Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Professor Tells Totalitarian Liberal President of Catholic University to Fuck Off — Again

In an earlier post, entitled Trouble With Political Correctness? Just Say Fuck Off, I argued that the imposition of a regime of Political Correctness consists in the selective denial of free speech, specifically the denial of freedom to say anything that challenges the liberal-left project for the genocide of the European people (and here, and here), and the destruction of the sovereign, democratic, nation state in furtherance of a  global system of political control in the hands of the Money Power.

The notion of Political Correctness originated with the Maxist revolutionaries who, in 1917, overthrew the government of Russia's Tsar Nicholas II. To them, political correctness meant conformity with the requirements of the Communist program for global empire similar in scope and totalitarian impulse to the undemocratic EU/NATO/WTO global system that, today, the liberal-left seeks to impose on all mankind.

For those not politically correct, Lenin required that they be "shot on the spot." Today, as a new dark age descends upon the West, defiance of the liberal-left code of political correctness, a code that has replaced Christianity as the religion of the West, is not yet a capital offense. Rather, any breach of the code of PC is punished either by public insults as offensive as possible — the standards being charges of racism, nativism, nationalism (these terms being applied especially to those who oppose the genocide of their own people through mass immigration, repressed reproduction, etc.), sexism (for opposition to anti-reproductive feminism), and homophobia (for opposition to gay marriage, the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle as part of the school curriculum, etc.) — or by administrative methods applied especially within educational and governmental organizations, including suspension, dismissal, or the denial of promotion.

However, neither insults nor ostracism are irresistible, moreover there are plenty of insults that may be deployed in response to the taunts of the self-hating exponents of liberal-left policies of national self-destruction, family disintegration and racial and cultural self-genocide. Furthermore, administrative punishment of political incorrectness whether by governmental or corporate bureaucracies is open to legal challenge in any nation with a genuinely liberal tradition embedded in  workers' rights legislation.

But although it remains, as yet, possible in the West to trash the forces of political correctness by standing firm in the defense of legally enshrined human rights, the challenge of so doing is beyond the intellectual capacity and moral courage of all but a small minority. Happily, some possessing the wherewithal to challenge jackass and morally depraved administrative PC discipline still exist. Among that courageous minority is Professor John McAdams, currently under threat of termination from the supposedly Catholic Marquette University for the PC crime of defending Catholic teaching on marriage.

Fortunately, Professor McAdams appears to be several orders of magnitude brighter than his antagonist, Michael Lovell, President of Marquette University, a seemingly totally stupid or thoroughly dishonest bureaucrat. The story so far, is outlined here, and Professor McAdams rebuttal of President Lovell's demand for a grovelling apology and admission of fault is contained in this truly beautifully worded letter.

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