Thursday, September 2, 2021

Vaccine-Induced Covid Variants: The More the Scarier, the Better to Force Your Acceptance of Tyrannical Social Control

Universal vaccination to control a viral pathogen during a pandemic assures the emergence of mutant viral strains that evade vaccine-induced immunity. It works like this: the antibodies induced by the vaccine kill the dominant viral strain, which makes the infected person an ideal host for the multiplication and spread of mutant virus particles resistant to the vaccine-induced antibodies.  

So what is almost every national government doing during the Covid pandemic? They are seeking to force the vaccine on every member of the human race, including infants and pregnant women. 

And what do we see as a result? Variants that have achieved immune escape, which is to say resistance to the antibodies induced by the vaccine, the latest such variant being called Mu, for mutant.

But not to worry: Big Pharma will produce booster shots, engineered to deal with the scariest variant. 

But what happens as the variants multiply? 

Are you ready for  multiple booster shots, two? three? a dozen? every month a new one?

And even then there will remain the expense, comparable to that of a major war, of lockdowns, mandatory face masks, school closures, termination of the right of free movement, thousands upon thousands of small business closures, plus the psychological trauma leading to more drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse, wife beating -- the fallout from what amounts to a deviant medical tyranny. 

And for what? To treat a viral disease with a mortality rate of around one in one hundred thousand among children (much less than the flu), rising to maybe one in several hundred for older adults, and one in ten for those in their eighties?

Covid, or rather the response to it, is a scam. It is a project in the name of medicine to impose a tyranny to be permanently enforced by means of vaccine passports, an arrangement that will  transform into a Chinese-Communist-style system of social credit: which is to say total behavioral control by way of round the clock surveillance, big data, artificial intelligence and automatically imposed restrictions on your freedom of action. 


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That's one of the problems with lockdowns. It gives people both time and incentive to make videos mocking their rulers.

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