Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Why Did It Take the Geniuses of Tech Until Now to Discover That Alex Jones of Infowars Is Full of Crap

Here's what we wrote seven years ago:

If you thought Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley was a historian, think again.

In this video, Tarpley and Alex Jones compete to spout the most rubbish about the British Parliamentary system of government.

That was two years ago. Since then, they have learned nothing as this discussion arising out of the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton demonstrates.

According to these geniuses, Britain and 15 other countries nominally headed by Britain's constitutional monarch are, in reality as well as in name, largely ruled by the octogenarian great grandmother, Elizabeth Windsor, who Tarpley decribes as a degenerate, psychopathic, genocidal Nazi maniac.

Astounding. They cannot really be that stupid can they? But if not, what propaganda interest do they serve?

For the record (from Wikipedia):
In Britain, the Glorious Revolution of 1688 led to a constitutional monarchy restricted by laws such as the Bill of Rights 1689 and the Act of Settlement 1701, although limits on the power of the monarch ('A Limited Monarchy') are much older than that (see Magna Carta). Today the monarchy in Britain is politically neutral and by convention the role is largely ceremonial.[1] No person may accept significant public office without swearing an oath of allegiance to the Queen.
The claim agreed upon by these wackos that the Queen dissolves Parliament at will, chooses the Prime Minister, sets the Government's agenda by the "Queen's speech," declares war or made the decision to evict the residents of the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia to make way for an American air base is a farrago of nonsense or simply a collection of preposterous lies.
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Source: CanSpeccy, Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley: Propagating Looney Lies About the British Monarch

Also in 2011 we pointed out another load of garbage from Jones in a piece entitled:

Cecil Rhodes' secret society for Anglo-Saxon global empire and Alex Jones--Master of Misdirection

That the tech media companies, Apple, Facebook, Youtube and Spotify took until now to figure out that Alex Jones is fake news, suggests that the geniuses of tech are not quite as as bright as they seem to think their fabulous wealth implies. That they acted against the lying loose wheel Jones only in concert, suggests that they don't have much in the way of guts either. 


  1. He IS full of crap. But so is 99% of the internet, YouTube, Twitter, Insta etc etc.

    What worries me is that it appears to be a coordinated effort to shut him down.

    I don't agree with Jones and I don't watch him, but I feel that he should have a right to say those things, mad as they are.

    Who gets to decide who has a voice and who doesn't? It's always okay when it's someone you don't agree with, but what about when they come for YOU??

    1. He [Alex Jones] IS full of crap. But so is 99% of the internet, YouTube, Twitter, Insta etc etc. ....


      Who gets to decide who has a voice and who doesn't?

      It would appear to be a bunch of techie ignoramuses with the mentality of the Gestapo. Or should that be the KGP?