Data Show a Quarter of ICU Beds Unoccupied in Mid-January Gotta get the jab to save the NHS — Not

Triple-Jabbed Over-30s Have Higher Infection Rates Than the Unvaccinated, UKHSA Data Show

Yet more than one in four Canadians support jail time for the unvaccinated, poll finds These are the dummies who fell for Trudeau's lie that the vaxed are a hazard to the unvaxxed, whereas the reality is that it is the vaxxed who are a hazard to the unvaxed. 

Sajid Javid Must Halt Child Covid Vaccination Immediately and Investigate the Cause of the Spike in Child Deaths

BoJo will do anything to save his job, even end the Covid tyranny

COVID Lab-Leak Whitewash Has Been 'The Death Of Science' Says Professor Who Found 'Unique Fingerprints'

SHOCKING: Analysis of CDC Data CONFIRMS MASSIVE 40% Spike in Deaths Among 18-49 Year-Olds Over the Past Year

Attacking every known social determinant of public health in the name of Covid-19

Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID "Narrative Has Crumbled"

"That narrative included "false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn't work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed."

Politicizing COVID-19 From The Start

"Politicizing the pandemic is a euphemism. In truth, thousands of Americans have died needlessly because of weaponized disinformation about China's culpability, vaccines, useful drugs, lockdowns, racial preferences, and long-care facilities."

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