Saturday, July 2, 2016

Liberal-Lefties Direct Furious Hate Speech at "Fat", "Racist", "poorly educated", "old", "White", "Working Class" Brexit Supporters

Liberal-lefties love to dub their opponents "haters." The truth is, though, that no one hates like a liberal-leftie in defeat. And the UK's yes-for-Brexit vote has set of a firestorm of liberal-leftie hate speech against

Brexit supporters.

Naturally, the leaders of the Brexit campaign were branded liars.

Nigel Farage, resigned as UK Independence Party leader, saying he wanted his life back following death threats and threats of rape made against his daughter. Naturally, no charges against those making these threats have been laid by the authorities.

So angry and hate-filled are the anti-Brexiteers that immediately after losing the referendum they held a Fuck Brexit rally.

The reason people voted for Brexit, said rally organizer Billie Porter, was that "people were asked to make a decision they weren’t equipped to make". Presumably only those for the abolition of Britain's sovereign, democratic nation state were qualified to decide, while the rest were, well, fat, white, racist, poorly educated, etc., etc.,

No votes for old white people. We stole the country fair and
square and you're not having it back. Anti-Brexiteers against
democracy. Source
So angry and hate-filled, in fact, are the anti-Brexiteers that they want to deny the vote to old people, who are apparently, by definition stupid racists, especially if fat and white, and who, in any case, are going to die soon, thank God, and so should not be allowed to influence in any way the future of the country. 

I suppose handing over the future of the country to the younger generation wouldn't be so bad if the younger generation were not such pathetically brainwashed, politically correct, poorly educated, ill-mannered, foul-mouthed, bullying, ignoramuses.

As it is, the only hope, really, would be to raise the voting age to about 41, or maybe 51.

There would be nothing undemocratic about that. Although the right to vote would be delayed until the age of maturity, on attaining the vote, a citizen could assert their democratic right in the knowledge that their judgement would not be nullified by the vote of someone with the intellectual authority of a fudge sundae.


John Derbyshire: More Brechoes: Boris Not Good Enough; Exploding Progressive Heads!

This just in from Zero Hedge:

Four Countries Fed Up With EU
Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic issued a joint statement “The genuine concerns of our citizens need to be better reflected. National parliaments have to be heard.“
Poland’s deputy prime minister Mateusz Morawieck said “The British voice was the voice of reason.”

Protest AGAINST democracy? Thousands take to the streets AGAIN in anti-Brexit rally

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