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Justin Trudeau: The Worst Canadian Prime Minister Since Pierrre Elliot Trudeau?

Stepping down as Prime Minister in December 2003, Jean Chrétien said he would, like British Prime Minister William Gladstone, come back at the age of 84 — which would be in 2018.

Although, presumably said in jest, Chétien's promise has gained plausibility with the passage of time.

Since Chrétien made way for his long-time Finance Minister, Paul Martin, Canada`s liberals have been beset by failure.

Paul Martin flunked as Prime Minister. Alternating between ill-judged actions and bouts of vacillation, being fatally wounded when dubbed by the Economist magazine as Mr. Dithers. Shortly thereafter he was defeated in a general election by the Tories under the Machiavellian leadership of Stephen Harper.

Martin was succeeded as Liberal Party leader by Stéphane Dione, a Quebec intellectual with a poor command of English and little charisma. In 2008, under Dion, the Liberals lost in another general election to Harper`s Tories. Dion stepped down as Liberal Party leader to be replaced by Michael Ignatieff, a Canadian who had spent most of his adult life abroad, and who, until weeks before election to Parliament, held an academic appointment at Harvard University.

Ignatieff was among those whom Paul Martin had parachuted into a Liberal safe seat as a "Star Candidate." A man of great verbal facility and no discernible political philosophy other than self-advancement, Ignatieff led the Liberals to a  trouncing and third-party status by Harper's Conservative Party in 2011. Ignatieff promptly sloughed off the failure, returning to academia, briefly in Toronto, and then back to the more spacious world of Harvard U.

By now, with three duds in a row, the liberals were desperate. What to do? Only one thing, really: anoint the handsome, youthful heir apparent: the son of four-time Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

What could possible go wrong?

At first, nothing did. Trudeau performed as required. If he lacked ideas or brains he seemed to be taking advice, and there were still some wise heads in the Liberal Party, including that of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, willing to provide the advice. Meantime the Tories were tired, out of ideas, facing mounting economic problems, and tarnished by the Senate expenses scandal. The result was predictable. Trudeau led the Liberals to a splendid victory.

But since, then, the trend has not been young Justin's friend.

A limited intellect, a lack of significant real-world experience,  and a surfeit of praise will tend to propel any youthful hero on a course for disaster. Justin Trudeau's case has proved to be no exception.

Trudeau the elder had an affinity for dictators. As a youth, during WW2, he is said to have been an admirer of both Hitler and Mussolini. As Prime Minister, he formed a close relationship with Cuba's Communist dictator, Fidel Castro, while he sought out friendly relations with Mao's China at the height of Mao's "Cultural Revolution," a bloody convulsion resulting in the death of millions.

Trudeau the Younger has a similar warmth of feeling for top-down rule. Thus on the death of Fidel Castro, he hailed the Communist dictator of Cuba "a great leader, beloved by his people," as well as a close family friend.

In 2016, Canada's fertility rate fell to 1.61, below even China's
rate of 1.66, Russia's 1.7, the UK's 1.8 and  America's 1.9, all of
which fall far short of the fertility of  "developing" nations such 
as Syria, at 3.0, Uganda at 5.8 and Afghanistan at 7.5.
Among the accomplishments of Trudeau the First was to transform Canada from a self-reproducing and growing nation to a dying population dependent for population maintenance and growth on immigration, not mainly from the traditional European sources, but from the entire world.

When Pierre Elliot Trudeau became Prime Minister, Canada had a fertility rate of around 2.5. By the time Trudeau left office, having nullified Canada's anti-abortion law and legislated no-fault divorce, Canada's fertility rate had fallen to 1.75, well below the replacement rate of 2.1. Since then, the rate has continued to fall.

The reign of Pierrre Elliot Trudeau thus marked the beginning of the end of Canada as a traditional nation with a distinctive ethnic composition and cultural tradition. Instead, Canada was set to become a  multi-culti, multi-racial conglomerate. In that transition, the people of Canada became mere disposable units of economic production, their posterity to be replaced, as needed, by people from elsewhere.

This transformation, unasked for and unapproved by the people of Canada, represents a great threat to the position of those who hold Trudeau's elitist ideology, since it fundamentally conflicts with the will of a large proportion of the population.

Sensing the danger of popular resistance, Trudeau the Second has sought to eliminate the possibility of challenge by a sort of logical sleight of hand, the trick being to dismiss altogether the notion of Canada as nation, and of Canadians as a people. Thus, as Trudeau recently informed the New York Times:
There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.
this making Canada, so he said,
the first post-national state.
So, if Canada is not a nation, what are those who thought themselves Canadians to bitch about? And if they do bitch, so what? There's is not the voice of a nation or a people, merely the clamor of disaffected nonentities for whom the Government of Canada has no more regard than for the teaming masses of Third World humanity wanting to share in the prosperity of the West, undercutting the welfare of Western workforce in the process.

To the denationalized population of Canada concerned about their national inheritance and posterity, the message from the Trudeau government is this: have as many children as you like, but don't expect the Canadian state to give your progeny any preference, encouragement or protection just because you happen to be second, third, eighth or tenth generation Canadian. If someone from Afghanistan or Syria can do the job better or cheaper than your kid, then tough, buddy, we will welcome them to do so.

For the government, however, there is one problem with this position. Canadians who refuse to accept the termination of Canada as a nation and of Canadians as a people will likely come to see the Liberal Party of Canada as a treasonous organization intent on national genocide.

But if that were not enough to undermine Liberal confidence in their leader, young Justin recently embarked on a tear of counterproductive actions. Thus, he has:

Embroiled the Trudeau Foundation in a scandal of pay for access if not pay to play, and taken a family vacation as the guest of the Aga Khan, a foreign billionaire, registered as a lobbyist in Canada, with the result that he has become the first Canadian Prime Minister to be subject to investigation by Parliament's Conflict of Interest watchdog;

Kept the pot boiling among Tory opponents by stopping off in Calgary to propose shutting down the tar-sands;

Given Vladimir Putin the finger by appointing Chrystia, Freeland, a Russophobic Ukrainian nationalists as Canada's Minister of External Affairs, an appointment described by one Russian state news outlet as a “catastrophe for Canadian-Russian relations”;

Given Donald Trump the finger, by way of the government owned and controlled CBC (Canadians Broadcasting Crap), which ridicules the U.S. President-Elect as "the Real-Life Archie Bunker". Best of luck, Justin, negotiating a trade deal with the new US Administration. Tough luck Canada, having such a saphead running the government;

Insulted Québec's English-language minority by giving a French only answer to a question about English-language mental health services in Québec;

Upset the liberal old guard by booting Stéphane Dion, former party leader and Minister of External Affairs, from cabinet in what is deemed to have been a disrespectful manner.

It appears, as one former cabinet colleague of Dion's remarked:

that having past cabinet experience is a “liability” in the current Liberal government.
When you’ve got people of experience like that [Mr. Dion] in there, who are always willing to question and willing to stand up to people [in the Trudeau government], they don’t want that. When people have been around a long time, they want to take you on. They want people who say, ‘Yes,’ and take the file and run,” said the former cabinet colleague who did not want to be identified. “I don’t think they want people who resist, they just want people who salute and go. And people who’ve been around don’t necessarily do that. It appears that having past cabinet experience is a liability [in the Trudeau government].

So will Chrétien be back in 018?


According to the Russian source, Russia-Insider, the person Justin Trudeau just appointed as Minister of External Affairs with special responsibility for negotiating trade relations with the incoming US Trump administration, Chrystia Freeland, is the grand-daughter of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator, she lied in claiming that her mother was born in a camp for refugees before finding safe haven in Alberta, CanadaThis goes a way toward explaining Freeland's consistent Russophobia, and is not likely to endear her to the Trump administration.


SCOOP: Canada's New Foreign Minister Lying About Family's Ukrainian Nazi Past
... The records now being opened by the Polish government in Warsaw reveal that Freeland’s maternal grandfather Michael (Mikhailo) Chomiak was a Nazi collaborator from the beginning to the end of the war. He was given a powerful post, money, home and car by the German Army in Crakow, then the capital of the German administration of the Galician region. His principal job was editor in chief and publisher of a newspaper the Nazis created. His printing plant and other assets had been stolen from a Jewish newspaper publisher, who was then sent to die in the Belzec concentration camp. During the German Army’s winning phase of the war, Chomiak celebrated in print the Wehrmacht’s “success” at killing thousands of US Army troops. As the German Army was forced into retreat by the Soviet counter-offensive, Chomiak was taken by the Germans to Vienna, where he continued to publish his Nazi propaganda, at the same time informing for the Germans on other Ukrainians. They included fellow Galician Stepan Bandera, whose racism against Russians Freeland has celebrated in print, and whom the current regime in Kiev has turned into a national hero.

Just before Vienna fell to the Soviet forces in March 1945, Chomiak evacuated with the German Army into Germany, ending up near Munich at Bad Worishofen. On September 2, 1946, when Freeland says her mother was born in a refugee camp, she was actually in a well-known spa resort for wealthy Bavarians. The US Army then controlled that part of Germany; they operated an Army hospital at Bad Worishofen and accommodated Chomiak at a spa hotel. US Army records have yet to reveal what the Americans learned about Chomiak’s war record, and how he was employed by US Army Intelligence, after he had switched from the Wehrmacht. It took Chomiak another two years before the government in Ottawa allowed the family to enter Canada.
So was young Justin conned by Freeland, or what? In any case, it looks like his pick for External Affairs Minister was a blunder, which he should remedy now, before serious damage is done to Canada's relations with both Russia and the US.


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