Saturday, November 18, 2017

What's wrong with Britain? Theresa May

By Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey, November 14, 2017:What is wrong with Britain can be summed up in two words: Theresa May. Her pig-headed example of sheer insolence, stupidity and vapid, ditzy ignorance as she called Russia her chief threat bore the hallmarks of a snide, nasty, ill-mannered guttersnipe more befitting the hollow, pithy-headed gossip of a hairdressing salon.

The weak and wobbly British Prime Minister's comments came at the Lord Mayor's banquet on Monday, one imagines after the meal was over. She could have concentrated on domestic issues and addressed the reasons why she is so unpopular. She could have explained and expanded on the missing pedophile files, files involving investigations of pedophilia at Westminster which went missing. She was Home Secretary, was she not? She could have explained why the British people were duped into an afternoon of drunken stupidity in their ridiculous Brexit vote by the series of lies spun by her choice for Foreign Secretary, one Boris Johnson, claiming that the British would have an extra 350 million pounds a week to spend on the National Health Service if they left the European Union, which is not only nonsense but a pig-headed lie.

But no, the British Prime Minister did none of these things, basically because she is incapable of it. What she did was choose the age-old path of arrogance, bad manners and shitfaced insolence, mouthing off about Russia being a threat. What threat? Sure, Russia could carpet-nuke Britain off the face of the map within seconds, jam the Royal Navy's boats and subs so they would be sitting ducks, blow the royal Air Force out of the air and leave the Army quivering like a gaggle of ninnies at the bottom of a smouldering crater. Russia could, but would not.

Russians couldn't give a flying---

In fact Russia and Russians, let the truth be known, couldn't give a twopenny damn about the UK and to be honest neither could most Russians give a flying phuck about what Theresa May has to say. The sanctions she backs against Russia have blown up in her face. In Russia there is less gorgonzola on the supermarket shelves but plenty of substitutes from South America, creamier and cheaper, so the State gets its taxes just the same, the consumer gets a better product for less and the ones crying all the way to the bank are those who imposed the sanctions. They are an excellent opportunity for Russia to diversify her economy, and this is happening as we speak. In 2016 for instance Russia was the world's largest exporter of grain. And now we speak about cheese, this is an excellent opportunity for Russians to bring their knowledge in making the world's best creams, sour creams and kefirs into cheese-making, which to date has not made a significant contribution to world cuisine.

Who rules the roost in Westminster matters not one iota to Russia, after all the entire British Isles would fit into one small part of any peninsula sticking northwards into the Arctic Ocean where little lives. Except crabs.

So Theresa May's blistering attack on Russia, accusing it of threatening international order and interfering in elections falls on deaf ears in Moscow because it is yet again evidence of her utter ineptitude, petty-mindedness and naivety. And now let us call her out on what she said.

Uninformed and naive

Does Theresa May seriously believe that people are that uninformed and easy to mislead that they would be influenced in their electoral choices by a Tweet? Does she really think the British people are that damned stupid that they would vote for Brexit because a Russian told them to do so? Does she believe that agent Trumpovich has been successfully installed in the White House and fear that agent Corbinov will follow at Number Ten? Does she even believe that most of the people who voted for her have any idea what her policies are? Does she believe that if she asked the average Tory voter their opinion on her economic policy they would have any clue what she was talking about? People vote from the heart, from the gut and from the image of two people on the TV screen, they are not influenced by Tweets.

Does Theresa May seriously think that the Russian media purposefully shows negative images of the west, when these images are clear for all to see anyway? The worst enemy of the west is governments like hers and leaders like her. Their media are the ones that manipulate images, showing demonstrations against the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 and claiming they are anti-Putin demonstrations two dacades later. Then they blame Russia. They are the ones that show pictures of a run on a Greek bank and claim it is in Moscow, so stupid they cannot tell the difference between Greek and Cyrillics. Then they blame Russia.

They are the ones that hold a referendum in the Falklands and claim it is legally binding then complain about a referendum in Crimea - held by the legal entity in force, the Legislative Assembly, because the democtatically elected President of Ukraine was ousted in a western-backed Fascist coup. They are the ones that have interfered and caused problems across the globe from West Sudan to South Sudan to Kenya to Zimbabwe to South Africa to Zambia to Myanmar to India to Pakistan to Sri Lanka to Bangladesh, meddling and drawing lines on maps, empowering one group over another to garner support as their imperialist policies robbed these countries blind and ground them into abject and lasting poverty. The Soviet Union was the one spending 250 billion dollars a year each and every year freeing these millions of people from the terror of imperialist tyranny, providing public services in these countries, educating and training doctors, nurses, engineers and teachers, building schools and roads and hospitals and transportation hubs, educating and developing, providing schooling for free, healthcare for free, free housing, guaranteed jobs, free food, free transportation, free leisure time activities, safety on the street, security of the State, opportunities for social mobility, personal growth and cultural activities.

Does Theresa May approve of her country's involvement in Iraq, when the UK openly breached the UN Charter and took part in a murderous campaign using military hardware against civilian structures, blasting the limbs and faces off kids, blasting their families away? Is Theresa May proud of the fact that her British military aircraft were working alongside allies, if not actively taking part themselves, in strafing fields of cereals in Iraq in the 1990s to deny the people food? And she blames Russia for negative publicity?

What are Russian news outlets supposed to say, that she is a Goddam freaking fairy Godmother, or what?

Does Theresa May believe that Russia meddled in Libya, breaching the terms of UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011)? To refresh her memory, let us see my indictment of NATO - here - at the time, a document which has been tampered and meddled with numerous times, which several times has lost thousands of posts and input comments at the same time as my Facebook account was taken over by one and I lost a thousand contacts. It was not a Russian. Britain claimed that Colonel Gaddafy was bombing his own civilians when he was not. Britain deliberately stirred up trouble siding with terrorists on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's own list of proscribed groups. And she blames Russia?

Does Theresa May admit siding with her beloved "moderate" terrorists in Syria, of siding with those whose groups allegedly raped nuns, beheaded small boys, gang-raped little girls before and after they were beheaded and after they were forced to watch their parents being tortured to death? And she blames Russia, which was obeying international law heeding the call for support from the President, Dr. Assad and exterminating this filth?

So if I were Theresa May I would STFU, mind her manners, mind her own business and sort out the utter mess her country is in. If she thinks for a minute anyone, anywhere takesher seriously as she lurches and flounders from one crisis to the next then she is living in cloud cuckoo land. Why doesn't she hire someone who knows something about fashion, adopt a more fitting hairstyle, use some eye shadow, be a little more ladylike, go shopping on Oxford Street and buy herself a pair of shoes?

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