Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Norwegians Must Be Really Stupid People

Norwegian Feminist Faces Three Years In Prison

But perhaps Norwegians aren't stupid, but are being conditioned to fear questioning even the most obvious, absurd or monstrous lies told by what is laughably called their democratic government -- and amplified by what is laughably called their free press. 

And, clearly, acceptance of similar bullshit is being compelled throughout the West. Here in Trudovia, those peacefully protesting against stupid vax mandates (as we have noted, the vax actually promotes Covid spread*, a fact just confirmed by none other than the CDC) are declared by Prime Minister Turdeau to be racists and misogynists.

* A prize of one year's free subscription to CanSpeccy to anyone able to find a search engine that links to our November 12, 2021 post: 

Covid Vaccination to Promote the Spread

But don't waste your time with the big search engines Bing, for example or Quack Quack Doh! Non of them have it. Not even Google that hosts this blog. Why's that, do you suppose?


Vaccine orders for kids under 5 underway 


  1. "But perhaps Norwegians aren't stupid, but are being conditioned to fear questioning even the most obvious, absurd or monstrous lies told by what is laughably called their democratic government -- and amplified by what is laughably called their free press."

    That's what it is happening. It is working, too.

    Though I want to try a few different search types, I can partially confirm your statement about the post not showing up in a Google search.

    What got me, though, was all the misinformation I called up using the title of the post in my search. I'm still looking at it. It is fascinating.

    Look at this, CS. This is the top link which came up, and I kid you not:

    "Quickly address COVID-19 vaccine misinformation being spread on social media. Ask local healthcare professionals and organizations to take questions on social ..."


    Make no mistake. You are considered an enemy of the people. Appropriate action is being taken by the authorities to assure you and what you purvey will be stamped out of existence.

    There are other remarkable results following this one at the top. I'm looking at those, too, even though this first one told me all I needed to know. Have you tried a Google search using your post's title?

    1. That's interesting. I wonder how it works. Does a human agent have the job of evaluating my posts and assigning links, or what one might call mislinks, to my posts, or is it all done with AI. If the agent is warm-blooded, hey there, whoever you are, do you feel that you are performing a socially useful function or would you agree that you are simply a contemptible tool of an antidemocratic elite?

      Also, I wonder whether the links presented in response to a particular search are tailored not only in accordance with the search term, but also according to the profile of the person doing the search.

      Must be interesting being a shit working for the elite. Lots of ingenious technology to scramble the minds of the little people.

    2. Yes, the folks at the CDC and other government health agencies such as the UK's Health Security Agency must have experienced severe cognitive dissonance during the Covid epidemic. On the one hand, they have high level expertise in the collection and analysis of data, but then they have to remain silent as the public is inundated with BS to prevent it understanding the implications of the data they have so professionally accumulated.

      Britain's Health Security Agency, for example, has produced excellent weekly statistical reports on rates of Covid vaccination, infection, and mortality stratified by age category, yet the evidence thus produced that vaccination rates are positively correlated with infection rates must somehow be treated as taboo.

      Likewise, the CDC made it clear early in the Covid epidemic that mortality rates were highly age-dependent, with the risk to children being less than that of the seasonal flu, while despite this knowledge, coercive measures were implemented to: (a) compel child vaccination with a novel and vaccine that has not undergone long-term human or animal safety testing; and (b) force the transfer of infected people from hospitals into care homes, where they set of lethal epidemics.

  2. To make it more clear, the statement about stopping the spread of misinformation on social media was a quoted from a posting on the CDC's site,

    "Ways Health Departments Can Help Increase COVID-19 Vaccinations".

  3. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/health-departments/addressing-vaccine-misinformation.html

    The medical community is functioning in a surveillance and censorship capacity. There is some fairly chilling commentary about what medical professionals should do, including keeping lists, in order to control misinformation.


  4. How to conduct effective social listening and media monitoring and help prevent the spread of misinformation:

    Identify your jurisdiction’s existing information sources that will inform listening, such as analysis of social media comments, call center logs, and media inquiry logs. Check tools regularly to gather social listening data.

    Create and maintain a social media influencer list to monitor for perceptions, content gaps, and misinformation.

    Create and maintain a rumor log to track circulating misinformation, its volume, how it is spreading, and how it evolves over time.

    Set up a social and traditional media monitoring system to access key channels, communities, and conversations, including free monitoring and analytical tools.
    Analyze and develop insights by considering the following questions:
    What questions are people asking about COVID-19 vaccination?
    What are people’s attitudes and emotions that may be linked to vaccination behavior?
    What rumors or misinformation are circulating?
    What overarching themes and narratives—beyond individual pieces of content—emerge from widely circulated rumors and misinformation?
    How are people responding to and interpreting vaccine-related communication from public health authorities?


  5. Oh yeah. Here in Beautiful British Columbia, under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer Saint Bonnie, "Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe," Henry, General practitioners with the temerity to suggest that the vax may not be absolutely safe and, indeed, has actually killed people, are subject to severe penalties.

  6. "Does a human agent have the job of evaluating my posts and assigning links, or what one might call mislinks, to my posts, or is it all done with AI."

    It appears to be a combination of both. There are humans at various levels within the feedback loops of the algorithm.

    I wouldn't call them "agents" though, if this is what the word "agency" means: "the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power." They are literally part of the algorithm.

    They are doing what they're told, as they've been told to do it. Human "automatons".

    My answer is, therefore, it is all "AI".

  7. "But perhaps Norwegians aren't stupid, but are being conditioned to fear questioning even the most obvious, absurd or monstrous lies told by what is laughably called their democratic government -- and amplified by what is laughably called their free press."

    There is one hell of a mental health crisis out there, and that's for sure.

  8. (fact just confirmed by none other than the CDC)

    I just watched the CBS broadcast about the CDC data. It was very worthwhile, so once again, thank you.

    (1) During the omicron outbreak earlier this year, at its peak, unvaccinated people were by some multiple more likely to be infected than either those with only the primary vaccination or the primary vaccination with boosters. People with only the primary vaccination were infected significantly more than those with primary vaccination and with boosters.

    (2) After the peak, the number of infections drastically dropped for all three groups. (i.e., the spike was very sharp and all over relatively quickly.) The graph over time of infections for all three groups returned to close to baseline.

    (3)It is at this time, with the number of infections close to baseline we see the line of those with boosters cross over and become greater than those with only the primary, but the number of infected without any vaccination is markedly higher than both.

    (4) The professor from Cornell attributes the higher number of infected with boosters (over those only with primary) is that this group has a false sense of security. Because they've received all the vaccination, they feel invulnerable and act in a more risky fashion.

    That's at least plausible. I'm not quite sure how it would be tested true or false.

    What irritates me is these people feel invulnerable in part because they were repeatedly told they were receiving vaccines to be immune to infection, and indeed "it'll be all over" once everyone has been infected.

    (5) The professor still wears masks and observes other precautions even though it is no longer required, "because it makes sense".

    (6) There are many more infections now than there were a year ago. The interview ,in my opinion, didn't make an effort to contextualize or explain this feature of the current situation.

    (7) The figure of 225 million (or so) vaccinated Americans was quoted. That's very close to 2/3 of Americans. This is much lower than in Canada and many other places. Obviously there is some resistance in the USA absent from these other places. However, more and more Americans are vaccinated as time goes on, and why, all else being equal, would there be more infections now than before? (I may look up if there are more infections now than a year ago in more vaccinated countries such as Canada.) What about herd immunity? Why hasn't herd immunity kicked in? In addition to vaccine "immunity" many more Americans would have acquired natural immunity. Why is this not affecting infection rates now, in 2022?

    (8) The one journalist asked if the greater infection rate in boostered might be because those boostered were the high risk group. I thought that was a good question.

    (9) The professor, in my opinion, confirms boosters will be a permanent fixture from now on. Also, for many people, masking and so forth will be a permanent fixture in their lives.

    1. The numbers discussed on CBS would likely have been more enlightening if age-stratified.

      If age affects the numbers in the US as in the UK, age-stratified data would have shown that by far the greatest number of infections has been in the youngest age groups (under 18 and 19-29), which have the lowest vaccination rates. Moreover, the data would have shown, in these age groups, a higher infection rate among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated.

      But among older age-groups, vaccination rates are higher, and infection rates are several-fold higher among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated.

      If I am correct in my assumption as to what age-stratification of the US data would show, it would mean that except among young people, who are not a much risk of serious illness from Covid – especially the current Omicron variants, it is the vaccinated who are a threat to the unvaccinated, not the other way around.

      And that is what Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, Professor of Epidemiology at the School of Public Health at Yale University said many months ago. See:

      Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch: It's the Unvaccinated who should fear the vaccinated, not the other way around.