Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brexit Means Exit, Not Bullshit

In this June's United Kingdom European Union Membership Referendum, Brits voted by an absolute majority to leave the European Union. Following the vote, Prime Minister Cameron, who campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU, resigned the premiership, attributing defeat of the remain campaign to public anger over the EU-mandated immigrant flood that has made the English a minority in their own capital city of London and in many other urban centers including the cities of Leicester, Luton and Slough, and soon England's second city, Birmingham.

The new face of  Britain. In Luton, a jobless couple with eight 
children demands public housing with at least six double bedrooms. 
They evidently plan on having a couple more kids. 

It's what's known as indigenous population replacement
immigration, aka the genocide of the English. Meantime the folks
slated for extinction are evidently paying to clothe, feed and 
educate those who are about to replace them. (Source).
Quite bizarrely, the Conservative Party opted to replace Cameron as Prime Minister with former Home Secretary, Teresa May, who not only campaigned with David Cameron against Britain's departure from the EU (aka Brexit), but is on record as favoring Shariah courts in Britain, one of the issues of greatest contention among those opposed to the wholesale replacement of the English people and their culture, including the English common law,  by people and cultures from elsewhere.

Since assuming the Premiership, Ms. May has done little to dispel the impression that she is totally unqualified to handle the Brexit decision. "Brexit" she declared "means Brexit," whereas in reality Brexit means exit, a fact that Ms. May seems anxious to obscure.

First, Ms. May promised that there would be no hurry. Brexit will not take place, she announced, before 2019, which means that opportunities for subverting the intention of the voters will be immense.

Like David Cameron, Ms. May is aware that the English do not like being relegated to the status of second class citizens in their own country, outnumbered in many communities by aggressive settlers from Asia, Africa and the Middle-East, many of whom are quite openly intent on displacing English cultural, religious and legal traditions with  their own.

Thus, although Ms. May has stated that immigration must be reduced to tens of thousands a year from the present gross rate of well over half million (net around 300,000), the delay in implementing Brexit means up to another million immigrants in the immediate future (equivalent to the population of Birmingham), a prospect that will infuriate those who voted for exit, and who undoubtedly want Britain out of the EU now.

Beside being, to quote Winston Churchill speaking of another soggy British Government, "decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity," Ms. May continually talks of the need to make a good deal with the EU, and to retain access to the European single market.

And why, for goodness sake,  does she think we want to see her thighs?
But this is rubbish. Britain needs no deal with the EU. Britain needs simply to leave, while offering her former EU partners freedom of trade with Britain. If the EU, were then to respond by imposing rules, restrictions or tariffs on trade with the UK, then Britain would, naturally, impose reciprocal rules, restrictions and tariffs on its trade with the EU.

The thing is, though, the EU has a huge trade surplus with Britain, so who's going to get hurt if free trade between the two is obstructed? The German auto industry for a start, plus French farmers and winemakers and plenty of other EU exporters beside, for there's plenty of good cheese and sparkling wine in the world, plus all manner of other stuff available from countries outside the EU that are both willing and eager to sell to Britain.

As for cars, the Brits used to drive British-built cars almost exclusively, and could do so again, creating tens of thousand of well paid auto industry jobs as a result. But there are plenty of other countries, the United States, for example, that under a Trump Presidency will certainly be happy to sell cars in Britain. Sure they'd have the bother of putting the steering wheel on the wrong side, but if BMW, Daimler, Fiat, and Citroen find it worthwhile to do so, why if the Europeans are excluded from the British market, would General Motors and Ford not find it worthwhile to do so too.

The indications to date are that Ms. May is either a dud or she is a plant of the globalist corporations tasked with ensuring that Brexit resolves to more of the same under a different guise: globalist corporate governance plus mass immigration and multiculturalism, aka English racial and cultural genocide to be tamped down English throats with wads of political correctness.

So the time for Brexiteers to relax is not now. Rather it is imperative that they start work immediately to put the skids under Britain's latest spineless Tory administration.


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