Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Trudeau's Path to the Chinese-Style Dictatorship He So Wishes to Impose on Canadians Especially those Trucker Racist, Anti-science Misogynists

May 10, 2022

In this episode of Justice Matters, John Carpay, lawyer and President of the Justice Centre.for Constitutional Freedoms, argues that Canada appears to be on the path to soft totalitarianism with government surveillance, social justice scoring and digital IDs.


Government of Canada Will Pay to Euthanize Those Who Are “Too Poor to Continue Living With Dignity” (Video) Who is to "benefit" from this legislation? Mainly, it seems the mentally ill and the old. Hitler would have approved.

Joe Rogan calls Justin Trudeau a “creepy f***ing dictator”


  1. I agreed with C.J. Hopkins these people can't turn back. We're going to be watching them maneuver us into, as C.J. said, "full-blown fascism". As he also said, "It ain't gonna be pretty."

    They'd rather we all die than admit they were wrong or be held accountable.

    The more control they have, the more they need. Paradoxically, their hold becomes more and more fragile and untenable.

  2. Have you heard this?


    Faux see announces the pandemic is over.

    I came upon this while trying to update on FDA vaccine approval for very young children under age five (and infants?). Only weeks ago, I'd observed this approval was being sought under the emergency provisions-- the same emergency provisions under which all this crap has been perpetrated.

    I've been interested in that because the adverse effects of the vaccine, of which I am certain exist, are going to be so much worse for these very young people with very immature immune systems.

    They only approved vaccines for children 5 to 11 last October.