Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How the Liberal-Left Are Destroying Britain's National Identity

'The English are potentially very
aggressive, very violent" - Jack Straw

So this is what they've been doing for the past twelve years
".....replacing traditional pride with inherited guilt: all of this could be facilitated by a large influx of migrants whose presence in the population would require the wholesale deconstruction of the country's sense of its own identity."

"New Labour tide brought with it in the beginning: the contempt for history and the Year Zero arrogance with which they set about "modernising" the nation's institutions."

"But the subtext was always self-examination and personal guilt: the indigenous Briton must be trained (literally, by the education system) always to question the acceptability of his own attitudes, to cast doubt on his own motives, to condemn his own national identity and history, to accept the blame even for the misbehaviour of new migrants – whose conduct could only be a reflection of the unfortunate way they were treated by the host population."
- Green Arrow

Hidden agenda
When the Labour control freaks came to power twelve years ago they had a secret agenda to destroy British identity and national pride, with Englishness as public enemy number one.

At the time of their election victory, anyone who suggested that Labour were setting out on a deliberate campaign of nation-wrecking would have been regarded as a loony conspiracy theorist. But recently overwhelming evidence has emerged showing that this was their intention all along.

Politically motivated attempt to radically change the country
The first revelation of their hidden agenda came from Andrew Neather, a former government adviser
"The huge increases in migrants over the last decade were partly due to a politically motivated attempt by ministers to radically change the country and "rub the Right's nose in diversity", according to Andrew Neather, a former adviser to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett.
He said Labour's relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to "open up the UK to mass migration" but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its core working class vote." - Telegraph

Secret policy paper proposed a cultural jihad against Britishness
Then, confirmation came from the release of the full text of the draft policy paper composed in 2000 by a Home Office research unit – the gist of which had already been made public by a former Labour adviser – released under Freedom of Information rules. It is political dynamite.

What it states quite unequivocally was that mass immigration was being encouraged at least as much for "social objectives" as for economic ones. Migration was intended specifically to alter the demographic and cultural pattern of the country: to produce by force majeure the changes in attitude that the Labour government saw itself as representing.

Connecting the dots
Knowing what we do now, we can also make sense of a number of apparently disconnected events such as Jack Straw's anti-English ravings and the demonisation of St George's Day.
We can now see that the campaign to destroy our identity had (and still has) the following components:

- Import huge number of Labour voting Muslim immigrants.

- Muslim immigrants are especially favoured because they are unassimilable and fast-breeding.

- The resultant population explosion will eventually destroy the countryside and much of Britain's heritage, again helping to erode national pride and sense of identity.

- Give preferential cheap social housing to Muslims, while allowing the cost of commercial housing to rise astronomically. This makes finding a home and starting a family very difficult for the British working class.

- Denigrate all British achievements and history. Brainwash students with a sense of guilt about colonialism, slavery and the British Empire and completely airbrush British achievements out of history. This will ultimately produce a nation obsessed with guilt and self-loathing.

- Wreck the educational system (while ensuring Labour MP's own kids go to the best schools)

- Destroy all non-state controlled institutions where proles can meet and exchange unauthorised opinions (eg use of taxation and licensing legislation to destroy community centres such as pubs and village halls)

- Humiliate and demoralise the British working class by allowing aggressive Muslims unrestricted rights to attack and rape British children without risk of prosecution.

- All tensions are the result of inadequate community cohesion, which is the fault of the indigenous proles and must be remedied by vigorous brainwashing.

- Get the BBC (the Labour Party propaganda machine) to tell the British working class that they are worthless, while Muslims are the people of the future.

Cultural enrichment
Despite all the hype about cultural enrichment, this was never the intention. Tony B. Liar intended immigration to produce cultural impoverishment and inflict a very unpleasant experience on the hated indigenous proles, who would have 'their noses rubbed in diversity' like a puppy gets its nose rubbed into its doings - except that our noses are being rubbed into Tony B. Liar's doings, and so will our chidren's and grandchildren's.

The government predicted that crime would rise, but nevertheless went ahead with their scheme of importing millions of implacably hostile jihadist predators and parasites.

Weak horse, strong horse
But what do Labour intend to do with the Muslims once they have outnumbered the British? Do they really think they can secularise them into good socialist citizens?
As Osama bin Laden said, if people have to choose between going with the strong horse or the weak horse, they will choose the strong horse. In Britain today Islam is the strong horse, and Labour's Politically Correct Marxism is the knackered old nag. The Muslims are now getting numerous enough to know that Britain will soon be theirs without the need to co-operate with a bunch of clapped out Marxist creeps.

The damage that Labour has inflicted is irreversible. They have planted a demographic timebomb which will only wreak its full devastation when the Muslims now being born (25% of all births in Britain and rising) reach adulthood:

To appease their post-colonial guilt and self-loathing, the Metropolitan Marxist Elite have allowed millions of jihad-crazed supremacist predators into the country. But it isn't Tony B. Liar, Jack Strawman or Harridan Hormone who are getting their 'noses rubbed in diversity' - it's the long-suffering English working class.

From the Salisbury review...

"When one of my old Labour Party acquaintances expressed anxiety over Islamic terrorism, I asked him why he had always been so keen on getting as many immigrants here as possible. A case of foreigner good: Brit bad, immigrants had all the desirable qualities and every one of them would be a great asset to this country. He told me that he had been ‘trying to make the revolution’. So, while it had not been possible to storm Buckingham Palace and set up Soviets in Westminster, you could still change the population and supplant the hated ‘other’. Ironically, it happened that the flesh and blood other was not made up of filthy capitalists or parasitic aristocrats, but the ordinary working class people we had grown up among, and for and with whom, socialism would create a new world. [...]

Throughout the decades of mass immigration the claim has ever been that migrants just take the jobs we do not want or cannot fill. In the ’60s and ’70s it was also the houses; I recall teenagers in a civics class shouting at a teacher who was trying to counter their toe-curling racism by saying that the Caribbeans moving into their streets were simply occupying houses nobody wanted. ‘We want them’, ‘we live in them’, ‘what’s wrong with them?’ the boys yelled.

What may have been wrong was that the indigenous population was not being divested of them fast enough in reparation for the sins of Empire. Labour MP Frank Dobson spoke to a mainly Bangladeshi audience in Tower Hamlets a few years ago and urged them to help themselves to benefits, education, services, housing and much, much more. All we had was rightfully theirs and we could never compensate enough for our past oppression. Dobson is one heir of that political alliance of the new left with minorities which became active in local politics from the mid 1970s. This alliance enabled white radicals to portray themselves as part of the international movement combating imperialism, with the world’s black and brown people, the downtrodden proletariat.

The New East End by Kate Gavron, Geoff Dench and Michael Young (Profile Books, £15.99) shows how life has changed over the last half century in the area of Family and Kinship in East London, since 1957. It is a dreadful story of dispossession. [...]

Cooperation between the local authorities and ethnic leaders led to blocks of flats being set aside for Bangladeshi occupation, along with a substantial proportion of new and renovated housing. Provision has come to depend upon housing associations and co-operatives, through which the local authorities collaborate with central government and local residents. Attuned to cultural sensitivities, these provide six-bedroomed houses for men with multiple wives and many children; despite angry rants to the media about housing requirements being ignored.

Strong family connections, including ties to others in Bangladesh, are useful to demonstrate a need for housing that does not apply to existing citizens. These are hard-pressed to make any case for housing at all, and are said to ‘choose’ to move out. Unless, that is, they resort to ‘strategic single parenting’. Having a child unwed may be the only route for whites to the grail of council housing. Many engage in undisclosed cohabitation which they do not want to discuss in case they lose benefits; married couples live apart to maximise entitlements and families must make their offspring ‘homeless’ if they are to stand any chance of accommodation. Not only has there been decisive support for indigent outsiders, but antipathy to married, two-parent families.

The loss of local housing-control produced sink estates along with a crescendo of applications to enter the county. In one of the most rapid settlements ever to take place in Britain, wards of Tower Hamlets where Bangladeshi occupation was virtually nil in 1991 had 40 per cent or more in 2001, as population replacement spread to neighbouring boroughs like Newham and (now) Ilford and Barking. Bangladeshi children made up one third of primary school pupils in 1981 and two thirds by 2004, as extra resources were pumped into schools with names like Bangabandhu to help minority children.

Bangladeshi respondents in The New East End recount how nobody in London has to worry where the next meal is coming from, how if you do not have a job ‘they give you money’, how you ‘can have somewhere to live, without any rent’, how your ‘children can go to school’ and, even then, they still ‘give you money’. Omitted from the text is a further observation that you are paid to have as many children as you like.

When means-tested welfare benefits increase with the number of children, they produce a very high worklessness rate. Nationally, the proportion of working age people living in workless households is highest for Pakistani and Bangladeshi groups, at 27.4 per cent in 2004, compared with 10.9 per cent for whites (where lone motherhood is concentrated). Muslims have the highest male unemployment rate at 13 per cent; three times the rate for Christian men at 4 per cent. Add to this an ‘inactivity’ rate of 31 per cent. These men are purportedly ill or disabled, as are a high proportion of Bangladeshi women, who also draw disability benefits for various mental problems. Such disparities in benefit receipt by ethnic groups raise many questions about collusion and validation, and just how much assessment is possible through the burka and in the face of ethnic awareness and anti-discrimination strictures.

With their habitat gone, there are many fewer whites in family households; the average number of children in a Bangladeshi household is more than seven times that in a white household. This helped increase the population of Tower Hamlets by 45 per cent in twenty years (national growth rate, 6 per cent). The decline in white children is steeper in Tower Hamlets than anywhere else in the country. White families are in direct competition with immigrants for scarce resources and services, especially housing and education. Those who remain often last only to the point of school transfer at eleven. Fewer children mean fewer relatives generally. Family ties no longer give white people access to those who control local resources, or links to jobs and housing. Men are no longer organised into socially useful lives as husbands and fathers, so the proportion of unwed births and lone parents among whites is also among the highest in the country, when these were lowest in the first half of the twentieth century.

A double victory for leftists and a double whammy for the white working class, who have seen their family structure smashed and their locality colonised. Highly educated ‘yuppies’ can move around freely, occupationally and geographically, and can take a high-minded view, since they are not in competition with anybody for local resources, not least because they are usually childless. Instead they can enjoy the sense of belonging to a ‘vibrant’ cosmopolitan community without any demands being made on them. It is like being on ‘one big foreign holiday’ as you eulogise — like Richard Morrison in The Times — about the cheap labour and wonderful restaurants.

The whites who oppose the rhetoric of need and rights and resent the loss of their locality are mocked as pathological inadequates who are incapable of living alongside people different from themselves. Use of the racist card both suggests that there is something wrong with the people who feel hostile and avoids the real issues. Promoting cohesion is only ever understood one way: combating white racism. No adjustment is ever demanded of newcomers who live inward-looking lives organised around a religious culture which grants little respect or merit to anyone else’s. Unlike now, immigrants had to work hard to get full admission to the nation where incorporation meant forging ties with the members of the national majority.

Middle class leftists do not learn from history and have instead been drawn by their sympathies into consolidating the rights of minorities against indigenous whites. By 1998, more whites were reporting themselves as victims of racial incidents than were reported as perpetrators. Harassment on estates has been defined by council officials in ways which effectively condones any behaviour by Bangladeshis as ‘defensive’, while white tenants are threatened with the loss of their home or delays in dealing with their claims. The fear of municipal victiminisation prevented some respondents speaking fully to the New East End researchers. In education, the bulk of conflict management is directed at white parents. As schools have become more Bangladeshi, most entrants and their parents do not speak English.

These people have been disinherited and disenfranchised and go unrepresented in a way that contravenes the basic rules of our democracy. While an elected representative is supposed to represent all those in his area, many in Tower Hamlets make it clear that they are only there for the Bangladeshis who vote them in.

Funds from the European Union to build a community centre are used to build a mosque instead. There are provisions for ‘mother tongue’ teaching to make immigrants feel at home. But when one non-Bangladeshi councillor entered a classroom to an abusive reception, he found the lesson devoted — not to Bengali — but to the development of Muslim identity around Arabic. The Muslim boys’ secondary schools are bottom for the borough; not surprising because at east a third of lesson-time is devoted to memorising the Koran. The segregation and disadvantage imposed on pupils can be blamed on them being denied chances by white racism. [...]

Galloway’s Islamofascism represents the growing identity of immigrants as members of the ummah or the worldwide community of Muslims. The old Bengali Islam, softened by local Hinduism and the Sufi tradition, is giving way to jihadist Iranian and Arab models. Its integration, not into mainstream British society, but into militant Islam, is increasingly accompanied by calls for autonomous Muslim areas governed by Sharia law. The mechanisms for government funding have already encouraged local councils to take in more immigrants than their boroughs could cope with and there is not the space for Banglatowns to expand at the same pace — whether in London or elsewhere. Yet, the influx continues, not least as spouses are brought in from the homeland — which sets integration back another generation. Many on the left still embrace untrammelled immigration and insist that the houses, education and benefits can always be found for the millions who would substantially improve their chances by coming here.

The implications for security, not just national cohesion, are terrifying. There is a growing drift into a welfare dependency shared with the lower reaches of the white population whose own lives are shrivelled by the rights culture. What opens up is the kind of prospect we see in the Middle East, where unoccupied, testosterone-fuelled young men, succoured on welfare, spend their time banging guns and making babies. Those antagonistic to their own people and society are eagerly fostering the emergence of a state within a state.

Yes, Mr Dobson, they came, they saw and they are taking it.


  1. I am amazed to see that the English have done it to themselves, after they have done it to us.

  2. "done it to us"?

    Oh yeah? Who's "us" and how come you're still around, albeit in cowering anonymity, if you've already been genocided?

  3. Interesting blog you run here Canspeccy, I enjoy reading it. But to return to my comment above -- the truly amazing thing is that it was in many cases *the very same people* who have now done it to the English, following in the footsteps of 1970s English Radicals and some others who returned to the UK in 1994. There they just carried on the project.

    Sorry about being vague, but I do not wish to expand more. Also, in spite of your fighting spirit, I do not think you can turn this ship around. The demography will be determining the outcome, and by causing the demography, the English Liberal Elite determined the inevitable outcome in England (it will also later come closer to home).

    To expand a bit -- the English Elite walled themselves in exclusive neighbourhoods while the working class bear the brunt of their policies, but eventually, they will also pay for this outcome, in unexpected ways. I have seen similar outcomes elsewhere.

    BTW, the thoughts about Emma West on this blog are fairly accurate -- one should not ignore the following facts about her (1) She is from Croydon, (2) She is in a working class that is being replaced deliberately by the English Elite, (3) She laments the destruction of "her England" repeatedly in the video. Contrary to what most commentators have to say, I heard sorrow, rather than anger, in her voice. And true to form, the Elite will now strip her down for not adhering to an approved political culture.

  4. Ha! I thought you were going to say you were the sole surviving Tasmanian, or Nova Scotian Beothuk Indian, and I would have to acknowledge guilt by racial association.

    But in fact what the Europeans are doing to themselves is something that may never have been done before, by the Brits or anyone else. The elites are, as you indicate, destroying their own nations.

    There are three key aspects to this: economic, political and social. I'm trying to put together some kind of a thesis about this right now.

    Here it is in brief.

    The economic factor is the availability of dirt cheap labor (by European standards) in the developing world. Given absolute freedom, the corporate sector would replace virtually all their English workers by foreigners. Not because the English are any more lazy or stupid than other people, but because when you have hundreds of millions of people on the Indian subcontinent, in Asia and in the ME and Africa working for a dollar or two a day, you can obviously find millions of people from those places who are brighter, more energetic and ready to be more loyal to the hierarchy than the majority of Brits, and who will not hesitate to migrate to Britain or any other European country to increase their income by a factor of ten, twenty or more.

    The political factor is the existence a stooges of the financial and foreign interests: Cameron, Clegg, Milliband, etc., who enable mass immigration.

    The social factor is the existence of a brainwashed mass of middle-class people whose self-esteem is based on the belief that by permitting genocide of their own people they are somehow morally superior to the nationalists who oppose the genocide. These are the useful Guardian-reading idiots who insure the global plutocratic elite are free to establish the New World Order.

  5. Re: "in spite of your fighting spirit, I do not think you can turn this ship around."

    The prospect does not look good now. But things can change. The English are not afraid to fight and die for a cause. My father's generation willingly enough fought the Nazis. The cowardice that chiefly afflicts the English arises fro a fear of social isolation.

    As long as the middle class remains paralyzed by the fear of committing a faux pas, of failing the accepted standard of political correctness, they will continue to bear in silent anguish the progressive extinction of their race, culture and national identity.

    But the fraudulence of the political leadership, including the phony nationalists, Nick, Marmite, Griffin and Tommy, Rotten, Lennon of the EDL, is surely increasingly obvious, even to the most dim-witted Guardianista or nice Tory.

    The question, then, is whether Enoch Powell's vision of the "Tiber foaming with much blood" will prove a reality, and if so, whose blood? The blood of immigrants who came to Britain in good faith and in accordance with law, or the blood of members of the elite, taken in tumbrils to a public hanging?

  6. I am not disrespectful Canspeccy, but how will you turn the ship?

    The demographic change is permanent, and cannot be reversed (unless mass forced repatriations are done, which is not possible; human rights laws and the sheer numbers involved makes this impossible).

    On a different continent I had the same argument about a large population of illegal migrants: Someone wanted to depart them all, and I pointed out that to do that you need thousands of trucks, soldiers with guns and the bloody-mindedness to force women and children onto the trucks and dump them over the border where there are no resources. It is shear madness to even propose something like this, a process which will take a thousand trucks rides per day for 6 months without interruptions. (You will need millions of airline tickets and a police state to achieve something like this in Britain.

    Thus, the change in demography is permanent, and is in fact changing at an exponential rate because of natural growth, and further immigration.

    I know about Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech (which ended his political career). He seems to have implied that riots will in the end stop this process and perhaps return England to what she was.

    He was wrong -- it is the English who will pack up to go elsewhere, see for example here:


    I assure you that the British Elite who cares to stick around will eventually found themselves with a distinctly non-English working class.

    The compact between white Leftist politicians who import immigrant voters to keep them in power will become the relation between the white English upper crust and the new working class who will despise them (actually, if I consider my own experience, then I believe the upper class will be the first to leave the mess they created by emigrating while they still claim the moral high ground).

    Mark Steyn alluded to this kind of dystopian outcome in his latest book, when he used the Welshian Eloi and Morlocks as place holders for the left leaning elite and the underclass they are creating.

    Welsh thought that this kind of society is 100,000s of years in the future, but it is not. It is already here.

    Ps. I am not one for predictions, but here is one: There will be riots in English cities again next summer for two reasons (1) the fast changing demographic, and (2) the decline in North Sea Oil production which is sucking wealth out of the British economy.

    I once lived in England, when it was still really English, recognizably so. It is definitely not that anymore.

    Good luck with your crusade (my people are learning live in the shadows and to do our own thing and to look after ourselves, even if many of are killed and assaulted with the world looking away).

  7. "but how will you turn the ship?"

    First, you'd close the gate on the continuing influx -- obviously.

    No jackboots or machine guns required.

    What you're saying is, since we cannot go back to 1950 without adopting the tactics used by the Israelis on the West Bank, we might as well say "fuck it, let's just swamp the place."

    Obviously its a lot easier to say that than argue with the politically correct propagandists for total mongrelization of the European populations, but its not the only way or the right way.

    "The demographic change is permanent"

    The change that has occurred has occurred. The change that may yet occur has not occurred yet. it can be moderated or reversed. So, no, the demographic change is not permanent.

    You don't have to expel people to change the contingencies of reinforcement that affect reproductive behavior.

    For example, no need to provide welfare to polygamists or people with abnormally large families, unless it helps redress the balance, in which case why not?

    Steyn's reference to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine is interesting, but it doesn't explain what underlies mass migration today, which is simply the drive by business interests to get cheap labor.

    My impression was that Steyn was mainly interested in provoking animosity toward Islam. This, one might suppose, was the reason for the Tube bombings -- the backlash helped intimidate Muslims. Likewise the crazy Muslim demonstrations with stupid posters saying things like "Europe is the cancer, Islam is the answer."

    Is that really the work of sincere Muslims or of intel service agents?

    But business interests that are the driving force behind mass immigration could easily obtain the cheap labour they want (and need if they are to compete globally) by way of a system of wage subsidies for below minimum wage workers that would cost little if anything more than welfare.

    Such a program would result in full employment and a competitive revival of Western manufacturing.

  8. Re: There will be riots in English cities again next summer for two reasons (1) the fast changing demographic, and (2) the decline in North Sea Oil production which is sucking wealth out of the British economy."

    I don't believe a decline in NS Oil matters. Britain has a floating currency. If they have to import more oil the pound will sink, making British labor more competitive internationally.

    However, I agree things could turn out badly for the economy in Britain -- they have the World's most gigantic pile of debt: ten times GDP (See bar chart here). If that's not managed successfully, anything could happen.

  9. The peaking of North Sea Oil production in the British province of that field in 1999 is the cause of the gigantic pile of debt you are talking about.

    Incidently, production in the NS started in the late 1970s, just in time to lift England from the Sick Man of Europe status to wealthy Western State under Thatcher rule.

    In the end, society is about energy flows from source to sink.

    On the other issue, you may be interested in this


  10. Thanks for the rvj link. It looks interesting. But my energy level has just crashed: I'll read it in the morning.

    I understood that most of the UK's private debt is financial (six times GDP), much of it due to rehypothecation endless times by foreign banks and brokers of securities or other loan collateral -- a form of pyramiding that's allowed in London to an extent that is prohibited in the US and elsewhere.

    As for oil, it isn't that large as a percent of GDP, less than 5%, although because of the increase in price, UK oil revenue is now about three times what is was in Thatcher's time.

    I predict UK oil and gas revenue will continue to grow as new technology is applied to the redevelopment of old fields, and previously inaccessible onshore gas.

    Relative to, say, China, Britain is certainly in economic decline. However, there's no reason why the British should not maintain a high standard of living indefinitely. They just need to apply some intelligence to the way they live and invest in the redevelopment of much of their infrastructure.

  11. But developing the British economy for the benefit of the population is out of the question in this post-democratic age. The question now is what is Britain's role in the service of the globalist oligarchy.

  12. And, yes, I see now the point of your initial comment.

  13. But it's a far from exact parallel.

    For the British, the chief significance of the campaign against the Europeans in RSA (many descended from 17th century settlers who arrived before some of the African tribes) may have been to create the belief, subliminally, that white people are all racists deserving of extermination.

  14. Canspeccy, about your comment on British Oil and Gas you might be interested in the following


    and note that the turnover occurred in 2004.

  15. Yes, but that chart dates from 2009.

    New technology has transformed the story.

    BP now claim 3 billion barrels of N Sea oil reserves. And BP are redeveloping the Schiehallion and Loyal oil fields, which produced 400 million barrels the first time round and are now expected, through the application of new technology, to produce a further 450 million barrels by 2035.

    The OilDrum is an interesting place but there are too many panicky environmentalists there to provide a balanced view. And they censor rational debate. For example, when I pointed out that Matt Simmons ridiculous claims about BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill were in flat contradiction with statements made by Jane Lubchenko, head of the EPA, formerly President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a committed environmentalist, my comment was simply deleted. Matt Simmons being beyond criticism at the Oil Drum, apparently, despite, in that case, his acknowledged financial interest, i.e., a short poistion in BP stock.

  16. True, it is a 2009 graph. I find the coal part of that graph the most interesting: New ways to extract coal, new technology, deeper mines, better pumps, more safety, efficient diesel mining equipment, but the decline was simple and steady, the resource is simply exhausted.

    Yes, I know you will argue that coal was more easily extracted elsewhere, hence the decline in Britain. There is a flipside to this, namely that coal is hard and expensive (also in labour) to extract in Britain *in spite of the efficiency gains due to new technology, techniques, etc*.

    I am fairly confident that Britain will never again be a net exporter of energy. The discoveries you talk about are blips on the downslope of their energy production (3 billion barrels when Britain has already produced more than 20 billion barrels from large exhausted fields is not a large enhancement of yet-to-produce reserves).

    As an analogy, look for example at the effects of a recent very large Norwegian discovery on Norwegian output in figure 2 in http://www.theoildrum.com/node/8746

    You are right about the panicky environmentalist mentality. Earth warming etc, is the least of our problems. But similarly, the current energy crisis is a serious issue which is already biting hard, and will become a contentious issue when the new world powers start to think of "our oil" over there...

  17. True, it appears unlikely that Britain will again be a net exporter of energy.

    It seems odd, from a strategic perspective, that oil production was ramped up to produce a surplus for export, considering the small size of the reserves, although I suppose the explanation that would be given is that, once oil has been extracted and sold, the profits can be invested thereby increasing future income, whereas oil in the ground yields nothing.

    But I don't see a low energy future as a bad thing. Much of our energy now is consumed in travel, a rather pointless activity in the age of the internet. Much better spend your money on enhancing your local environment.

    It is an interesting question what China will do if they run short of juice.

    But the Chinese are smart people, and perhaps not so greatly interested in global power, seeking only respect and non-interference.

    If I'm correct about that, they may very well be among the pioneers in the development of a low-energy, high-tech civilization: electric bikes, high density cities powered, perhaps, by thorium reactors.

    It is reported that the Chinese thorium reactor project is headed byJiang Mianheng, son of the former Chinese president Jiang Zemin, which suggests it may be a high priority program.

  18. It's only a matter of time before the hatred spills onto the street.