Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Anglo-American Project for Global Empire Has Failed: Time to Restore National Borders and Send Home the Immigrants That Have Flooded Europe

To enjoy a system of global governance under which they manufacture where labor is cheapest, and where workplace health and safety standards are lowest, sell where wages are highest, take profits where taxes are minimal to non-existent, and use labor migration to drive wages in the West to the sweatshop level of the Rest, the Money Power, comprising the global banking, manufacturing and trading corporations and their paid political stooges, have engaged in a deliberate program to destroy what for the last several hundred years have been the most powerful nation states; namely the nation states of Europe and their colonial extensions in North America and elsewhere.

The objective of this criminal conspiracy against the European peoples has been to transform Europe into a polyethnic multicultural mess where each minority, white, black, brown or yellow, Christian, atheist, Muslim, Hindu or Jew will find protection of its rights not from a democratically elected national government, but from the global authorities under the thumb of the Money Power.

The means to achieve this objective have been simple and obvious:

(1) Suppression of the fertility of the indigenous people through the destruction of the family, promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, and the sexualization of children through a compulsory program of so-call sex "education," i.e., a program for the promotion of sexual perversion that treats reproduction as the only sexual vice.

(2) Mass replacement of a declining indigenous population with a mass influx of immigrants of an alien race, religion and cultural tradition.

(3) Demoralization of the indigenous population by the enforced acceptance of alien cultural practices and religious observances, combined with oppression of the upholders of the native culture, including attacks on proponents of traditional Christian teaching.

The result of these policies, which have been enforced by Western governments, whether nominally left, right or center, has been the largest genocide in world history, resulting in the destruction of the great nations of Europe within barely more than a generation. London, for example, for long the greatest city in Europe is now majority ethnic, which is to say a city where the English have been made a minority in their own home, as has happened in Leicester, Luton, Slough and soon England's second city of Birmingham.

Similar developments have occurred throughout Europe, most abruptly in Germany where the childless Angela-of-Death Merkel has held open the gates to the mass immigration of mostly young disaffected male migrants from the Middle East.

But this crime of the age, the ongoing genocide of the European people by its own bought elites, has proved to be for naught. The US-powered drive for global governance in the interests of a tiny global plutocracy has failed. China, which never opted into the scheme, is now No. 1, with the largest economy in the world, the largest manufacturing base in the world, the largest energy consumption in the world and the largest accumulation of highly trained scientists and engineers who will invent the future including the future of warfare if the Globalist maniacs push things to that extreme. What's more, while Trump boasts that the US GDP growth in the most recent quarter spurted upward to 3%, China's economy consistently grows twice as fast, quarter after quarter, year after year.

And the Chinese, though a proud and sometimes arrogant people, want to remain Chinese, not become multi-culti mongrels. So there's an end to global governance, not that the loons and financial criminals in the United States of Aggression get it. Still they hope to smash Russia, divide that great nation into multiple Poroshenkite Corruptionistans to be looted by Soros and friends, while the US and its NATO subordinates set up military based to contain and ultimately overwhelm China.

Trouble is NATO is crap, still struggling to dominate Afghanistan after 16 years of pissing away trillions of dollars and ruining the lives of countless people. Moreover, NATOs great military is singularly unfit for the purpose of defeating great nations such as Russia and China, or even much lesser nations, and even nations as inconsequential as Syria or North Korea. Aircraft carriers with VTOL F35's rising in swarms from their decks look good, but they are vulnerable to all kinds of Russian and Chinese missiles, missiles now in the hands of many other nations too. Any real trouble and 5000 American sailors will go to the bottom in a matter of minutes. So much for the mighty US 7th Fleet, which apparently cannot even steer straight.

Thus a vital question for the NATO nations, the Americans in particular, is whether they will go down to a humiliating defeat and possible annihilation at the hands of a major adversary, or will piss away their resources gradually until their failure to compete in military technology and economic growth becomes too obvious to conceal even from themselves.

And given the failure of the criminal globalist conspiracy, what must the European nations now do?

First, they must restore the fertility of their own people and the vitality of their culture. To achieve the first objective means requiring the immigrant masses that have accumulated in Europe to return home. Ex-migration will be the wave of the future. In the first stage, illegal immigrants and their progeny will be sent home without delay. In the second stage, migrants without citizenship, and their children, will be required to leave after a limited time, say five years. In the third stage, legal immigrants with citizenship will be encouraged to leave by means of generous economic incentives. The aim must be to treat these people with the respect that law abiding people deserve, and with the objective of establishing with then an enduring connection of friendship and loyalty. Such a painless separation of the ways can be achieved by the granting of various privileges, e.g., a non-resident passport that would provide access to diplomatic assistance should that be required wherever they may relocate. Additionally, those returning to their homelands should be assisted with the purchase of housing, businesses, etc. Opportunities for subsidized education in the West could also be part of the package.

The restoration of European culture will be, in part, a spontaneous result of the termination of enforced multiculturalism. However, there will be a need to clear the cultural institutions, churches, schools, universities and media corporations of the Treason Party hacks who have sold out their own people.

In addition, intelligence needs be applied to the question of national population policy. It is time to end the welfare subsidization of breeding by the underclass. If necessary, welfare mothers and their DNA identified partners will have to serve time in segregated poor houses, where they are required to perform labor to cover the cost of their own incarceration. For the most part, the underclass breed not because they care much for children but because they want free sex, board and lodging, which existing welfare systems provide. The welfare supported underclass, is essentially a parasite imposed by government on the productive and responsible members of society. Such parasitism means the dumb, devious, lazy and dishonorable breed at the taxpayer's expense. This must end. Taxpayers are the people who should breed, and they will be better able to do so without the burden of the welfare class, and its bureaucratic facilitators.

Once the European people are shot of alien settlers and interlopers they will experience three great benefits: an increase in wages as labor shortages emerge, a decrease in housing costs, as competition for housing falls, and decreasing taxes as the demand for maternity hospitals, schools, universities, roads, etc., etc. collapses with an end to immigration-driven population growth. Such easing of the conditions of life will inevitably result in earlier household formation and hence a revival in the birthrate of the indigenous people of Europe, thus ending the current, state-driven, indigenous population implosion.


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