Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump's Basket of Proud Deplorables

When, during the First World War, a British Expeditionary Force crossed the English Channel to fight alongside the French army in the defense of France, the German Kaiser dismissed it as a "contemptible little army".

The name stuck, and those members of the British force who lived to see Germany defeated, were ever after proud to call themselves "The Old Contemptibles."

Trump's supporters described by Hillary Clinton as "a basket of deplorables," will likewise surely bear with pride this name, "The Deplorables," that so well reveals the hatred of the liberal elite for ordinary folk:


Hillary's Own Deplorables: The Racist, Homophobic, Dictatorships the Clinton Foundation Took Millions From

Ann Coulter: How many of Hillary's Muslim friend's are deplorable homophobes?

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