Monday, June 13, 2016


In 2001, someone (nobody, including members of the 9/11 Commission, knows for sure who), knocked down New York's World Trade Center Towers One and Two with airliners. Later the same day, World Trade Center Tower Seven collapsed into its own footprint though not struck by an airliner — the only steel-frame high-rise (other than WTC 1 and 2) ever to do so except as the result of a controlled demolition. Very strange. But nobody to think about it: OK? Just blame it on the Muzzies.

Then the West embarked on a multi-trillion-dollar campaign (very profitable to some, e.g., the Bush-connected Carlyle Group: "we provide the gear to bomb places to Hell, then we get the contract to rebuild") to poke sticks into Muslim bees' nest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. At the same time the gates of Vienna, Paris, London, Berlin, and Miami were flung open to a flood of Muslims, many of whom are intent on the conquest of the West. This they say, is to be achieved by the womb not the sword, which shows the gentleness of Islam, which is so much admired by the Western Cuckservative who never tire of assuring us that Islam is "a religion of love." Still, as the Miami night club massacre among other recent events shows, a bit of sword-, or in this case gun-play, to clear some space in the decadent West is apparently* considered a good thing by some members of the Islamic settler advance party.

These developments raise the question, why is the Western elite conniving at the West's racial and cultural destruction? The answer, has two parts.

First, there are the liberal-lefties in government, including thousands upon thousands of them within the great bureaucracies, plus the Commies in academia who want to destroy Western capitalist civilization and impose the dictatorship of the proletariat. Under this hoped for Wesstern incarnation of the Soviet system, they see themselves as members of the privileged nomenclatura. They are the ones, they imagine, who will decide who goes to the gulag, and who is to be shot on the spot, Lenin's remedy for any opposition.

Lord  Kinnock of Bedwellty and wife. Unelected
former ruler of the European Union. Source.
Second, there is the Money Power, which through control of the media, Hollywood, FaceBook, etc., supports the lib-left effort to make political correctness the religion of the West. They do so in the knowledge that the loony PC multiculti agenda will destroy the sovereign, democratic nation state, and make way for global governance, i.e., government by:

(1) Trade deals negotiated by the largest capitalist entities (about 150 firms control most international business). These are the deals that Treason Party leaders including Obama, Cameron, Merkel, etc., are seeking to adopt right now, deals that transfer large powers from the nation state to international corporations; and

(2) International organizations such as the EU, WTO and the UN, which are easily manipulated by the money power by the usual mundane forms of bribery and corruption  (for example, wasn't UN Sec. Gen Kofi Annan on the take in the Iraq oil for food deal?).

* I say apparently, because there never seems to be a competent investigation following any incident of so-called Islamic terrorism, whether it be 9/11, the London Tube bombings, or the recent Paris nightclub shootings. So whether it's Muslims taking the initiative, or a revived Gladio, or similar organization, that should take the credit, is unclear.


Edward Teague: Bush's Gang of Mad Bee Keepers

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