Sunday, July 28, 2019

Racist Hungarians Think Their Country Is For Hungarians

Zero Hedge, reports:

Faced with a declining birth rate and an unwilling to fill population shortfalls with immigrants like some of its European neighbors, Hungary has rolled out a seven-point "Family Protection Action Plan" which showers boatloads of cash, loan assistance and tax breaks to couples who agree to crank out lots of Hungarian children.

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But there's no risk any such ideas catching on here in Canada.

So long as the liberal duo of Trudeau and Scheer are firmly in control, anyone mentioning that reproductively challenged* Canadians are replacing themselves with people from elsewhere will be relentlessly castigated as a racist, fascist, Nazi, anti-Semite to be despised by all and sundry as a no-good hateful person.

No, Canadians are firm in their commitment to the idea that men and women are essentially indistinguishable and that a woman's purpose in life is to do a man's job and show that she can do it better than a man, which it must be admitted is often not difficult, and if any man thinks having babies and raising children is important they can damn well impregnate themselves and raise babies without female intervention.

* In 1984, Canada's fertility rate fell below the replacement rate of 2.12 children per woman for the first time ever, thanks to the Trudeau Government's non-enforcement of anti-abortion laws, its legislation of no-fault divorce and the liberal climate of the times.

Since 1984 Canada's fertility rate has continued to decline, and is now 25% below the replacement rate. Canada's population continues to grow through immigration, which Trudeau the younger intends to accelerate to a yearly rate of almost one percent of the existing population. Canada, is thus, like all Western nations, with the exception of Hungary, in the process of replacing its population with people from elsewhere: mainly people of an alien race, religion and culture. Combined with a commitment to multiculturalism, this is a policy of European racial and cultural self-genocide.

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