Friday, October 14, 2016

Donald Trump, An American Revolutionary, Has Raised a Rebellion Against the Bi-Partisan Treason Party

As we explained yesterday, the United States is, as those who drafted the US constitution intended, a plutocracy with the trappings of democracy to keep the plebs in thrall.

There are two parties, but the elected legislators of both parties sell their votes to the same moneyed interests, i.e., the banks, the mega corporations, and the dynamic elements among the billionaire class.

When the corruption of the party in power becomes sufficiently obvious, the people throw the rascals out and vote the party that was out, in. Once in, the party that was out engages in exactly the same forms of corruption and responds to exactly the same moneyed interests as the party that was in, and is now out.

Being dependent for their continued role on re-election, the legislators of both parties naturally seek to ingratiate themselves with their constituents by using what leverage they may have in Washington to promote their constituents' interests and affairs. Thus the system has proved to be among the most durable forms of government the modern world has known.

But trouble now looms. The Money Power lusts for global domination. Wars for global empire are now unending and have turned the wealthiest nation in the world into the world's greatest debtor. Meantime, in pursuit of the corporate interest, the export of capital, technology and jobs to the cheap labor jurisdictions of the world continues, while the flood of immigrants of an alien race and cultural tradition that drive down American wages to the benefit of employers at home also continues.

The Money Power has thus turned to treason, destroying the prosperity of the nation together with its racial and cultural heritage, this solely for the enrichment of a handful of plutocrats, among them individuals of a most offensively arrogant and obviously unAmerican character.

Its industrial base hollowed out, America's economy is now stagnant, overtaken in size by that of China, which on the present trend will double in size within ten years. America's European majority has already become a minority in California, Hawaii, Texas, New Mexico.

Enter Donald Trump, the people's champion. Trump offers American re-industrialization, repatriation of jobs, restoration of immigration control and most important of all, an end to political correctness, the Western version of Soviet-style thought control.

Trump is not the first populist to challenge the American establishment. There was Huey Long: shot. There was George Wallace: shot. There was John F. Kennedy: Shot. There was Robert Kennedy: shot. There was John Kennedy, Jr.: killed in a suspicious accident.

Trump is still breathing. Still holding daily or twice daily rallies attended by thousands or tens of thousands. But the media, not only of the US but of Canada, Australia and Great Britain are, with near 100 percent uniformity, vehemently hate-filled in their coverage of Trump. Opinion polls are being fixed to show Trump trailing to give credibility to a possibly fixed result for Hillary on election day.

Even assuming that he continues breathing until election day, even though his platform would serve the interests of the vast majority of Americans, the odds on Trump's success appear slight to negligible.


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  1. "Trump is still breathing... But the media, not only of the US but of Canada, Australia and Great Britain are, with near 100 percent uniformity, vehemently hate-filled in their coverage of Trump."

    That's why Im enjoying the current moment.

    It might be an EXPENSIVE moment.

    Locally (this in Ohio, which went to Trump early) the newsies couldn't help adding that the International Stock Markets began to slide and collapse the minute they heard the new that Trump was ahead, not winning, just ahead.

    Is the punishment beginning?