Saturday, March 30, 2019

European Genocide for Globalist Hegemony

On one of the interminable wrangles about IQ over at the Unz Review, someone said:

Wizard of Oz: Greg Clark’s A Farewell to Alms: a Brief Economic History of the World provided convincing evidence that the poor in Britain for several hundred years were outbred by the literate, numerate children of the successful commercial and professional classes and, though not inheriting enough to stop them being, initially, downwardly mobile, they produced the industrial revolution.
To which I responded with a brief exposé of the treasonous conspiracy for Global Governance via genocide of the European nations:

Yes. That's more or less what Adam Smith said.

Unfortunately, the descendants of those who created the industrial revolution are too dumb, ignorant or corrupt to rectify today's clearly dysgenic breeding policy, which encourages welfare-based reproduction while providing every economic impediment to intelligent people achieving even a replacement fertility rate.

The Treason Class rules, which is to say that the object of population policy in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is to displace Europeans as the majority by suppressing their fertility and at the same time promoting mass immigration of people of alien race, religion and culture. Without racially and culturally defined nations, the sovereign, democratic nation state is no more. In its place will emerge administrative units — each a post-national state as the globalist puppet Justin Trudeau describes Canada, which are subordinate to institutions of global governance under the hidden hand of the Money Power.

The same plan operates in America, cf. : My Plan To Destroy America
So if you're a Euro, your kind are headed for the psychological equivalent of the Auschwitz gas chambers. Your fertility is under repression by every means from taxation to state propaganda in the name of sex "education," while the place of your posterity, the continuation of your national group and gene pool, is to be taken by the descendants of others. Your nation is headed the way of the Tasmanians, and if you object, you are as we pointed out before: A far-right-wing extremist, racist, anti-Semite against genocide of your own race and nation

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