Monday, June 20, 2022

Ukraine and the Right of All Peoples to Choose the Form of Government Under Which They Will Live

Reflecting widespread Ukrainian hatred for Russians in Nazified, Banderite Ukraine, Ukraine's Parliament just passed a law to purge the country of Russian Culture. The policy is highly divisive, since 17% of Ukraine's population are ethnic Russian and 30% are Russian speakers. 

Ukraine's hated Russians and Russphones naturally resents this policy of cultural genocide, more so the exterminationist ambition of former Ukrainian Premier, Julia Tymoshenko. Moreover, being concentrated in Eastern Ukraine and the Odessa region, they naturally want self government, which is to say independence from the hate-filled, NATO-backed, lynch mob in Kyiv. 

So what to do? Obviously, the decent solution is to honor the principles of the Atlantic Charter set forth by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at a meeting in Newfoundland on August 14, 1941.

Specifically, among other rights, the Atlantic Charter proclaimed:

the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live

In accordance with this principle, the solution to the Russia: Ukraine conflict is clear: A referendum in every Ukrainian Oblast with a large Russian-speaking population to determine whether the people wish to be ruled by Kyiv, by Moscow, or live independently under their own culturally Russian state, such as the existing sovereign Donbas republics. 

But too many idiots now rule in the West, including Bojo the serially divorced, fake Churchill, Trudeau the Canadian dictator-wannabe who thinks it wise to provide Ukraine weapons with which to kill Russians, who are, after the Americans, our closest neighbours. 


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  1. Here we are again, CS, watching a train wreck. There's the theory the leaders are idiots, but also the theory the leaders plan to entirely destabilize the entire planet.

    We may watch Europe dissolve into chaos. I agreed with one of the commentators you've posted about the large immigrant population being a key component in precipitating the chaos.

    Those immigrants are in Europe in large part because of the destabilization of their nations, and more extensively, their regions. As destabilization occurred over and over elsewhere, I came more and more to accept the second theory: this is what is intended.

    So now my money is on Europe being intentionally destroyed.

    Did you know combined Russian and Ukrainian output of wheat accounts for 1/3 of the world's total supply? One third of the world's wheat is immobilized. Hunger causes people to riot.

  2. This is a complex thesis you are arguing here, CS.

    "Specifically, among other rights, the Atlantic Charter proclaimed: the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live."

    The problem in "Ukraine" arises because there is a sizable minority of people for whom the majority has not the slightest level of tolerance or concern.

    The "Ukrainian" Nazis would have not the slightest problem exterminating this minority, which, as you've often noted, they view as a form of vermin. It was not only to effect a cultural genocide the "Ukrainian" Nazis were amassing substantial military forces against the predominantly Russian areas of "Ukraine". This was done because they were intent on ethnic cleansing. I would have counted on them to do it if Putin hadn't intervened. I wish Americans would realize this and understand what it is they are backing with their billions in aid.

    In terms of the Atlantic Charter and its principle of the right of people to choose the form of government under which they live, I immediately thought of the USA and our civil war.

    Under the terms of the Atlantic Charter, there would have been justification for the southern states to leave the Union. What was good for the northern states was not good for the southern states. They did, in effect, have a different culture down there.

    It wouldn't have been in the interests of the northern states for them to break away on that basis or any other. There had to be a bloody war to prevent it. For about a century after the war ended, the south was backward and broken. This doesn't seem to be remembered. (On top of that, the conflict is remembered as "the war to free the slaves", and Lincoln, in prosecuting it, is remembered as a saint. "He preserved the union.")

    You guys in Canada have faced similar situations, and I am not sure you've dealt with them entirely in accord with the principles of the Atlantic Charter.

    I'm pretty sure when this is over there will be no "Ukraine". I also think the people in the Russian areas will be happier with their final fate than those in what will be the enlarged Poland. Happy or not, those Nazi idiots to be governed within Poland are going to have to get used to it because they're not going to get international support to "break away". On the other hand, I won't be surprised if Poland becomes Nazi. The Nazis will take over governance.

    1. Yes, it's complicated.

      I assume, though perhaps incorrectly, that application of the principles enunciated in the Atlantic charter, entails the rights of the majority in any significant region of any country to vote for, and thereby achieve, independence.

      it was this principle that led to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, which the nationalists lost, and the 1995 Quebec independence referendum which the Quebec separatists lost.

      But the principle is not clear-cut and there is nothing to compel a government to accede to a demand for a referendum. Thus, if say, London, the British capital city, which through mass immigration now has a majority ethnic population, had a referendum on independence and reattachment to the EU, I would expect the British Government to act as the US Government did in the case of Southern separatism, which preserved the South as a majority white territory, whereas, has the slave owners continued in control, the African population would have ultimately dominated both in number and political influence and the US, i.e., the Union states, would now border an independent African nation.

      As for Ukraine, it seems to be dominated by lunatics of the Nazi variety, hence the unfolding tragedy. Had Ukraine acted in accordance with the Minsk agreement, and had they allowed devolution of powers to the Oblasts comparable to the powers of the US states or Canadian provinces, there would be no cultural conflict or any reason for national disintegration.

      It seems, then, that Ukraine is suffering the horror of civil war because it is governed by lunatic pyromaniacs, for which fact one can blame Germany, at least in part. It was the policy of Germany under Otto Von Bismarck to promote Ukrainian nationalism to weaken the control of Ukraine by the Russian empire. As it is, the policy is clearly back-firing. Ukrainian Nazism has weakened NATO to the point of disintegration, destroyed the moral standing of the West, and utterly destroyed Ukraine as a nation state.

  3. Did you see "Ukraine" is now an official candidate for membership in the EU? There's no sign the rest of Europe is waking up to what's in store if they keep supporting and affirming Nazism. Good god how blind can they be? (Except, for me, the fear of all fears: the elites are insane, as in the way they are depicted in the Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut. Or do I mean, instead of insane, evil.)

  4. I suppose it all makes sense if you assume that the people who are supposed to be in charge, actually are. Consider, the porcine Boorish Johnson, a ridiculous Churchill imitator with zero military experience, or Liz Truss, British Foreign Secretary with the intellect of a damp rag, or our Justin, the blackface man and wannabe dictator, or God help us, Joe, Leader of the Free World, Biden.

  5. Plus of course the ultimate dim-bulb, Ursula van de Leyen, who should have stuck to raising babies, something she was evidently good at.