Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Death of the West

Steven Pinker's "(ir)Rationality" in Defence of the Official Narrative

Careerist Women Drive the Suicide of the British Nation

Cucks and Interlopers for the Cultural and Racial Genocide of Europe

The Truth a Treasonous Elite Will Not Allow to be Stated

Stupid Lies About White Genocide from Paul Craig Roberts Brought to You by Ron Unz

Race: Why Liberal Globalists and Communist Revolutionaries Agree There Is No Such Thing

Goddam Hungarians: Why Won't they Commit Suicide By Mass Immigration Like Other Europeans?

Are you a far-right-wing extremist, racist, anti-Semite against genocide?

Conformity Bias, Media Cucks and Self-Hating White People

National Conservatism: Against Genocidal Globalism

The [Very Lethal] Values of a Liberal Society

Genocide of the European Nations By Mass Immigration

Why Western Elites Are Destroying Their Own 

People By Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism

Why white people go to the gas chambers in a quiet and orderly fashion

If You Really Loved Humanity You'd Off Yourself As the Swedes Have Done

The Anglo-American Project for Global Empire Has Failed: Time to Restore National Borders and Send Home the Immigrants That Have Flooded Europe

Anti-Racism: The Nation-Destroying Poison of Self-Hating Cucks, Traitors, and Settler Immigrants

Jews, Traitors and the Self-Destruction of the European Nations

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