Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Freedom versus Bureaucracy: EU Political Morons Think They Can Impose Their Rules on the UK After Brexit: UK Political Morons Agree

I made an investment the other day in the Mainstream Media, and I use the term "investment" advisedly. I bought a day-old copy of the Sunday Telegraph, which the clerk rang up at "ten dollars and 24 cents." Wow, I'd been thinking about two bucks fifty, which tells you how rarely I  buy a newspaper.

But the investment, as it turned out was worth it. First, I got to find out something about Caroline Aherne, a British entertainer of Irish extraction who died last week at the age of 52, and who, to quote the Telegraph, "bestrode Nineties television like a colossus."

Turns out she invented a comedy series for TV-watching morons all about a family of TV-watching morons, the patriarch of which family spoke endlessly of "my arse." Given that Aherne is said to have had an IQ of 176, a level matched by no more than about one person in five million, the level of her accomplishments in the cultural sphere suggests that something has gone seriously wrong with British civilization. Which is not to deny that Caroline Aherne was genuinely funny (the joke in that clip is in the very last line), but her work, compared with that of say Shakespeare, seems disappointingly limited in range.

But what I learned from the Telegraph that was truly amazing was in the Business section, where the lead story was headed: Britain hit by Brexit negotiator crisis. "The Government," the story begins, "may have to look as far afield as India and America to find the legion of negotiators it needs for post-Brexit trade talks ..." Then under the heading "Bank of England hires legion of advisers to prepare for looming economic challenges" the Telegraph reports that the B of E "has hired more than 300 new staff as it beefed up teams including its economic forecasting unit and its bank monitoring squads in the lead up to the Brexit vote," thus raising the bank's staff to almost four thousand.

Good Grief: Four thousand people to decide whether to raise or lower bank rate by a negligible fraction of flip all, with "legions" more to be hired? "My arse," as Caroline Aherne's Jim Rorle would surely have said. Plus, my arse, a new immigrant wave comprising "legions" of trade negotiators supposedly required at the moment the Brits have just told the EU's Bureaucratic police state to get out of their lives?

What's wrong with free trade?

What's to stop a market stall holder in Rouen or Paris from buying a tray of long English cucumbers from a market gardener in Kent without the interference of a single bureaucrat or a reference to a single trade regulation? Answer: a "legion" of ****ing! trade negotiators, apparently.

The EU: the source of lots of lovely jobs for parasites of every kind.
But if the Eurotwits want legions of bureaucrats dictating the curvature of cucumbers or the length of bananas, what reason is there for the Brits to pay the slightest attention to such lunacy.

If the Euro-loonies in France and Germany and their vassal states in Eastern and Southern Europe won't allow their citizens freedom to buy what the Hell they want from who the Hell the want, so be it, my arse. Not a single pro-Brexit British voter cares, that's for sure. The response to any EU trade restrictions is obvious: an across the board UK tariff on EU goods to eliminate Britain's huge trade deficit with the EU Commie Bloc.

The result? Brits might have to drive their own, crap, home-built cars. Why not? They always did drive their own, crap, home-built cars. Now they can drive their own, crap, home-built cars again, and create many, many new jobs in the process. Little by little they might even improve the quality of their product to match the genius of British designers, people like Alec Issigonis, who created the Mini, still in production more than 50 years after its first appearance.

But sadly, the ruling elites in Britain, and in the West generally, can no longer conceive of a free society, which is to say a society free of millions of bureaucrats. Neither the British Cabinet, nor even some minor functionary such as the Governor of the Bank of England is capable, apparently, of lifting a finger without the advice of "legions" of useless parasitic advisers. This is a fatal illness, which means the death of Europe as a free and creative society.

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