Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Shockingly Regressive Social Attitudes of British Muslims Threaten to Tear the Country Apart

As any English person in Londonistan knows, speaking the truth about the population and immigration policies of Britain's treasonous governing elite, the Blair's, the Cameron's, the May's and their media enablers and defenders is, yes you got it, RAAAACIIIIST.

Thing is, as we pointed out the other day, not being RAAAACIIIST means being complicit in the genocide of your own people. So what are you? A politically correct twit complacently driven by the powers that be to support the destruction of your own people and culture — the Western civilization that created the modern world, or a RAAAACIIIIIST?

As Milo Yianapoulos, a refugee from Islamified London, asks in an article the title of which I have borrowed:
If you are scared of being called a racist for speaking out against Islam, think about what people will call you in a generation if you don’t take a stand now.
Remember also, that Islam is not a race and therefore those who call opponents of the Islamification of the West racists are ignoramuses, media dupes, or the conscious purveyors of the political correct program for Western self-genocide.

Islam is both a religion and a political order. Muslims demanding Shariah courts in the Western nations to which they have migrated are thus demanding the dismantling of Western society in favor of their own mediaeval system of tyrannical theocracy.

If people from the Muslim world wish to live in the West they should be required to adopt the values and political principles of the West. If they cannot do that, they should return whence they or their ancestors came. And if they refuse, they should be expelled.

But Yianopoulos is wrong about one thing. If the Western nations allow themselves to be controlled by the manipulators of political correctness they will have been effectively wiped from the page of history within a generation. There will be no one to name call or to be name called. There will then be no English, French, Dutch, German or Danish people to be called anything by anyone. There will be just one more regressive, poverty-stricken, Muslim horde.

On the  present course of the British government, the English of Newton, Shakespeare, Samuel Johnson and Charles Darwin will, within a generation, have been almost entirely replaced by an assortment of Africans, Asians and Middle-Easterners, the daughters and grand-daughters of Englishmen reduced to the status of secondary wives and concubines of Muslim patriarchs. That's the plan, anyhow. The plan of both the Muslim settlers and of the Western elites.


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