Monday, November 15, 2021

Jordan Peterson to Justin Trudeau: "I Got the Vaccine, Now You Fucking Leave Me Alone"


Top German health experts admit vaccines don’t work but still call for booster shots A case of expecting what didn't work in the past, will work in the future. Aka, stupidity.

Dr. Peter McCullough: The COVID shot is a form of ‘bioterrorism,’ its spike protein is ‘pathogenic’ That's why you gotta take the shot. Prince Charles, Justin Trudeau and their Davos jet-setting friends for carbon neutrality think the world is too cluttered with people like you and its time for them to die, be sterilized, or be subject to house arrest for the rest of their miserable lives

Over a 60X increase in pro sports adverse events since the vaccines rolled out

Why Biden's Vaccine Mandate Hasn't Delivered The Promised Results -- 'Cos it's stoopid.

Are Lockdown Zealots and Vaxx Fanatics Part of a Jim Jones-Style Cult?  Bring on the Cool Aid and be done with them

Florida Governor Calls Special Legislative Session to Defeat Vaccine Mandates

Lunatic, Criminal, Corrupt, Call It What You Will, Austria Imposes House Arrest on Unvaxed -- Even Those With Durable and Robust Immunity from Infection But then Austrians always have been suckers for extremist, totalitarians running their government. "Heil Covitler"

CDC busted on Natural Immunity…

CDC Now Reports 146.6 million Americans have had Covid, acquiring durable and robust immunity as a result (No, of course the CDC did not say anything about durable and robust immunity from infection. Their job is to push the vax).

CDC Admits No Record Of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19

Britain [the World] will have to live with Covid as an 'endemic' illness for many years
Which is what the professionals in the field said at the outset, cf the Great Barrington Declaration. But it's good to know that Britain's dumbass health bureaucrats are finally getting a grip on reality. Would that the people advising the dim-bulb Biden-Trudeau duo would grasp this obvious reality too. 

Western governments have proven their complicity in the destruction of their own peoples
Elites, which is to say the rich, have always despised the poor. Now with automation and AI, they are at last free to eliminate the human trash. 

Vaccine passports transform society into a dystopian NIGHTMARE, Unvaxxed to live like FUGITIVES — Welcome to the world of Justbin Trudeau's Canadian Covid Tyranny

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