Tuesday, June 14, 2022

How Will the Ukraine War End?

 Jens Stoltenberg, head of NATO, spoke earlier this month of the Ukraine war lasting years during which he presumably looked forward to having NATO's Ukrainian proxy test out all kinds of military stuff on Russians. But now, damn it, the stinking Ruskies are winning. What to do? Well, you'd  better negotiate a peace deal and his territory while you can, Stoltenberg tells cokehead porn actor, Ze. 

Trouble is, it takes two to make a deal and Russians, as the're winning this war, will have the major say as to how things turn out. For example, they may just propose a referendum across Eastern and Southern Ukraine, where the resources are and where the Russian speakers are in the great majority. 

The choice? One imagines there'd be three options. (1) Rule by Kyiv, (2) Rule by Moscow, or (3) Independence. Who could object. It'd be democratic, just as all the simpletons in Canada flying the Ukrainian flag surely want.

As for the outcome? Option One, Rule by Kyiv, seems a non-starter. So whatever else happens? Ze will be seen to have trashed his own country, which will be reduced to a poor, land-locked rump, with a fractious multiracial society, most of which seems destined to be absorbed by Poland with some particularly non-Polish ethnic bits going to other adjoining states.


Show’s Over, Folk: Jens Stoltenberg Says Ukraine Must Surrender

"It’s possible that there are still people in the State Department trying to push this thing all the way to the end, but if the head of NATO is saying it’s time to concede to Russia, the show is over and it’s just a matter of how long it is going to take for the gears to move."

The thing is, Ze better surrender now before Russia takes more territory, or worse, before the Ukraine Armed Forces revoit, or even worse, change sides. 

Yep, hurry up Ze, go pay your respects to Putin before his guys take you away and deposit you in Moscow's Lublanka jail, pending a war crimes trial. 

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