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Emma West, an Angry Woman With Much to be Angry About

By CanSpeccy
Emma West. Image source

Who is Emma West, asks "This Is My England" in a blog post about "the viral YouTube hit of ten days ago ...of a woman on a south London tram unleashing a foul-mouthed tirade directed at immigrants and ethnic minorities, thereby upsetting a number of her fellow passengers."

The 34-year-old woman, Emma West of the London Borough of Croydon, is now in jail having been charged with a racially aggravated public order offense. The mother of two young children has been remanded in custody until January 3rd. Bail was denied, by Magistrate Ian McNeal for West's own protection (It's the only way the British state can protect its own citizens, apparently. Bang 'em up in gaol with a bunch of thieves and drug pedlars). West has received numerous death threats and her address has been circulated on Facebook and Twitter.

Commenting on the case, "This Is My England" remarks:
A five-country European survey run by the Guardian in March suggests that further immigration to the UK is not broadly welcomed. Just 31% of the Britons polled agreed with the statement "I approve of people moving from one EU country to another so they can work and live." In the case of moving to the EU from the wider world, just 20% of UK respondents agreed with the corresponding statement.
But, says "This Is My England"
...even those who express similar views to Ms. West's in a more restrained manner are directing their fears and anger at the wrong targets.

...Recent immigrants to this country are here because it has suited the business community to import cheap, willing labour. Should the immigrants face opprobrium for answering that call?
In that, I would say, This Is My England is only half right and largely missing the point.

Sure, legal immigrants are not to blame if they accept an invitation to immigrate.

True also, that mass immigration to the crowded nations of Western Europe may be largely driven by corporate interests that demand a cheap and mobile work force.

True, also, that the economic prospects of lower class Britons like Ms. West are hurt by the mass immigration of energetic people willing to take whatever work is available, thereby making jobs for barely competent Brits scarce, and keeping wages low.

But in the most important respect Ms. West, however muddled her expression, understands that the real issue is more fundamental than economics.

Mass immigration is quite simply destroying the British race beginning with the displacement of the working class in major urban areas.

Precisely what the term "British race" means would need lengthy exposition. But briefly, the British have existed as a relatively isolated population since the glaciers retreated after the last ice age, ten thousand years ago. As a consequence of that four- to five-hundred-generations of isolation, the British are probably among the most genetically differentiated populations in Europe, fully entitled to claim distinctness as a European race. And certainly they are racially distinct from the Africans, Asians and Middle-Easterners who comprise a large proportion of immigrants to Britain.

Yes, there have been influxes of population to Britain since the last ice age, but the genetic evidence indicates that the great majority of the British population that existed prior to the post 1950 mass immigration, i.e., the indigenous people of Britain, was descended from those first Celtic settlers.

But today, almost 25% of children born in Britain are born to foreign-born mothers, and many more are be born to daughters and even grand-daughters of foreign born mothers many partnered by foreign-born fathers or the descendants of foreign-born fathers.

Thus the British are being subjected to non-violent replacement through mass immigration imposed by the liberal-left elite, which does not exclude the current nominally conservative government.

In Leicester, England's eleventh largest city, the English are now a minority ethnic group. In Birmingham, England's second largest city, English children in primary school are not even the largest ethnic minority. In 2010, at London's Eeling hospital, 2,655 out of 3,289 children delivered, or over 80%, were to non-British mothers. In the London borough of Newham, less than one third of the population is of British ethnicity.

But in addition to the overwhelming genetic impact of mass immigration in working class urban areas, there are now huge cultural and religious impacts on national life, particularly in places where the British working class are concentrated, which together with the genetic impact of immigration, fulfill all the criteria of genocide as that term was originally defined.

It was the genocide, surely, to which Emma West was reacting so vociferously, much more than the economic impact of mass immigration.

This is not to say that the economic impact of mass immigration on the indigenous people of Britain is unimportant. Together with the social impacts of immigration it contributes to the demoralization and reproductive failure of the native population, whose fertility is well below the replacement rate, unlike that of the the immigrant population. Bangladeshi women in England, for example, have three times as many children as English women and many more than Bangladeshi women have in Bangladesh.

Remarkably, in politically correct Britain, instead of public concern over the ongoing catastrophe of national genocide, one is now jailed for the emotional public expression of opposition to it.

In the meantime, Emma Wests' children are in public care under the tutelage of politically correct foster parents, presumably, to ensure alienation from their natural mother.

Emma West is now being held in gaol supposedly "for her own protection" from maniacs proclaiming on the Web that they wish to rape, knife or shoot her.

Who are these crazies lusting to assault an angry woman with something to be angry about? In mentality, they are no different from any other mob aroused by the thought of blood and violence, hunters of witches or lynchers of negroes. Are the police as diligently seeking out these evil people as they sought out and arrested Emma West? Surely not. Who, after all, could be more effective in enforcing the elite programme of British genocide?

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The judiciary beginning to sense a swell of public anger?

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  1. CanSpeccy, you are a racist. Although I totally oppose the arrest and putting in prison of Emma West, her idea's are wrong. The enemy of Britain's white working class is the system which has been created by the bankers. Black people and Muslims are also the victim of this system which other people refer as NWO. They want the non-rich to hate each other and unfortunately they are succeeding.

    It is preposterous that you can think that the European race is subject to genocide. I don't know how Aangirfan could put a link to your blog from theirs. Genocide is what 'white' soldiers have done to the populations of Iraq and Afghanistan by obeying criminal Zionist war crime orders. If 'white' people are having too few children than that is because their too materialistic to have more. Or maybe they do not want to spend less food on their dog(s).

  2. "You are a racist."

    Oh suuuure!

    How stupid is the liberal-left?

    Oppose the genocide of your own people and you're a racist?

    Or is Junis an immigrant with the mentality of a West Bank settler (like these folks), intent on exploiting the politically correct brainwashing of the native population for his own advantage?

  3. Greetings from poor, genocide-threatened England, CanSpeccy. It was so flattering to have a whole article written in response to one of mine that I was moved to keep the discussion going:

  4. oopps... this was the link I meant to paste in:

  5. TIME: Thank you for the link. I have left a comment on your post for your consideration.

    In particular, I appreciate your honesty in acknowledging that Britain's policy of mass immigration means the progressive replacement of the British people with people from elsewhere, a process associated with radical changes in the national culture and sense of identity.

    This conforms precisely to the definition of genocide as defined by Raphael Lemkin, the Polish scholar and lawyer who coined that term.

  6. Hello old sport. Your comments, the comments of others and further developments in the case have given me further food for thought:

    You know where I stand on your false statement about my alleged "honesty in acknowledging that Britain's policy of mass immigration means the progressive replacement of the British people with people from elsewhere, a process associated with radical changes in the national culture and sense of identity."

  7. this is my England:

    You say I spoke falsely when I said that you demonstrated:

    "'honesty in acknowledging that Britain's policy of mass immigration means the progressive replacement of the British people with people from elsewhere, a process associated with radical changes in the national culture and sense of identity.'"

    But here are your own words:

    "CanSpeccy, meanwhile, speaks in terms of the "the British... being subjected to non-violent replacement through mass immigration" and uses the term "genocide" to cover this phenomenon.

    Actually, the figures he cites are pretty convincing. It is indeed clear that if the current patterns of reproduction continue (i.e. foreign-born mothers and non-white Britons having a higher fertility rate than white UK-born mothers) then over time the ethnic makeup of the country will change significantly.

    But so what?"

    So it is your claim about what you said, not mine, that is false.

    But you have done better in representing my position on Emma West and the BNP.

    I did not know that she had rejected the BNP's support, but she is, in my view, very wise to have done so.

    Deliberately, as I think, or otherwise, the BNP serves only to smear as racist those who oppose the genocide of their own people.

  8. it would be great if we could have fair trade and people could earn well in their own country where their older family members live and where they like the region, the customs and the weather. I think low wages partly drive immigration and then the oil companies benenfit when they travel home to visit families.