Friday, April 1, 2016

Trouble With Political Correctness? Just Say Fuck Off

Political correctness is  the selective denial of free speech, which today means the denial of speech that challenges liberal-left values and the project for the genocide of the European people (and here, and here) and the destruction of the sovereign, democratic, nation state in the interests of the Money Power.

 Political correctness was imposed in Russia by V.I. Lenin in the immediate aftermath of the Communist coup d'√©tat of 1917.

The severity of the Soviet Regime of speech control culminated in the Stalin terror when a murmured complaint about the bread ration during the siege of Leningrad could mean being "shot on the spot" (a favorite expression of Lenin's) by the NKVD, then headed by psychopathic sexual predatator, Lavrentiy Beria.

In America, political correctness is enforced chiefly by administrative action to punish transgressors of approved thought. But once free speech has by these means been denied, there is no definite limit to the extent of totalitarian control of expression that may be demanded and enforced.

We may yet see in America, as in Stalin's Russia, peremptory killing of citizens for the crime of politically incorrect ideas, as we already see the unlawful killing of American citizens who are alleged to be terrorists. At present, however, enforcement of political correctness is chiefly by intimidation and other psychological means. It can, therefore, usually be defeated by a brazen refusal to defer to the legally unwarranted dictates of the politically correct.

The case of Professor McAdams who is in the process of challenging the politically correct administration of Marquette University, which seeks to deny faculty and students alike the right to discuss the merits or otherwise of gay marriage, has metaphorically told his tormentors to go fuck themselves. We wish him success in his combat with the bureaucratic agents of tyranny.


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