Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cucks and Interlopers for the Cultural and Racial Genocide of Europe

‘Star Wars’ Posters Are All About the One-Eye Sign:
Mark of the Elite Agenda, According to Vigilant Citizen
As the Iris Savant reports, the latest iteration of Star Wars, whatever that may be, features in the lead role, a heroic, intelligent, and honorable black guy; women — would-be leaders all — who are fearless and capable warriors, and who are solitary and totally independent of any man. People of mixed race and/or untraditional sexual proclivity predominate among the good guys, while the villains are straight, white, Germanic-looking, and brandishing Christian-like symbols.

There is, in fact, nothing new about this kind of gender-bending racial stereotyping designed to undermine the self-confidence and ultimate survival of the European people. The cucks at the British Broadcorping Castration have, as James Delingpole reports in the Telegraph, done to the ancient radio soap, The Archers — the story of rural life in central England, what J.J. Abrams has now been done to Star Wars.

In merry olde Ambridge, so England Calling's Robert Henderson relates, all the white lads are now thieves, queers or dope dealers, and all the white girls are dying to get knocked up by the Pakistani captain of the village cricket team.

Unbelievably fucking white Star Wars Director, J.J. Abrams
Oh, and the squire's daughter, naturally, has married an African.

I guess folks accept it because, well, hey, it's true to life. They see it happening around them: the racial and cultural destruction of their nation.

Clever, innit, how you get an entire, once great, nation to acquiesce in its own genocide.

And, blimey, this is interesting: just searched Google for "Star Wars" +"anti-white" and got seventy-three million hits! Even "Star Wars" +"white genocide" produces 53,000 hits, but Google'll probably soon fix that (Yeah, both numbers down by 10% within 24 hours). Soon they'll probably show anyone looking for "Star Wars" +"white genocide" is a racist. And, yes, here we are over at saLoon.com:

Racists threaten to boycott “Star Wars VII” because it promotes “white genocide,” apparently

It's racist to oppose the genocide of your own people, apparently. LOL: The standard liberal-leftie argument: reductio ad odium sermonis (reduction to hate speech). 

The extraordinary hypocrisy of the politically correct cucks is nicely confirmed by a story from the University of Ottawa where a free class on Yoga was cancelled because it represented an exercise in cultural appropriation, whereas depicting citizens of Third World extraction as pioneers of space exploration is just fine, apparently, with the likes of the so fucking unbelievably white and sour-faced J.J. Abrams.


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  1. “White Americans Are Losing Their Country” Paul Krugman applauds

    Har! Krugman's an economist. That's all they do.

    (Okay, others do it too. But economists are paid to do it.)

    Well. Go, Trump, go. I'm shedding my doubts. Maybe '16's the year the Dead Wake Up.

    1. Whether Trump will win, or even live to see the votes counted remains to be seen. But already he has changed America in three ways.

      First, his campaign has rid America of the risk of a third half-wit member of the Bush crime family as President.

      Second, he has greatly undermined the presidential prospects for the second member of the Clinton crime family.

      Third, he has struck a mortal blow against political correctness, the chief weapon of the liberal-left. He has demonstrated that when the insolent proponents of toxic PC bollocks are invited to go Schlong themselves, its game over with them.

    2. You're right there. Even if he's on the ballot in November, though, it'll prove progress is at least possible.

      Some of us a registering to vote... for me, first time since Ross Perot, 1992. Long time. But even if it's a protest vote (what Ross ended up as, eg) it's been a long dry spell down here.

      And happy new year to you and your blog. Human's can lose everything except hope, and you, Irish Savant, others, have kept the cold ashes of possibility alive in some dreary times. So it makes guys like you winners anyway. Best regards!

    3. Some of us a registering to vote... for me, first time since Ross Perot, 1992

      That's an interesting factor. Since 1960, there's never been a voter turnout of more than 57 % in a US Presidential election. If Trump is on the ballot, he will likely mobilized many of the mostly non-voting 43 – 51%, which could result in a landslide for change.

      Thanks for your kind wishes. The best to you too.