Saturday, April 23, 2011

Amazing But True

(Boycott Israel Campaign)

Subaru Runs Ad in Israel Featuring Run-over Kids

A new advertisement in Israel, meant to show the “power and durability” of the Japanese Subaru car, caused outrage after showing a Subaru driven by a Jewish settler striking two Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem.

"'We Will See Who Can Stand Against You,' was written in the right corner of the horrific picture of a Palestinian child flying into the air after being rammed by the settlers’ Subaru."

Cool, hey? Attempt murder and get royalties from a Jap car company for the photo rights.

Anyone have  a "Boycott Suburu" image?"

New York to Require Licensing of Geiger Counters, Chemical Detectors?

It would be OK for citizens to check their shoes for dog shit, or sniff to detect smoke when their house is on fire, but checking for W.M.D. without a license would become a misdemeanor, under the proposed legislation.

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