Monday, April 4, 2016

Britain: Revolution or National Self-Genocide

The Irish Savant is among the most astute commentators on the precipitous self-destruction of the West in accordance with the Liberal plan for the facilitation of no-fault divorce, the provision of state-funded abortion, and the promotion of homosexuality, anti-reproductive feminism, K to 12 sex "education" (including instruction of five-year-olds in the art of fellatio), and mass immigration on a system that insures rapid displacement of the indigenous majority through the reproductive effort of the immigrant community.

Not surprisingly, the Savant has a considerable following. What is surprising, though, is how misdirected seem so many of the comments from among the Savant's supporters. Much anger is directed by these defenders of the indigenous inhabitants of the British Isles at muzzies, kikes and darkies, but apart from the universally loathed and detested Phony Blair, few are inclined to excoriate the traitors who currently empower said muzzies, kikes and darkies. I refer, of course, to the political leadership of the UK, the Cameroons and Johnsons, the Cloggs and Corbyns and, of course, UKIP's Farage whose goal it is to make England a demographic replica of Australia, flooded by immigrants of every conceivable race, color, and creed  selected on a points system, but excluding, so far as possible, white people from the hated EU, apparently. The points system is, of course, particularly vicious since it insures that only really smart immigrants arrive, thus greatly enhancing their chances in the struggle to displace the benighted natives (half of whom, as in any country, are of below average intelligence).

Such bitterness of a population marked out for destruction is, I contend, entirely misdirected. Muslims do what Muslims have always done, which is to occupy any available space and make it their own. The exponential increase in British mosques and minarets, of bagged women, Shariah courts and raped white girls, is testimony to the success of the Muslim project in England. British Jews likewise attend to their own interests, and do so with great acumen, assisting the local rulers to exploit their own people to the max, while extracting a nice profit for themselves plus the British Government's grovelling subservience to the shitty little country of Israel. As for the Africans, they just come and do their thing, the women from Libya out-reproducing their white sisters by a factor of around three to one.

Rhodes Must Fall campaigners, Oxford, England. 
Any effective resistance to the ongoing genocide of the indigenous people of the British Isles requires a different approach. In particular, what is required is a UK-ATP (Anti-Treason Party) led by a person of unquestionable loyalty to the indigenous population of the British Isles. These requirements would, obviously exclude Oxford-trained persons such as David Camoron — Oxford being now, it seems, a largely African institution dedicated to eradicating any connection it may have once had with white British people such as Cecil Rhodes, who rather stupidly, it now seems, devoted much of his great wealth to bringing Africans and other colonial riff-raff, including Bill Clinton, to Oxford.

But sadly the Brits and the Irish seem so used to being buggered by their own leadership and bamboozled by their mainly Murdoch media (from religious programming to the dirtiest legal pornography via Sky TV), that they cannot envisage anything else but exploitation, humiliation, and derisive insults for their alleged racism, their nativism, their nationalism and their contemptible, if feeble, will to live. Short of a revolution, their extinction seems assured.

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