Monday, September 12, 2016

Hillary Not Bad But Mad?

Hillary Clinton has what appear to be symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

In an article at Psych Central by Margarita Tartakovsky entitled What You Need to Know About Psychosis in Parkinson’s Disease, we are told that “Psychosis in Parkinson’s disease is very common.” And then, quoting Dr. James Beck, Director of research programs at the Parkinson's Disease Foundation:
In fact, psychosis may affect 1 in 5 Parkinson’s patients... And as many as 2 out of 3 patients may experience minor symptoms, “such as non-bothersome illusions. (An example is “seeing something in the corner of your eye that may not be there, [such as] a bug in the sink for an instant.”)

Patients primarily experience visual hallucinations ... A smaller number of patients – 10 to 20 percent – experience auditory hallucinations, he said.
Some patients also may experience delusions, or fixed false beliefs.
Delusions are usually of a common theme, typically of spousal infidelity. Other themes are often paranoid in nature (such as thinking that people are out to steal from one’s belongings, or to harm or place poison on their food).
Well on the spousal infidelity thing, Hillary is probably not delusional. But in designating supporters of her opponent Donald Trump, as a basket of deplorables, she sure sounds delusional.

Likewise, in declaring that "Vladimir Putin’s Crimea occupation echoes Hitler," Hillary sounds crazy enough to start the ultimate war.

Come to think of it, insanity looks like the only reasonable defense for Hillary's outrageous disregard for national security in her handling of correspondence while serving as US Secretary of State.

So can Americans risk electing a President with a one in five, or is it two out of three, chance or is it perhaps a certainty, of being delusional?

And do those who intend voting for Hillary really know who it is they are voting for?

Meantime, Democrats reconsider their presidential candidate:


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Side effects of these drugs include poor coordination, dementia, decreased mucus production leading to dry/sore throat and coughing, blurred and double vision, being easily startled, confusion, disorientation, agitation, inability to concentrate, mental confusion, wakeful myoclonic jerking (uncontrollable muscle movements), illogical thinking, seizures, coma and possibly death.
Just what Americans need in their Commander-in-Chief

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  1. She's mad all right. And BAD as well. If Damien was female .....