Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Dopiness of the Harvard Economist: People Won't Vote As We Tell Them

Globalization is good,




How often does a Harvard Economist have to say that before people give up their petty attachment to their native race and culture, their selfish desire to keep Britain British, to preserve Europe's Christian tradition, or America, American?

Millions of times, according to Greg Mankiw, of Princeton, MIT and Harvard, and chairperson of the economic advisers to President Dumbya Bush.

As for the 95 million Americans of working age who, mainly to the consequences of globalization, are out of the workforce,

The 81 million lowest-paid American workers with an average income from employment of  $12,681 (in 2014),

The more than 50% of black youth who are unemployed,

Most of whom oppose both the off-shoring of jobs by global corporations, and the mass, uncontrolled, illegal influx of cheap immigrant labor,


 Because they're  a bunch of ignoramuses.*

Now, idiots, vote for HILIARY.


Breitbart/Gravis Poll:

By a nearly 6 to 1 margin, U.S. voters believe immigration should be decreased rather than increased.
Every three years, the U.S. admits a population of new immigrants the size of Los Angeles. Sixty three percent of voters said that this figure is too high, whereas only a minuscule 11 percent of voters said that number is not high enough. Only 13 percent of Democrats and Independents— and only 7 percent of Republicans— said immigration should be increased.
– By a 25-to-1 margin, voters believe that unemployed American workers should get preference for a U.S. job rather than a foreign worker brought in from another country.
Seventy five percent of voters believe American workers should get U.S. jobs, whereas only 3 percent of voters believe foreign workers should be imported to fill U.S. jobs.
Democrats agreed with this sentiment by a margin of roughly 30-to-1 (69.8 percent who think jobs should go to unemployed Americans whereas only 2.3 percent think foreign labor should be imported). African Americans agree with this sentiment by a margin of 65-to-1 (78.5 percent who think unemployed Americans should get the jobs versus 1.2 percent who think foreign workers should be brought in). Hispanics agree with this sentiment by a margin of 30-to-1 (59.1 percent versus 2.0 percent).
There are roughly 94 million Americans operating outside the labor market today. Yet every year the U.S. admits one million plus foreign nationals on green cards, one million guest workers, dependents, and refugees, and half a million foreign students.
– Sixty one percent of voters believe that any politician, “who would rather import foreign workers to take jobs rather than give them to current U.S. residents, is unfit to hold office.”
Yet politicians on both sides of the aisle, such as Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Paul Ryan, have pushed policies that would do just that. Clinton supported a 2013 immigration expansion bill, which would have doubled the number of foreign workers admitted to the country at a time when millions of Americans are not working. Speaker Ryan has a two decade long history of pushing for open borders. Ryan hascalled for enacting an immigration system that would allow foreign nationals from all over the globe to freely and legally enter the country and take any U.S. job. Speaker Ryan has explained that he believes foreign labor is necessary to help corporations keep wages low.

Dick Morris: Bill Clinton's lied in his DNC speech about Hillary
* Disclaimer. The author of this comment graduated with the faculty prize, holds a doctorate, worked for three governments, held academic appointments at three universities — at one time all three appointments at the same time — and ran an export business with clients in over 50 countries. So not all opponents of globalization are necesssarily ignoramuses or morons.

Moreover, here's what the the British Billionaire, Sir James Goldsmith, who, in 1997, launched the anti-EU UK Referendum Party, which began the process leading to this year's Brexit referendum, had to say — correctly — about the disasters that globalization would bring:

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