Friday, July 1, 2016

Revenge of the Little People?

Curiously, folks in Europe seem to be fed-up with PC shysters and vote fixers of the Globalist, liberal left, telling them they must hand over their country, their government and their right to lead life according to their own traditions and religious faith to hoards of insensitive alien settlers who express contempt for the European people and their way of life, and indeed who declare their intention to conquer Europe and eliminate its people altogether "not by the sword, but by the womb."

Nuit debout protest, Paris, April 2016. Source
After many years of repression and submission, the people are showing some inclination to push-back, feeble though that effort may as yet seem. Brexit was one manifestation of this, and has succeeded in freeing Britain from domination by the Euro Commies and Kalergists under whom Britain has been inundated by million of immigrants now accounting for the majority of the population in London, Leicester, Luton, Slough and soon, in England's second city, Birmingham.

Now, outrageously, in a blatant expression of racism, xenophobia and religious bigotry, the Swiss have splendidly asserted the need for immigrants to assimilate to the Swiss way of life, rather than demanding the Swiss assimilate to the strange ways of alien life.

As for the Austrians, they seem to be giving the Kalergist vote fixers a hard time having just overturned the result of the corrupt Presidential election. However, it must be noted that despite a court ruling that the result of the election was marked by "serious vote fraud", no one has yet gone to gaol.

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