Friday, April 8, 2011

Tribalism in Britain, Updated

Updated April 9, 2011

These images were emailed from an unknown "Kiwi Joe," who might be anyone. The message indicated that they were taken at the March 26, 2011 "anti-cuts" demo in London, but suppressed by the media.

However, according to this report from August 2006, which includes the same photographs:

Almost all of the photographs (that we saw) are copyright to the Associated Press. They were taken in February [2006], in London, during a demonstration against the Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad. They were taken near several different European embassies in London -- not yesterday [i.e., not on August 26, 2006] -- and not at a "Religion of Peace Demonstration" [April, 2006].

Moreover, the claim that these pictures were not published by the media is false. The San Francisco Chronicle, for example, used three of the pictures in an item on the February 3, 2006 protest march to the Danish embassy in London. There it is reported that:

As the result of separate trials, Mizanur Rahman, Umran Javed and Abdul Muhid were each sentenced to serve six years in jail "for soliciting murder and three years concurrently for stirring up race hatred." A fourth man, Abdul Saleem, "was cleared of soliciting murder...but convicted of inciting race hatred" and was given a four-year jail sentence.

The San Francisco Chronicle item references this illustrated article in the UK's Daily Telegraph, and this illustrated report by the BBC.

Evidently these photos have been circulated with a false attribution on more than one occasion. By whom and why, whether by individuals acting independently or as part of an organized campaign would be interesting to know.


  1. The people in the pictures look like paid agent provocateurs. The font is the same on all the signs where people have their faces covered or you can't see their faces.

    "Islam will dominate the world" does not use the scare tactics as the other signs. It also uses a different lettering/font and is the only picture you see a face. Almost nobody has their face covered except these folks.

    Now compare that with fanatical Christians like the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka Kansas who don't feel the need to hide their faces because they think they are right. Heck, they bring their kids.

    This just looks like propaganda. So much so it becomes humorous.

    "Low Plains Perspective"

  2. Yes, you are right. Apart from the one that's printed, all the signs are surely by the same hand, which, as you infer, indicates that the demonstrators were organized.

    That they were likely provocateurs occurred to me also.

    However, some of them, apparently, did go to jail.

    For example, according to Wikipedia, British-born Mizanur Rahman prayed outside the Danish Embassy in London in 2006: "Oh Allah, we want to see another 9/11 in Iraq, another 9/11 in Denmark, another 9/11 in Spain, in France, all over Europe. Oh Allah, destroy all of them." He was convicted of inciting racial hatred. At his retrial in 2007 he was additionally convicted on the solicitation to murder.

    During his trial, the prosecution asserted that, while not a member of any organization, he was soliciting unknown person(s) to murder other unknown person(s) from among the serving American occupying forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    On completing his 4 year sentence, Mizanur Rahman continued his Islamist activities around the UK and on the internet, actively calling for the laws in Britain to be changed to the Islamic Shari'ah as an Islamic Khilafah state.

  3. Wikipedia also relates that when Umran Javed was convicted of soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred his family and friends yelled, "Allahu Akbar, curse the judge, curse the court, curse the jury."

    If these people are provocateurs, the don't do it by half measures.

    More likely it seems to me, Britain really has an unassimilable, bunch of colonists with a settler mentality that even a Zionist would admire.

  4. But, such extremism may well discourage the mass of British Muslims from taking their religion too seriously.

    Perhaps the guys who went to jail were dupes not provocateurs.

    So, yes, it would be interesting to know who penned those signs.

    Did the police inquire?

  5. "More likely it seems to me, Britain really has an unassimilable, bunch of colonists with a settler mentality that even a Zionist would admire."

    And good follow information.

    Funny he was found guilty of racial hatred as religion seems to be the root problem. Does this mean the court set a precedent where it now recognizes Allah in law?????

    Another funny thing is the signs appear to actually fold up so they could pop out of nowhere at just the right time.

    "Low Plains Perspective"

  6. Ha! The folded placard. Good observation. Something no provocateur should be without.