Monday, July 11, 2016

An Unidentified FBI Analyst on the Incredible Corruption Surrounding the Clinton Foundation

Here is a 4chan discussion with  an "FBI analyst" in a photo-image … the comments by the ‘FBI analyst’ are highlighted in peach-orange colored boxes. Click the image to expand it.

The link is from a comment by Brabantian on today's article on The Clinton Foundation by Michael Hudson.

Here's an easier to read transcript of the alleged "FBI Analyst"'s comments.

But is this alleged FBI analyst for real? Almost certainly not, unless he's an agent tasked with a disinformation role.

Any FBI Analyst caught making such statements off their own bat would most probably end suffocated in a tightly zipped sports bag or in some other bizarre fashion. Nevertheless, some of what he says is plausible enough. For instance, that the Clinton Foundation is at the centre of an international web of corruption. Eighty-five percent of the money the Foundation spends goes on administrative salaries and expenses, which means that the Foundation would provide the perfect cover for a massive system of bribery — all the payoffs laundered on receipt as legitimately earned income.

But, says this alleged FBI Analyst, Mossad did 9/11. Unqualified, that is ridiculous. However, Mossad or other Israeli agents almost certainly had a role in engineering of the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 (see Israeli art students resident in the Twin Towers and the Dancing Israelis, and many other suggestive Israeli connections). But it is inane to suggest that Israel would have carried out such a gigantic terrorist attach on the United States without a nod from the US Government. Almost certainly 9/11 was a long-planned psyop and a bipartisan, Clinton–Bush project carried out with Israeli and Saudi assistance, to justify wars for global hegemony.

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