Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cool Climate Links

Steve McIntyre: How U. East Anglia handles a Freedom of Information Request

Roger Tattersall: Climate realism: Tallbloke style

R. Neukom et al.: The Southern Hemisphere medieval warm period
... mean summer temperatures between 900 and 1350 are mostly above the 1901–1995 climatology. After 1350, we reconstruct a sharp transition to colder conditions, which last until approximately 1700. The summers in the eighteenth century are relatively warm with a subsequent cold relapse peaking around 1850. In the twentieth century, summer temperatures reach conditions similar to earlier warm periods. The winter temperatures in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were mostly below the twentieth century average.
Tony Brown: The long, slow thaw?
A warming trend can be observed from 1659, the start date of Central England Temperature  (CET)- the oldest instrumental record in the world- to today.  It would be a notable coincidence if the warming started at the exact point that this record began. The purpose of this paper is to reconstruct CET from its current start point, through the use of diverse historical records, to 1538, in order to see if the commencement of this centuries long warming trend can be identified from within this time frame.

Figure 1 CET from 1659-in the style of Hadley 1772

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